About IADLife

IADLife is a combination of “It’s A DESERVING Life” and “It’s A DIGNIFIED Life”.

IADLife Logo 08-07-2015

IADLife Welfare & Research centre is founded by Reena Yadav in 2013 in India.

IADLife conducts Counselling, Workshops, Training to share healing solutions pertaining to mind, body, heart, and soul.

Counselling and life coaching are conducted onsite, over the phone, skype, facetime, whatsapp phone and video call.

We conduct distance energy healing.

We have our everyday posts on life’s learning available here and also on facebook.

Please visit us at IADLife.com and www.facebook.com/IADLife and give us an opportunity to share with you all of our activities.

We intend that IADLife services cater to the healing of billions of people all around the planet. Billions of people all around the planet are benefitting and love the knowledge we are sharing through IADLife posts and IADLife services.

Do let us know how may we serve you.
We wish you your highest and greatest good.

Thank you and best regards.



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