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Get It Done

Rather than finding an excuse not to do something, Please find reasons and ways to get it done.

Get It Done

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Every drop makes an ocean. Every step irrespective of the size and direction brings you closer to fruition of your goal/aim/desire. Taking that step is a requirement. Avoid presenting or getting convinced by an excuse why the step was not taken.

Focus on how taking the/that step is going to benefit you. On doing this following happens (a) you start to get some or few things done – (b) your confidence gets better and better – (c) you are motivated to take on more tasks – (e) you see completion of milestones/projects – (f) it makes it easier for you to self-approve and ask for approval for others – (g) on receiving approval from others there is boost in morale and it enhances your interaction or interacting skills – (h) interaction makes way for the information flow – (i) more the information, more is the creativity and opportunity – (j) you are satisfied and all these raises your vibration and energy – (k)thus lot more keeps getting done.

Once you get accustomed to knowing, implementing and seeing the sequence of vibration raising events then it is easy to find a reason(s) to take ‘the step’.

Extend your time, go an extra mile, motivate yourself get that one extra bit done. Every ‘granular’ effort now, this moment and today will show ‘gigantic’ reports and results.

Where ever you find it easier to procrastinate, that is the place you need to take that micro step. Do it just for you. On taking this small step please do not look for approval from others. This little step is only for your own encouragement and self-approval. When your work and/or the outcome are visible to you in an appreciable manner, it is only then that the approval from external source starts to pour in.

Commit to where you feel the most resistance. Commend your determination. Keep it regular. Find alternatives.

After you commit to a task or a project, there are chances that there are going to be extra, added, or superfluous responsibilities that might come up. Instead of blaming/looking at that/them as blockage or hindrance, try to cater to both. Partly or complete for both or either.

This extra work comes in your space for a reason.

*They seem as if they are moving you from the timelines you have scheduled but they are there to bring you to the right divine time.

*They have important information related to what you are about to embark on. To know that a simple question can be asked in your mind, ‘what is it that you need me to know through this task/ experience?’

*They show you the vibrational alignment you are in so that if there is an adjustment required you could take care of that before you start the task.

*Or they are there to bring you to a vibrational alignment that is required for the job in hand.

When you decide that these are helpful/supportive inclusions in your already full schedule, then you can utilise these precious gems too, beautifully.

This is an amazing opportunity to prove yourself to you.

It also enhances your multitasking and time management abilities and may even add to your existing skills. Key is to keep finding ways and means to whatever you had initially decided to complete.

Final reward will be beyond what you are knowing is the result. The level of satisfaction and self-pride comes as a bonus.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Stay Calm

Why can’t you be Angry?-Wednesday Why?

Stay calm

IADLife Blog:

Q by Reena Yadav :).

Dear Friend!

‘Please do not get upset, stay calm.’ This is what is told to you when you are ‘angry.’

Calming down is not about suppressing anger. It’s about converting anger state to a non-anger state. Anger is a voluntary response. It is a shortcut behaviour. It is a choice. The other choice is to notice your thoughts. What are the thoughts of events, people, incidents, experiences of yours and others that you have observed that is connected to your present situation that is suggesting you an option of anger behaviour. These thoughts are the once that need to be changed. Self-conversation or counselling is the best way to reverse engineer genesis or early influencers of these behaviours. Tapping or EFT and/or mirror work also helps in reaching to the root of this.

After noting the reason for the trigger it becomes easier for you to interact openly in the same/similar situation with your true expression. You will yourself notice that your true expression is solution based.

Anger is triggered at low vibration and low energy. Anger is a blocker. It blocks you from connecting to all the high vibration entities Your Higher Self, Source, and Angels.

When you are angry or in an angry argument or someone is angry with you, you could request God and Angels to calm yourself and others and keep everyone safe. If you are willing and others too, then you will notice the calming down of your own self and of others too. Argument and scolding become creative discussions and conversation. Staying silent and asking for help till the right supporting thoughts can occur is also useful.

