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It Has to be Self-Focal

All the words and action has to be self-focal.  All giving and receiving had to be self-focal.

it has to be self-focal

IADLife Post:

Dear Friend!

All have to be self-focal.

How effective you are comes from how clear you are. You want to be clear, you need to connect. You want to connect, it has to be close to you. You want it to be close to you, it has to be or reflective of your true self. To be or reflective of your true self it has to be self-focal. Be it words or physical action the most effective is only the one that is self-focused.

When you look for a certain level of sincerity in something or someone, you need to focus on how that benefits you. What level of your sincerity is satisfactory for you? What level of sincerity do you have for that certain something?

To have a clearer understanding, consider the following household situation. A certain plumbing work required to be done. The affirmation, ‘I have the best plumber’ vs ‘I have the best plumbing work done in my home, I am very satisfied.’ The first one expresses the requirement of the best plumber. The second one focuses on what is best for your home and your level of satisfaction.

Some other examples.

$ When you want to learn a subject or a skill. You asked for the best teacher.

$ When you want some work done personally or professionally. You said you have, attracted, found or have the best personnel with that skill or talent.

$ You are asking for the partner that is wonderful and amazing.

Indeed you will attract, find or have what you are asking for. However, that may not be right for you. Does the achievement of this accomplishment give you the amazingness and wonderfulness that you wanted to enjoy when you affirmed and asked for it! Then a slight tweaking of the affirmation will get you that.

Now consider the following affirmations;

$ ‘I am learning the subject/skill so well. I am getting better and better at it every day.’ What ever required for you to get there will come to you. A teacher/guide that is right for you. Your willingness and motivation to practice.

$ ‘The work (specify the work), is getting done wonderfully.’ Best personnel for the work will arrive or when you hire and it will be done.

$ ‘I feel amazing and wonderful having my partner in my life. I am comfortable having my partner in my space.’ Best partner for you will have, find or will come to you and you will be very comfortable.

Here, there is no pressure to assess anyone else’s qualities. Your much deserving attention will be on the requirement and desire.

When you want to do something for others you could affirm that ‘you are doing or giving your most remarkable effort or contribution.’ You will know you have intended and have done excellently. You have given your best. When you receive a feedback, each and every one them will be motivating. They are praise and appreciation. The others are the ones you could consider for changes or enhancement.

When it is self-focused, you are less distracted. The energy that you give is also directed and channelized only to where it is meant to go and much needed. In this energy, all words and action are in high vibration and all results are in high vibration. This is good for all involved.

The only one that rules in your space is you. Your decision reigns and prevails in your Universe. Only you can decide in your receiving or giving what you are happy with.  It has to be self-focal.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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To Accept Is To Belong

To Accept Is To Belong.

You can belong where ever you are willing to accept to belong.

To Accept Is To Belong


IADLife Post:

Dear Friend!

To accept is to belong. Accepting somebody or something is belonging to somebody or something.

To accept or to belong, start getting into the practice of accepting.

How much ever someone loves you, if you are focussed on being accepted by or accepting and belonging to somebody else then you will keep looking at them for acceptance. But, you will not be able to accept their acceptance, because you do not know what it is to accept. And you also do not realise that you already accepted.

First get into the practice of accepting. And that can happen when you start going somewhere or being somewhere, where you are willing to accept.

What characteristics would you willingly accept?

If you say ‘love’, then go to a place/person where you feel love. Get enough practice of accepting love. Get accustomed to accepting or choosing to belong where there is a lot of love. Then you will be able to see all that (LOVE) where ever you want to see.

When you do not get acceptance from something or somebody then you will know that you DO NOT belong there.

When you belong somewhere you are not ill-treated there. If you are being ill-treated you don’t need to belong there. You deserve better. There are better options awaiting you.

The reason you attract or create a situation of lack of acceptance is that you are making way for you to learn about ‘acceptance.’

