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Relax your desires

Hello All

Relax Your Desires

I am Reena Yadav founder and leading ‘It’s A Deserving Life.’
Thank you 2021. I appreciate 2021. Each one of us thrived this year. I say so because if you could just choose to look closely there has been an amazing shift which is a testimony to the humans, us all, to adapt and move forward. So clap for yourself and celebrate yourself.
Now, you know it or yet to know, you are ready for 2022.
This year I will not ask you to list your desires, focus on your goals, or even to go after your ambition.        
In 2022, Relax Your Desires.
Put your feet up and just relax. In 2022 let good things come to you. You know ‘what you want, wants you too.’ Let it come to you. Let them all come to you. Allow some magic in your life. You have done everything for what you have wanted and desired. You and everything about you and everything in your life, is perfect for your wants and desires to come true from right now.
So, now what!
Prepare your ground for it. Focus on being healthy. Have healthy everything. Healthy thoughts, Healthy mindset, Healthy interactions, Healthy fun, Healthy habits.
You can be healthy when you have healthy happiness. You can be healthy when you have healthy health. You can be healthy when you have healthy fun. You can be healthy when you feel healthy safe. You can be healthy when you speak healthy words verbally. You can be healthy when you feel healthy JOY.
Do not underestimate normal and natural.
Healthy mind, healthy life, healthy body is a treasure and is worthy of the investment of your resources [time, money, energy, willingness].
Remember and repeat this for yourself.
Every day is a new beginning. Everything on this new day is new. Treat it with a NEW healthy viewpoint.
Empowered self is the true nature. Use your power to choose to be healthy.
Repeat this affirmation many times, that I have created for IADL.
‘I am happy, I am healthy, I am safe. I am having fun.’
May you look healthy happy, healthy beautiful, and healthy fit. May you be healthy rich. May you have healthy abundance and healthy prosperity.
Healthy 2022.
Reena. IADL.