When you are around people or are thinking of people, situations or things that are of low vibrations then knowingly or unknowingly you are sharing your energy with them. If you are unaware of this then you don’t replenish your energy level and you succumb to your low vibration behavior. Cutting cords and taking help to peacefully protect yourself which is a form of shielding also is very necessary to change from anger to nonanger state. Even when people at low energy are thinking/talking about you without your physically present there, you will still feel the drain in energy. However, all kinds of energy sharing or draining will happen with your permission knowingly or unknowingly.

Not expressing anger is also not recommended. The outer demeanor looks calm and ‘keeping it together kind of person’, but if you still are holding anger and resentment, it is detrimental to you. It keeps you from completely expressing your true opinion. If you have anger it is necessary to release it.

You could disperse the anger by walk. Take a walk away from the situation or change the topic for a while. Other ways of releasing anger are kick boxing and acupressure foot massage.

Holding on or expressing too much causes harm at the physical level. It manifests in the physical diseases like cancer and hypertension.

Not getting angry or raising your voice does not mean you are not sincere. You need not be serious to show concern or to prove that you care. Efficiency is not mutually exclusive to calm. You can focus more, make more informed decisions and be clear about them.

In nonanger state there are no vibrational interference.

Anger is neither normal nor healthy. It needs to be dealt with. Release it, solve it, convert it into something creative and fun. Be that with yourself and you will able to be that behaviour always.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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FUN begins now

Difficult is over. FUN begins now.

FUN begins now


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

The moment you realise that you or anyone else require healing is the moment you will now know is the end of ‘Difficult’ and the ‘FUN’ begins now.

Sometimes the thing that gives you most despair is what you want to change the most. What you are most inclined to change immediately and impromptu are the ones that are most hurtful. It is hurtful when there is a lack. Lack in ‘faith’ is the lack that tops all lacks. This is indicative from when you feel powerless and start to assess that possibly something outside of you is controlling and deciding for your life.

Your willingness is the main component participating in all your life experiences. People, things, patterns, experiences, and situations stay, change or leave as per your willingness to embrace the learning. There are other components too. Your alertness to understand this process. Your readiness to accept the set but flexible principles the guide you in your journey called LIFE.

Life is carefully designed and decided sequence of learning(s). Universe, your higher force or your higher self, make available for you the resources that are required for the learning. You are co-creating your life in collaboration with them.  They work only according to your willingness. Your learning comes through your life experiences. You, your life experiences, and your learning are unique. You have a lot of the capability and capacity to do whatever is required for these experiences. You chose to be a social being and therefore, asking and taking help is an important attribute in this choice of status. Your capabilities will contribute in someone else’s life’s learning experiences. Someone else’s capability will contribute in your life’s experiences. Contribution in each other’s lives is also a life experience that is part of life’s learning for all involved.

Who to involve in asking and how to ask is a significant factor in this. What follows after asking and how that needs to be handled is yet another important factor. Asking has to be clear, specific and yet has to have flexibility. Asking is followed by receiving. You involve self and/or others for both asking and receiving. Asking and receiving in high vibration is a magical way of getting what you have asked for or something higher. And is therefore highly recommended. Asking and receiving is the most necessary capability that you have. You need to apply your willingness to utilise this capability to smoothen the life’s movement in the forward direction.

In gist, when there is hurt, you want to remove hurt, you ask and you receive help, your learning is attained. It’s time to celebrate.

Thus your knowledge of these life’s protocol/steps gives you the awareness of the fact that the moment you detect something is difficult, the most plausible end to that is FUN.

So now you don’t need to be scared of tough life experiences. You don’t need to worry. You use to worry because you did not know what to do in this situation or what lies ahead in this situation.

Knowledge itself is powerful.

Implementation is the key to acknowledging the power.

Go right ahead. Remember and remind yourself to follow the life’s protocol. Have a wonderfully deserving life. Have FUN.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Do things because YOU CAN

Do things because YOU CAN not because someone else cannot.

Do things because YOU CAN


IADLife Post:

Dear Friend!

Do you like to help or support! Are you helping kind! What is the exclamation remarks that come out of your mouth when you see someone in need?

O sad he/she/they/it cannot!


O Yay I can! I am here! I got you, buddy!

You cannot give anything that you don’t already have. When you do decide to give, it comes from a combination of having enough to share and the willingness to share. While giving, your attention goes to two aspects  (a) what is the requirement at/of the situation (b) what you have and if you have the willingness to share.

Your abilities hold more value and use than others lack of it.

When you focus on others inabilities. You try your best to compensate that by keeping them comfortable to provide them the support whilst your real investigative mind focus is on ‘why they were not able to.’ What you focus on you attract. The inability you are focussing on, you end up noticing in your life in some area. This inability is also lack. This instills fear, which is connected to ‘not having enough.’ Questions like, would this happen when you are in this position, that is, when you cannot, starts to arise in your mind.

Next time you look at someone with lack then, instead of checking your ‘banks full of abilities’, you get more fearful of ‘what if.’ You will, therefore, see lack everywhere. It also proves to you that it is not nice not to have, that is when you do not have you have to ask or depend. You try your best not to be in that position. So you constantly are in the reminder of that. You still get in these situations and by now it is registered in your mind that it is not pleasant to be in this position. You now develop an aversion towards such situations that imply lack to you. This impression extends to the person/thing/entity that is in this situation. You start asking all wrong questions ‘why did this situation happen’, ‘should have known better.’ And all your intentions of providing support ‘because you can’, becomes more about ‘because they cannot.’ When you are not ready, unwilling or are unprepared, it may cause irritation and dislike towards extending the help and support.

Respect every situation, entity, experience. Have respect for it. Life is full of experiences customised to each one on this planet. Each one is here to be co-dependant. Each and every person is not here to have all the same abilities. ABILITIES are inherent and/or are developed and is also absorbed and reflected according to an individual. Complementation of the abilities is what gives you an opportunity to flex the muscles of the abilities. It is a feel good factor when you contribute where your ability is required, in demand, has value and is beneficial.

You need not look for situations with inabilities. Because if you do spot them, that only means that you have been able to do so because it is a reflection of something within you.

Focussing and being grateful for what you can, only helps gain enough confidence in what you can.

Each opportunity you get to share ‘what you can’, is an excellent chance to keep honing ‘what you can.’ So when the opportune time and event comes you shall get to satisfactorily utilise and show ‘what you can.’

Thank you for contributing, helping and supporting. Thank you because you can.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why Micromanage?

Why micromanage?-Wednesday Why?

Why Micromanage-Wednesday Why

IADLife Blog:

Q by Mrs. Sandhya Rani T D, Bangalore, Karnataka.

“I have heard and read from different website and books is when disbelief is highly dominant and also when they least expect that their wish will be fulfilled, how come their wish gets fulfilled and also sometimes their wish is fulfilled in the most wonderful way where they are completely provided with everything and they need not have to bother further about that particular area of life whether its finance or health or relationships etc. In short i meant sometimes everything gets set right at once.”

Dear Friend!

Getting out of the way of the Universe is compared to placing the order in a restaurant and not micromanaging the chef’s cooking. You have the trust as per the previous experience of yours or others. You think or do other things while the order is visibly or in the background getting prepared.

But, what do you do when the order takes longer than you anticipated. You look around, catch hold of the first waiter that crosses your table and remind, inquire, request to check your order and also ask/demand for the exact time required for the order to be ready.

How do you react when a flight is delayed? Are you agitated, frustrated, worried or angry?  Or are you relieved, glad, unaffected or calm? Here too you wait for a while then go and recheck either the flight information that’s being displayed or inquired from personnel at the ‘i’ counter.

The ‘not interfering’, ‘not getting bothered’ or even ‘glad that it has not happened yet’ part lasts only that long. You get restless and words that flow is not helping time lag situation anymore, which now has become a ‘delay’.

Your strongest support here even during the gap period is your understanding that everything always happens for the right reasons. Look around, check and review what is it that you need to do, that needed to be done before your food or your flight arrives (as per the examples above).

In life, there is no ‘wait’ period. Everything arrives, takes place and is ready at the right divine time for you. The time before is your preparation time to be equipped to enjoy what you are here to receive. Sometimes it is just the mind, temperament or thought adjustments that are required before you receive.