When you do self-motivated actions somewhere or for someone, this is when you know that you DO belong there. You will not leave your turf. Your proclamation is by being convinced by self. You need to decide. The moment you decide to belong somewhere or to someone, there is going to be a lot of prosperity there.

When you not able to belong in one place you look for refuge in other places. You question and desire to belong to more than one place.

The level of responsibility that is required when you want to belong is a ‘whole one’ in itself. There is no partial belonging. You have to value your contribution. When you ask a question regarding belonging and it has ‘doubt’ as a part of it, then you need to know that it comes from your insecurity of not being able to belong.

Not considering and thus not seeing yourself belonging anywhere is what prompts you to: a) want to belong to more than one place or thing b) understand the insecurity that is pushing you into this.

In this state, you are in a hurry to belong, as you urgently want to feel secure. Which most certainly comes from self-convinced fear of not belonging.

So when you ask, ‘where do I belong?’ ‘Do I belong?’

The answer is ‘of course you do.’

You belong on this planet. You belong to you. You will belong to any and all you are willing to accept. You belong where you feel love. You belong where you don’t feel rejected.

You will not miss out on others. So, first belong where you can see yourself accepting and accepted. The increase in self-confidence will allow you to make efforts towards belonging in other areas or people. Parallelly check how many places or people do you give acceptance so easily.

Stay where you feel love and let rest come to you, be willing to accept them.  All of them belong to you. If you reject then you are hesitating or are reluctant to belong.

You can belong where ever you are willing to accept to belong. If you have not taken such a responsibility before then it will seem like work to you. Just once you take that leap of faith. All that you desire are waiting to belong to you and they will come to you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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it happens the next moment

If it has not happened yet. It only means that it can happen the next moment. Any moment now.

Because, only good is in store for you.

happens the next moment

Dear Friend!

Desires, Manifestations, Time Spans vary.

Giving manifestation time its due respect requires patience and faith.

Assurance of manifestation of desire is an affirmation. Keeping the assurances in high vibration is a necessity to manifest beautifully.

You need assurance to fill in the tiny bit of a space in your wait period that has the choice of getting filled up either by anxiety or by confidence. Assurance nudges the confidence into this space and keeps you in vibration that is not low. In this vibration, the creative suggestion that comes as guidance for an action step to be carried out in this waiting period is better understood because of the assurance. You are either ready to do anything provided it indicates that it is for your desire manifestation or you are in no mood to do anymore.  Assurance gives that guarantee to the action suggested. To do those actions a reason and motivation are necessary.

In absence of assurance, there is a lack of security and approval. You may see yourself being kept in the balance, with no understanding of what is next. This may result in you reassessing your desire thus completely changing your asking. You may self-blame or go into self-doubt.

Words that affirm that ‘your desires have happened and you are about to see them’ or ‘your desires are happening’, are the ones that keep you on the receiving track. Keep them close. Keep them handy. Repeat them as you need and will.

When you affirm these assurances, right after that you could look for sign and symbol that reinforces your trust and keeps you from interfering with what the Universe is set out to provide for you on your request.

“Only your greatest and highest good is in store for you.”

“Only my greatest and highest good is in store for me.”

If you are willing to add this affirmation which is a highlight to all of your assurances, then the previous assurances and the wait is easier to agree with.

In all situations, conditions, choices you just need to keep this affirmation/assurance close to you.

Life’s learning is either giving pleasure or comes with learning. Both promise ‘good’ for you in your life.

Assurances keep you calm and thus increases your visibility of your desires actually manifesting. When you stress about it coming true, there are chances that it has come true and you have missed it as you were busy questioning the process.

Your desires are entirely yours and it is entitled to be manifested only for you. You need not fear of it getting over in quota or getting assigned to someone else because of your x y z reasons. Your desires have your copy right.

The only one who can and will receive it is YOU.

Ask, have faith, affirm, see the signs, do the action, receive the manifestation with joy.

