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What am I doing right?

What am I doing right?

What am I doing right

Dear Friend!

When it gets to a point where it is making less and less sense, due to lack of receiving comprehension or confirmation on the direction and/or results. Confusion on whether you are on the right track arises. You are very very keen to do whatever it takes for you to have what you so intently desire.  When no matter what you do, it does not seem to be taking you any closer to what your whole endeavor has been about. You see the results, some results, but you don’t see the results you are expecting or even the navigation validation.

Then you start to look around for motivation to keep going.

And when you look around and see others who seem to be getting what you too desired or similar then that may tempt you to ask, ‘what are they doing right?’

Looking at others to admire or to get inspired has to be just enough to trigger your inner motivation and outer guideline. If you follow too much of detail of what others are doing, it will not work for you. Very simply because both you and the one you are looking at are unique beings. Only one on this planet.

Looking at others for more clues on same success causes the comparison to begin. Your attention might go to bias, unfair allocation of desires or injustice in the efforts put in.

Other’s steps may be good enough to chalk out an outer guideline, but only you can know what works for you. Similarly, your success story will merely be a guideline for some other person, who is looking for such guidance.

Now, instead of that if you could shift your focus on “what you are doing right?”. All your energy on detailing of every single step and every sub-step and every micro-step that you have taken and you have been taking, starts to highlight all your capabilities that could have been either gone unnoticed, unappreciated or underappreciated or was underutilised.

The knowledge of all these new self-recognitions can further build your self-confidence. This brings to your kind attention all that you could be grateful for in what you know, what you have and what you have managed to achieve. Self-focus on ‘what you are doing right’, shows to you how much you have traveled in this journey towards your desire and how far you have come from where you have started.

“What am I doing right?” also, brings out what all you could do or possibly want to do or changes you might want to make in what you are doing.

All this regular introspection redirects all your energy, focus and attention to what you have from what you don’t have. That is, shifts your attention from lack to abundance.

Many sources start to show all that you are doing right. You get the right compliments, right messages all of which states that you are on the right path or starts to nudge you towards the absolute right path towards your desires.

This gets the wheel churning towards sustaining you till you can start believing that you are in the right direction to receive what you desire. And ultimately you get to see your desires come to you.

May your desires or something higher come to YOU.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Real And Reel Life

“one of the difference between real and reel is that we receive rewards and awards for playing happy roles.”

Real And Reel Life


Dear friend!

The plan of the Universe and God is very simple. It is to see you HAPPY.

This has been very cleverly conditioned in our life processes. To have anything in your life, you need to be happy first. So you have just one job and responsibility, and it is to keep the precious YOU happy.

Make being happy your habit. Find ways and reasons to be happy.

You being happy raises your vibrations and it is then that the following happens:

(a)that the communication between the Universe, God, your Higher self, Source and You flow, so you receive guidance lovingly

(b) Life manifests beautifully

(c) You receive easily and seamlessly

(d) You understand ‘learning’ in a situation comfortably

In reel life however awards are given for playing melancholy, sad, tragic or serious roles too.

In REAL life play happy roles. Act happy roles, but do it in faith. Imagine and visualise yourself being happy by yourself, by people, while doing various activities. If you like motion pictures you could choose the fun and happy ones, to watch.

Being in high vibration is the key to all manifestations happening amazingly. Being happy keeps you in high vibration.

If you are sad and stressed you will still manifest. But, that may not be to your satisfaction. And even if you do receive it you may not enjoy it.

So, to receive and enjoy awesome manifestations, stay happy.

Note : You can learn more about being in high vibration from ‘Ester and Jerry Hicks’. We at IADLife are truly grateful to them for our learning on this.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife