Why un-forgiveness persist

Why does un-forgiveness persist? – Wednesday Why?

WHY un-forgiveness persist
IADLife Next Chapter:

Dear Friend!

Some forgiveness happens immediately. Some happen a little later. In rest of the cases or situations, un-forgiveness prevails seemingly forever.

What are the circumstances, situations or conditions because of which you are able to forgive? In absence of these, the forgiveness does not happen.

Is it your likeness for the person, thing or situation? Is the likeness for an attribute or characteristics like beauty, speech, gesture? This could be of the person who is relative, lover, spouse, friend, acquaintance or even a stranger.
Is it that you see it as having no other choice? Is it the job you need, indispensable relationship, social obligation or fear of missing out?

If it is any of these reasons then you are not really forgiving. You are ‘shoving under the rug.’ Next time ‘the hurt’ or something similar to ‘the hurt’ cross your path all the unresolved un-forgiveness accumulates and surfaces.

When forgiveness does not happen immediately you tend to subject yourself to live and re-live the hurtful life situations again and again, in order to have an opportunity to prove yourself, perform, react, and to respond better.

When un-forgiveness persists for long it becomes a habit.

Each un-forgiven life situation remains with you. It eventually and very seamlessly becomes a part of your behaviour and expression.

Anger, irritation, and frustration that you feel for something minuscule is the piled up un-forgiveness. It can be for someone you like/love or for a complete stranger.

*Un-forgiveness keeps you from moving forward.

*Un-forgiveness keeps you from manifesting your desires and is responsible for manifesting what you don’t desire. That is because you are first and foremost unclear about what you want. Un-forgiveness is responsible for that and so you miscommunicate what you want.

*Un-forgiveness keeps you from forming a connection with your inner-self, higher-self, and other high vibrational entities- God, Angels, Source, Universe, Life. Un-forgiveness thus is responsible for misinterpreting the communication that you receive.

All the past data stored in you, that includes the data on un-forgiveness, determine your present and future life experiences. All the past un-forgiveness define your reaction in the present and this keeps you stuck in past.

To free yourself of the past hurt(s) you need to clearly and truly forgive. For that, you need to have a clear understanding of forgiveness.

What is ‘forgiveness’ for you? How does ‘forgiveness’ look like to you? ‘Forgiveness’ has to be about you. It cannot be with something that happens with someone other than you. Because if it is to do with something that happens with anyone else, it may bring transitional relief but ultimately there is no benefit for you in the long run.

Definition of forgiveness that was mentioned in Oprah’s life class from an audience member was, “forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.”

However, the present is your responsibility and you need to keep yourself from attracting such situations that are liable to cause un-forgiveness, in your life. You have to be mindful of recognising all the un-forgiveness, however subtle they are and work on releasing them.
For every situation – ‘What did you not like in the situation? Make a note.’

How do you know that you have forgiven? When you notice your anger, irritation and frustration level coming down. When you can laugh at the life-situation that would have otherwise offended and enraged you. When you are calm, indifferent or non-reactant towards the same life-situation that had earlier triggered a reaction that was not fun.

Actual permanent forgiveness happens when you are willing to find out what is it about the hurt that you are actually supposed to forgive and who is it that you are supposed to truly forgive?  Invariably, every analysis and every de-layering will take you or point you to your own self.

It will point you to something within you that you wish to change. Something in your life that you have yet to achieve. Something as in an action that you wish you had done differently.

Recognising that is the initiation of the forgiveness. Taking that action for which you are holding un-forgiveness towards yourself or an alternate action is what will get you that forgiveness.

Case Studies that explain how forgiveness was implemented.

Case Study 1:

“F was dumped by his two girlfriends back to back. In both relationships, his girlfriend moved on to their next relationship and he saw it as if he was being treated as invisible. His initial un-forgiveness was of course towards both his girlfriends. On realisation that he had not been clearly saying what he truly wanted in his relationships. When situations were tough or rough in each relationship instead of dealing with it, he would wish that it takes care of itself and would go silent. But, because of his belief in loyalty, it was a compulsion for him to stay in the relationship rather than clearly communicating that he was unhappy about a certain aspect. As a result, he asked and he made himself invisible in both relationships. As a process of forgiveness, the action he now needed to take was to say words that would clearly convey what he truly desires in his relationships and be willing to be present and even face a life situation and take responsibility of his actions.”