And during all that have fun.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why suffer when you chant or affirm

Why suffer when you chant or affirm?-Wednesday Why?

Why suffer when you chant or affirm

IADLife Blog :

Q by Sandhya Rani T D, Bangalore, Karnataka.

“It is said that some Shlokas you chant once there is a huge list of benefits including wishes get fulfilled and we are freed of bondage and attachments etc. All the fruits of these good deeds multiplied by 10000 times is got by chanting only once. Then why is that we continue to struggle and suffer in spite of doing all this chanting. I am sure our Rishis and Sages have done this for our people to benefit.”


Dear Friend!

Chanting praises of Lord, God or Goddesses is a practice. Many do this ritualistically, diligently, sincerely, partially, or forcefully, according to their choice. The words that are uttered during the chanting are equivalent to appreciation and gratitude to a higher force. The trust that you express through your chanting to the higher power ignites the faith and raises the security within. This gives you more confidence about your life experiences, handling your life situations and in asking about your pending desires.

Chanting is, therefore, a Vibration Raising Agent*. It raises the vibration and therefore brings you at the vibrational alignment with all the benefits and fulfillments that are made to be known to you.

Chanting like affirmation is one-time prescription. One time is all it takes.

Raising vibration per se comes from building momentum. As you stepwise or gradually get to the high vibration, it is here that your words which are your wishes start getting communicated to the higher source.

Higher force, Source, God, Universe are high energy and high vibrational entities. Communication with them is established better here. Receiving and asking is more clearly understood here. You get clear about what you really want to ask. You also get clear on what you are hearing as guidance. Manifestations take place on following those guidance. Being in this level of vibration is a boost in confidence and you, therefore, most definitely follow the guidance. And when you do follow the guidance the desires start to come true.

When the guidance is not clearly understood it seems as if it is not received. Sometimes you receive guidance but you don’t carry them out. In both situations, you don’t see your desires come true. This dwindles your connection and faith with the Source, the higher power. Suffering starts here. When you re establish your connection and faith with the higher power, through meditation, focussed chanting, and then by gathering the guidance. Regular practice of this reconnects you to Source and the suffering starts to diminish.

Chanting to convey your gratitude and/or desires is like affirming.

When you chant or affirm at one time and reach the high vibration and you communicate with what you believe in as higher power, what do you do next? After the communication of the desire do you keep the faith and trust that you don’t need to recheck? Or do you start with your regular life showing semi or some doubt? You start to re word your desires and thus change your request.

While you are chanting or affirming you are not saying anything other than what you wish to say. This is a reason why you require to chant or affirm several times.

Many times you are sad because you haven’t received what you want. So your chanting or affirmations are in sad or low vibrations. While saying it several times there are moments of your unawareness when you inadvertently and unknowingly slide into the high vibration. These moments of your unawareness are the loopholes. It is here that your words for desire slip into the high vibration and get clearly communicated to the higher power. This is an another important reason for chanting or affirming several times.


Chanting or affirming with faith is saying it clearly and still being flexible.

Chant or affirm once with faith and trust. That is all it takes. Follow the guidance in the form of follow up action. May all your dreams and desires come true!
Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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*VRA: Vibration Raising Agent and VLA: Vibration Lowering Agent are IADLife terms



WILLINGNESS is way forward

Where there is unwillingness, there is resistance. Where there is willingness there is way forward.

WILLINGNESS is way forward

IADLife Post:

Dear Friend!

CaseStudy: ‘R’ started for Starbucks one Sunday morning a practice that she had started a week ago, for her blog writing something she was very passionate about. Her waking up later than the time she needed to wake up, not remembering to re-schedule with the house staff so now she had to wait for her, receiving an unexpected phone call and her having to revisit the flat to pick up her pen and then her face towel were series of events that were moving her stepping out to a later timing. For every intrusion, she affirmed, ‘This is happening for a very good reason. Something very good will come out for me.’ Sitting in her car, as she placed the key in the ignition, she reviewed all of it. Even after she reached the destination she did not get the desired parking spot. She realised that all those were the resistance that she had encountered.

Question is why?

Even though her understanding was that she was on her way to do what she loved to do that is to go to café and to write on her favourite subject of human science. She still had attracted a battery of situations that were keeping her from doing that comfortably.

These unexpected events that took place between her leaving the home to reaching Starbucks were actually ‘resistance’. Her resistance was due to lack of willingness. She now needed to find out what was ‘the resistance keeping her from achieving’. This would provide her the answer to where the willingness was lacking.

And after she finds out where was her lack of willingness then that would answer what was causing all the resistance to show up and she could work on eliminating them. Letting go or eliminating the resistance will increase the willingness.

‘R’ was also finishing writing a book for which she wanted to clear some time in the week. Once she understood it was connected to the publishing of the book, she addressed the fears, hesitation, and responsibilities connected to completing and publishing the book.

How did she get over the resistance?

Under all conditions, she wrote her book with no excuses. She did tapping/EFT whenever she felt fear or energy lowering while writing the book.

Lack of willingness is unwillingness.

Unwillingness can be obvious or subtle. Some things you don’t like find difficult or don’t agree. Unwillingness for these is obvious. You openly say it or show it. When you love an action, look forward to learning and doing, is as per your plan and you still face situations that make moving forward not smooth. Unwillingness here is subtle.

In obvious unwillingness, you would welcome the resistance and use them as a logical rational reason not to move in that direction. In subtle unwillingness, you need to investigate. You need to dig out the reason for the unwillingness and recognise the resistance. Then you solve or let go them for smooth sail ahead.

These situations that you face are the resistance.

Resistances are towards change, personal growth, to accept help and support. Resistance could come up as situations with money, time, distance, doubt, questions, phone call, sleep, hunger, bio breaks, other alternative engagements, people and/or relationships. Largest resistance is not recognising what you already have and showing gratitude for what you have. Resistance becomes blockages connected to all the above. All these blockages give rise to thoughts and words that bring you down to low vibration. At this vibration, manifestation does not take place or sometimes is difficult or if it does happen, leaves you with the same low vibration in which you so relentlessly manifested. Thus, the joy of manifestation is missing here.

Understanding the reason for the resistance and removal of resistance converts the unwillingness to willingness.

Your willingness can help you achieve all that you set out to act on. It opens doors, creates and brings opportunities, support system, resources and gives energy for all that you want to do.

Willingness gives you the confidence that all is possible.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Not Lying, It’s Affirming

It’s not lying.  It’s AFFIRMING.


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

As you were growing up you were taught, not to lie. Just the truth. Say exactly as it is. You must be teaching your younger ones the same thing.

There are underlying instructions with an appendage of fear of punishment, corporal or something unknown, but bad that has been ingrained into you about lying. Therefore there is a big no-no in your life for lying, deceiving, cheating, being untruthful, insincere and/or dishonest. It is frowned upon socially and even considered illegal. Lying dilutes trust. Thus, it becomes life rule that you don’t lie.

Along with this, there is yet another life rule that is also being parallelly administered in you and that is, you do not share unsuccessful/tragic parts of your life. This is mainly because you are told that you are not or cannot be proud of it, as it reflected that you have not been able to take care of your life. So you learned the skill of hiding that.

Yet another life rule that is added to the list of rules for you to follow is that you are also taught not to openly share of your life’s accomplishments and/or proud moments. As this would reflect that you are a snob and no one likes a brag.

Wow! all these life rules. As a result of all these conflicting rules, you start dialing down sharing or talking. Not discussing your achievements in your space, misquoting problem areas, even highlighting the blame to outside factors to take everyone’s attention away from your rich experience. As a result, you start to practice selling your accomplishments short. You are comfortable discussing people, things, situations that are not working for you, as it is considered as a norm and even came with a sympathetic ear or a suggestion.

