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Today is the day of celebration of FREEDOM

The difference in delay in manifestation and expedited high-quality manifestation depends on where your focus is.
Is your intent, ‘Freedom towards’ or ‘Freedom from.’

FREEDOM from low vibration.
FREEDOM from past, emotionally.
FREEDOM from negative thoughts.
FREEDOM from questioning.
FREEDOM from limitation.
FREEDOM from sadness.
FREEDOM from criticism.
FREEDOM from learning through lack.
FREEDOM from bad quality life experiences.
FREEDOM from feeling Lack.
FREEDOM from excuses.
FREEDOM from discouragement.
FREEDOM from fear.
FREEDOM from micromanaging.
FREEDOM from poverty thinking.

FREEDOM to Prosperity Thinking.
FREEDOM to Feeling Prosperity.
FREEDOM to See Possibilities.
FREEDOM to Empowerment.
FREEDOM to Trust.
FREEDOM to Motivation.
FREEDOM to Delegate.
FREEDOM to Question.
FREEDOM to Dream Big.
FREEDOM to Encouragement.
FREEDOM to Love.
FREEDOM to Express.
FREEDOM to Live Life.
FREEDOM to Heal.
FREEDOM to Feel Safe.
FREEDOM to Feel Healthy.
FREEDOM to Feel Happy.
FREEDOM to Have Fun.
FREEDOM to Feel Good.
FREEDOM to Prosperity.
FREEDOM to Beautiful Conversation.
FREEDOM to Uplifting Interactions.
FREEDOM to Good Quality Manifestation.
FREEDOM to Gratitude.

Examine what you are running away from. Now replace it with what you can run toward.
Running away signifies, ‘Freedom from.’ Running toward signifies, ‘Freedom to.’
Freedom from is, ‘what you do not want.’ Freedom to is, ‘what you do want.’
Keep your eye on the goal. Change your focus. Give yourself the freedom to channelise the energy towards what you want. Start making your own list TODAY. Your list of ‘freedom to’, could get bigger and better each time you add to your list. Feel the freedom to achieve your dreams.


alarm clock and sincerity

Motivation is Alarm clock plus your SINCERITY to honor the reminders.

alarm clock and sincerity

Dear Friend!

IADLife Blog:


What is motivation? Motivation is an alarm clock with or without snooze button plus the sincerity towards what the alarm is designated to honor.

Motivation is the push, pull, bridge, that is a requirement for the achieving the goal.

How soon or fast can you get motivated? The speed with which the motivation takes effect is directly dependent on your willingness to honor the reminders. It could happen gradually, with snooze or instantly. You may slack or stumble but then your focus has to be to honor the reminders, so you pick yourself up and you get right back on track.

What are the kinds of motivation? There are internal reasons. Those are for personal, creative and self-growth.  And for your contribution in your life. These factors are always self-generated and benefit self and then also to the outside or others.

Then there are external factors which are always to do with other people. These get you started. They will also get you on the path towards what you wish to achieve immediately.

Internal reasons are your true reasons and are responsible for permanent movement towards your goal achieving. The resistance here is more, clear or evident. However, excuses arise and are easier to relent to.

External factors are hired reasons from others. You remunerate this hire by taking an action with others as a primary driving force. Here because of the outside help suppressing resistance becomes easy.

Even if you take or you have to take support from external factors, eventually or parallely to need to find your willingness to look for internal reasoning for doing what you are doing. Such combo and switch, of and from external to internal factors are very and permanently useful.

If this switch does not happen, then you may be forced to change the external factors that could take time to find and adjust. Another possibility is that you may also have to change your goal according to the external factors. When you rely on the external factors for a long time, it becomes fear based factors. This becomes an addiction. When the external factor changes you could take it at rejection. This may cause resentment towards your dependency and towards others. You may even discontinue your journey towards your goal, momentarily or forever. Also, you would care more about what is the external factor’s plan, opinion or impression of/for you is. This is a distraction.

Therefore, take help from external factors but rely only on internal reasoning.

You may be someone else’s external factor. Here you need to get clear with enhancing and with yourself about your availability and willingness to take the responsibility.

For what all is the motivation required? Every goal requires you to be motivated. However, the motivation level may vary.

Does one rule apply to all? Yes, every point discussed here will apply to every goal. For example, making life changes like losing excess fat or enhancing a relationship, learning a new skill like a new language or a creative art.

Take support from any source to get a head start. You do need external support. Please do remember that your self-work and self-practice is mandatory. Value and respect the timelines you set. Regardless of the goal, give the same importance to all and apply the same rules and follow them with equal vigour. The results promote you to do more and achieve more.

The alarm clocks are both internal and the physical one. Abide by them sincerely. Make it fun. The respect you have for your alarm clock, is the respect you have for your timeline, is the respect you have for your goal, is the respect you have for your life.

This is the only true way to enjoy achieving your goal and gaining confidence for your other and/or next goal.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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