Case Study 2:

“C was taking out her trash. She wanted to convey to the person in charge of collecting the garbage, that there were sharp edges in the cardboard she was disposing of. She said what she could, using her acquired knowledge of the local language. The guy replied saying something that she understood was impolite. Whether he said it in his way of being friendly or was being plain rude, C replied by giving a smile and slightly thrusting her tongue out expressing her incapability to reply. Her reaction was to get the work done.

Initially, she was upset with the guy. But her actual un-forgiveness was towards herself because she was badgering herself in her mind for not learning the language in spite of being in the town for long and because she saw herself unable to stand up for herself. She could choose to learn the language to attain the fluency needed and she could respond by asking clearly what was being told or if she understands and does not like the conversation she could say so right there to that person.”

Case Study 3:

“H realised that the summer was getting over in a week and his assignment that was due for submission was no were near completion. He has started but he did not complete for other engagements kept coming in his way. He was troubled that he was not disciplined and dedicated enough to respect his timetable and therefore could not get that from others. He could stay annoyed at all that had pulled him away from his assignment completion or he could get to work. He could resume his assignment and then set the schedule and timelines.”

Do remember forgiveness is not justifying what does not seem right. Forgiveness is making way for greatest and highest in everything that you deserve. Because it is a deserving life.

Forgiveness can also be pending when you see the need to ask for forgiveness from someone other than yourself. Un-forgiveness persists when you see yourself having done wrong. Here recognising that you could have done something differently or what you could do differently is expedited, as the focus on self-comes sooner.

Case Study 4:

Case Study: “J took his mother to a dentist. Everyone from the receptionist to the dentist was very polite the clinic was very hi-tech. The dentist when attending to his mother was very chatty and J could see that the dentist’s techniques were making his mother very uncomfortable. J continued to reply to the chat keeping one eye on his mother. He did not stop the doctor or ask his mother if she wanted the procedure to continue. After the clinic visit, J’s mother complained that her lower gums were numb and she was uncomfortable. J felt guilty of not speaking up on behalf of his mother and not stopping the dentist who was conversing too much during the procedure.

To get the forgiveness and feel being forgiven, him apologising is only the first step. He also needs to acknowledge to himself that he needs to get over the formalities and speak up anytime there is an uncomfortable situation where he is involved.”

The depth and magnanimity of the hurt are not proportional to the time it takes for the un-forgiveness to convert to forgiveness.  It is your willingness to get to the action that you need to acknowledge and take, that determines how soon the un-forgiveness dissipates.

Harboring un-forgiveness till the other person can say ‘sorry’ may not get you to the forgiveness state. You need to be in the forgiveness state to receive it. That depends on how much you are willing to solve the matter. This also applies to where you see the need to apologise and have been waiting for the approval that follows.

Recognising, acknowledging and willing to or possibly actually taking action by you is the only way.


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receiving help

Understanding and removing blockage in receiving help
IADLife Next Chapter:

What causes the blockage in taking help?
This has been explained using a case study, how these blockages quietly seep in and get so deep-rooted that recognising it requires a detailed analysis.

Case Study: G narrates her life experience. “When I was growing up, my father suddenly became rude and cruel to me while my parents were trying to have their third child. I was the second daughter and I was made clear early on that I was ‘extra’ because what they wanted was a boy. To show his discontent about my presence in and around him my father, became very vocal about how everything about me was causing him distress. So he started pointing out to my eight-year-old self through his conservative thoughts that he saw wrong in me. That started planting a belief in me that registered in me as  I was not good enough and therefore is I need to do better. My mother followed suit. Her actions seemed to agree with him. She got upset with me easily as compared to my siblings. Beatings happened and one time pencil jabbing in my palm while she was trying to teach me also happened. She never came to rescue me from my father or even to give me assurance of any kind that would refute my father’s attitude towards me. I stopped complaining to them. I started complaining to myself. That became self-blame. All the blame, scarcity of approval and lack of direction and guidance was pushing me more and more towards picking up scraps from what my understanding of what possibly pleases my father. That was primarily to get into his good books. That never happened.