What emerges out of this cocktail of ‘do this but not this’ is set of words that do not get you the impression of the life that you want.

Saying, discussing, announcing or speaking of nice events, experiences, material things, achievements, and accomplishments, does not make you pompous. You could allow yourself to be proud of them.

Life is always a mixture of something that is working along with some others that evidently seem to be not working. Whether you wish to share information about what is going on in your life is your discretion.

You could be a sharing kind, or you could be ‘a people person’ and you thrive on people interaction, or you have to under certain conditions you just have to share your information.

Share about what is working else affirm.

Affirmation is all the words that you say or think. Say words that are working for you or the way you wish for it to work for you. Give the sentences a spin that will give you hope, increase your faith and raise your vibration. That is all you need to affirm and manifest with a snap of a finger. So next time you attract a question in your space for which you are not sure or not clear what to say, hesitant or not interested in sharing or too sad to share, then just affirm. Even to the follow-up question and the cross-question stay true to what you want to say. You could start with say ‘I am affirming.’

Sometimes what you want to say is the brutal, hurtful, painful fact rather than affirm. Then do that with/while ‘tapping.’ This is necessary to release the stress. Once the stress is released, affirming is then a possibility.

Also, while talking to your therapist you could clearly tell them what you notice, observe, see or even presume that could be happening.

Many times affirmation does not appear real and you don’t agree with saying it. Here too EFT/tapping is necessary. You can decide on a time and affirm while tapping. This can be done till the faith is gained or restored in the affirmation.

Your words are important in creating your next moment. So choose them wisely. Use words that are of your greatest and highest good.

It’s the truth, it’s an affirmation.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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I Can Do It

Always Have People In Your Space That Say  To You, “You can do it”, “It’s doable”, “Let’s do it.”

Always Say To Your-self, “I Can Do It” 

(Repeat it like A mantra, it works like A charm)

I Can Do It

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!


Motivate, inspire, and promote yourself every chance you get. Encourage yourself to take the step forward.

Are you lazy, let down, embarrassed, petrified, intimidated or perplexed about the next step? Then know this that, this is only ‘the understanding’ of what you are at this point pertaining to the next step. Letting this understanding keep you from your next action step is limiting yourself.

Limiting is stifling and suffocating. You are depriving yourself and the world of your creativity.

Embrace life that you desire and deserve, that is of you living your optimum potential. Keep your focus on your abilities. Notice what all you are already doing. Give yourself permission to do more.

You are meant to be at your creative best. You need guidance, support and helping hand to achieve. Get into the habit of asking for the help. Persuade yourself to have questions, and be open to receiving and understanding the answers. Allow yourself to explore and expand.

You require courage. You standing by yourself is ample and enough.

Decide your process and pace, customise it as per you.

Always ask yourself two questions several times and at all phases and steps, (1) ‘What do I/you have to get this done’ (2) ‘What do I/you need to get this done.’

All of you and all of your resources are here for you.

You see now, that you have every reason to do what you decide or envision to do. You just need to tell yourself ‘I/you can do it.’

Only consider opinions, suggestions, advice from all who point toward the next step as a possibility. Till you can find/attract the ‘glass half full’ kind of support, you could search for what works for you from amongst this kind of support, making the best of what you have.

If trying to do your task right, properly, perfectly and with precision is the aim. Let that not become your limitation. Don’t keep waiting and/or preparing to be that. Don’t be hard/harsh with yourself every time you fall short or miss the mark.


Listen to all but pay attention to only who are saying “You Can Do It”, “It’s Doable”, “Let’s Do It.”

The same goes for your thoughts. Listen to all your thoughts but pay heed to thoughts that boost your morale and energy.


Once you get into the ‘I can do it,’ habit, this practice can be extended to others.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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