The journey to the destination has learning and experiences that are the requirements for what you are to receive, which is what you have asked for. Your involvement in the learning and experiences keeps you from re-asking and/or changing the request thus not interfering and staying pre-occupied. You thus get out of the Universe’s path.

It is not ‘disbelief’. It is the belief that’s in play here. It is the trust that you are definitely getting that what you have asked for or something higher.

It is never when ‘you least expect it’. God/Universe is constantly informing us of the next step.

“It is never that God/Universe works in mysterious ways. You are too distracted to read the signs.” When what you have asked for arrives, and knocks on your door or is in your face that you notice. Many times you are not noticing and therefore, you are actually missing out and not receiving it.

The moment you give yourself permission to receive. You receive in all areas together because you are now allowing your receiving.

So be aware. Keep faith. Do the action. Know that what you have asked for in any and all areas of your life.

It has, it is and/or will come to you. Keep paying attention.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Internal RESPECT exudes external respect

Your Inner Self RESPECT Exudes Respect From External Factors.

Internal Respect Exudes External Respect

IADLife Post:

Dear Friend!

What is respect? What is your understanding of RESPECT? What does it mean to you to be respected?

What words? What decibel? What body language? What physical action or gesture? Where did you first learn about respect? What is your first memory of respect or disrespect? Listing out what is disrespect for you can also give you definition of or knowledge of what RESPECT is for you. Disrespect or showing others down does not mean respect for you. Validation of respect is always at the feelings level.

How to know what is ‘RESPECT’ for you? You notice, observe people and entities getting respect. That becomes your understanding of respect. Even when you understand it is your influencers version of respect you need to know, it is actually the understanding you have chosen so it is YOUR definition of respect.

To understand ‘respect’ better find out how much respect you are getting in your life!

Are you getting enough respect in your life? There are three correct answers to this question (a) YES (b) NO (c) MAYBE.

Let’s address them, starting with ‘Maybe’.

(c) Maybe, I think so, I am not sure: This is when you are clearly uncertain whether what you are getting is respect. Because the effect of the respect that is supposed to be is not there for you for long or fades off in a while. This is the point where you need to revisit the understanding of the word ‘respect’ in your space. Review the idea of respect. Are you trying to replicate someone else’s understanding of respect? Are you dismissing the other gestures of respect that you are receiving?

Then know this, ‘you have been asking for someone else’s idea of respect’, and as soon as you get it, it’s a ‘feel good factor’ on an immediate basis. However, very soon you will see the same gesture as something quite the opposite of respect.

Notice people and entities you respect. What is it that you see? Ask yourself, what is it about them that you like that emits an understanding of respect to you? Then sense it at the feelings level. You feel calm content, motivated and/or exhilarated if you get the same or similar gestures. That’s it, this is your version of respect. Change, enhance, add or tweak as your knowledge of/in life grows.

(b) No: Then start to understand and create a definition of respect. Now apply it to yourself. Yes, even gesture-wise. Open the door for yourself as if you are opening and holding the door for your most favourite person. Thank yourself for that gesture, in your mind or out loud. When you see your reflection anywhere greet or appreciate your reflection silently or audibly. Smile or just show acknowledgment say by a nod, at yourself. When you feel good then you know you have gotten what is respect for you.

(a) Yes: If you already are knowing and receiving respect, then that’s a blessing. Keep asking and giving respect to all. Also, keep willing to review a situation when it does not feel like respect to you. Investigate where in your life are you doing that to yourself and/or to anyone or anything else.

What is your respect quotient for your job, your relationship with humans, other entities, animals, and/or things, your earnings, your health and your own self? The priority you are willing to give to each/any of them at a particular time in your life is your respect quotient for them. When you respect that area/person/thing/entity of your life, the same gets reciprocated from the external factors.

You desire respect in an area or for an action in your life, give it value by giving an honest attention and priority. Be willing to change how you are in that area and voila, you respect it and the respect you are asking from others come to you.

Love and respect are not the same but they need not be mutually exclusive.

Respect everything associated with you.

Every aspect of you is worth the respect.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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