Age Not Parameter Energy Is

“Age is not a parameter to be considered in romantic love life, it is the ENERGY that you need to consider. What do you feel energetically for each other, that is the most important factor.” – Reena Yadav. IADLife.

Age Not Parameter Energy Is

This is applicable in all associations. Just before you get into any collaboration, dealing, alliance or relationship, check for the energy alignment. When you are in it, can you smile easily or does it feel heavy on your mind or your body? You will sense it in the connection.
An alignment in energy is signified by the feelings of and/or actions of getting drawn to, wanting to standing by, standing up for, appreciating (more like being able to see good in), willing to make changes for (you could choose to change any/some part of you in order for you to attain that entity), and may want to co-creating with.
When there is energy alignment you will only see progress, prosperity, and life moving forward. There is no power struggle. It is smooth. It is easy. It is doable. It is reachable. It is attainable.
Even if you don’t take the action but have the willingness and assurance that you can, confirms that you are aligned energetically, for taking action is after all a choice.
Choosing to continuing with the association and going ahead with it is an available option. When action is delayed or denied for any reason yours/mine/ours then excuses arise. And these excuses give you a hard time separating and moving on.
Suppose, in case you see that you don’t have that option and you have to go or stay in that interaction or more, there is a solution for that too.
Keep reading, please.
When a romantic alliance is in a process of being formed either through Universal conspiracy or through human interference, all of your attention goes into pleasing or getting pleased by the outer accomplishments and behavior attributes.
For the initial liaison and/or if the association moves forward one of the factors that are considered by both parties directly involved and also in many cases by all the opinion holders is the ‘age.’
Age translates into achievement rule book and time available to achieve social objectives or tick marks as I say it.
You know that either of those has been changed by people/couples setting a new example, creating a new social landmark. Socially however it is the statistics that is the rule book. What the majority of the couples are known to follow is what is advocated and suggested and promoted. You accept or you are allowed to accept (in case you permit your dependence), according to what the majority have been following.

Having said all that, two aspects dominate the success in a romantic relationship. One, you do not need to please anyone else but each other. Focus, save and conserve your energy into understanding the viability, sustainability, and prosperity in the relationship. Second, the world is always waiting to be inspired by the success of your alliance. The world likes and loves variation and variety. The only condition is that the definition of success has to have love and loving as the baseline and foundation. Love is the energy that brings two associations together. You thrive and you flourish in love with love.
The pain, irritation, frustration that you feel when the association is forming, formed, or suggested to be formed, is the resistance that you had or have in it moving forward toward it.
The best way to dissipate these emotions is to allow it to flow. This is how you do this, start by making a list of emotions that you wish to feel being in this/that association.
Cherished, valued, trusted, celebrated, empowered, acknowledged, appreciated.
Add or change the list as they come to your understanding. This works in two important ways. (A) Your focus on these will bring out the features in your partner that reflect these emotions. (B) When you feel emotions other than the ones on your list then, look at the attributes that are causing it. Weigh in your own energy to decide which ones can you work on and which ones are deal-breakers. Also, look at the ones that are there to trigger the change in you.
The comments, feedback, suggestions solicited or unsolicited that come from other social entities involved are a reflection of your own thoughts, viewpoints, and beliefs. So, protect your energy and invest in your list of emotions again and again. The revelation for you here is that the unwanted emotions that you encountered were also your request and you are just now getting aware of them.
Anything that does not feel pleasant is learning.
Many a time the awareness of what you want and single most channeled focus on the emotions you desire in the romantic love life relationships, start to yield the attributes that generate them in your partner and in you.
You could choose to stand by the change if you like or move on. But do keep the attention on the desired emotions of the relationship, not the person.
When there is an energy alignment, in romantic love life association with your partner, if you have met already, you could recall that you were drawn to them, you want to support them, defend them, made changes in your attributes, habits, environment, or connections for/because you wanted to be with them. Or when you do have that pull you would now allow yourself to go by the flow and explore that relationship. Sometimes they are there to take you to the next step in your life.
In a non-romantic loving association, when there is an energy alignment you may have felt that you wanted to work with that person or wanted that person to work for you, recommended, appreciated, acknowledged, given approval unconditionally to them. If you meet such a person now, you will not resist interaction, approaching, and clearly discussing what association you are looking for even if it does not seem that they fit the profile for that job. There is a possibility that they may be the connecting point to what you are looking for.
Do remember, each entity is an energy body, so it could be an inanimate object. For example, it could be an exclusive expensive painting and you feel it is calling you. Know more about it. Given a change go touch it.
Do not ignore. Do not dismiss the pull. Explore. Experience.
You are safe.

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