My father was religious as I gathered from his prayer rituals and reading of the religious books. As an example, my father asked me to read through a chapter of a religious book a day before my exams results were going to be out. I did it. There were some sentences with which I completely disagreed even as a ten-year-old, but I carried out his wish of reading it anyway. This continued as I grew older. I never worked hard to get anywhere to succeed in anything I just looked for alternatives like religious steps like visiting holy places and reading religious books. I failed in classes, I never participated in any extra-curricular activities or even sports as it did not seem to please my father. The disapproval continued and my efforts in alternatives to focussing on what I needed to do, continued. If I was not doing well in exams, I was supposed to study more or take help in that, instead, I studied just enough to show him and as soon as he was out of sight I would stop. I did not see the point. As a result, I use to fall behind in understanding all subjects and I would fail. I became a big ball of excuses in telling myself on all the reasons why I was not doing well. And the excuse was always different from the real reason. As the real reason pointed me in the direction of working on it. As I said, I could not see the point or could not bring myself to motivate myself to do the work. The work that did was according to me never up to the mark and the rating systems always agreed with this thinking of mine. I also became a dodger and I would choose to avoid rather than to confront and address where I needed help. I also had no friends for the same reason, my father would ill-treat them too.

By the time I realised that the suffering was all mine and to do well in any and all areas of my life I needed to move my butt, I was sucked too deep into the belief of not being good enough. I worked when I was pushed by fear and that included carrying out religious rituals. I never seem to do enough and I never seem to do it in the right direction. The disapproval had started to spread, from anyone and everyone in my life. I was not able to receive love or approval even from one person including my own self. This was so painful that I started eliminating people by emulating my father’ behavior. Because it was not true behavior or in agreement with my true beliefs, so it boomeranged. I kept trying to do everything on my own and ‘pass with flying colors’, something I had never achieved. Because my foundation was weak, there was no self-motivation and there was an aversion towards taking external support.

Whether it was health, establishing myself in work or consoling in my personal loss I never attracted any loving support system. The painful belief that something was amiss in me was further added through the quality of relationships and their opinions. I was just getting by. I was very clear that regardless of what I do it was not enough as I was never enough. In college and University, I became a rank student and I still found excuses to substantiate that I was still not enough.

A cousin of mine failed her second-year graduation exam. When she was asked she swore that she wrote fifteen pages in her exam. It was quite a wonder so she was probed further on the answers she attempted. She said that she wrote nearly eight to nine pages on the first essay type that was on Independence Day. But, because she did not know much about it so she wrote on the ‘Republic Day.’ True story.

I had been doing the same thing all throughout my life. My efforts and my energy had been towards what was not the goal but what was someone else’s belief based actions.

I have been trying to prove to myself or to the reflection of the part within me of my father. I had been trying to prove my capability and capacity and therefore, as a result, I preferred to do everything myself. The reason, there would only be self-criticism to deal with. As a result, the support started being very customised according to my pace and my willingness of allowance. Thus the support was limited in every way including the quality and quantity.

The only time I have people in my space to support me is when (a) I can’t prove myself in a certain task, or (b) I don’t want to do a certain task. But I convince myself that I am not able to prove myself.


After reviewing my past and knowing the genesis and reason for not being able to receive help, Why is it still tough to accept and/or to allow the support?

When there are more people in my space then, my behaviour, schedule, temperament, pace, approval all have to align with the behaviour, schedule, temperament, pace, approval of others. Both need to be answerable to each other to establish the alignment.

I am answerable to myself for getting the work done or reaching my goal.

I need to have clarity in understanding on authority and responsibility. That requires tremendous support for self from myself. Any resistance, blockages that were keeping me from achieving that has to be acknowledged and solved. And I need to have the willingness to do that.

Anything in me that has been postponing the development of this understanding, has been responsible for the dis-allowance of support. And therefore till I allow the understanding to be implemented in my space, the support I allow in my space will keep missing the mark.

And the SOLUTION to this is in knowing the following:

(A) How did I recognise that I was blocking support earlier and that I am not doing that anymore?

For that, I had to find out, (i) if I am a team player?, (ii) how am I in teamwork? (iii), had I shared a living space?, (iv) how were I with my siblings or cousins?

I was to notice if I were uncomfortable, not motivated, never did enough or so I said to myself, in participating, contributing, approving in a teamwork. I give it a number. Zero being the least and ten being the highest. Each time I encounter discomfort in teamwork I give it a number and I notice how soon do I convert the discomfort to ‘not uncomfortable anymore’ and that tells me how far I have reached.

I listen to my thoughts. I abide by my decisions, suggestions, and ideas. I take a step or two as a gesture of its acknowledgment. Even the most subtle support is accepted by me. If I recognise the support after its departure or after the moment is gone then at least I acknowledge it. The more I take the above action(s) the better are my statistics. I do things that are fun and I do things because I want to. When the support system is introduced I don’t need to compromise or sacrifice. I am clear so I just need to align.

I also remember that I, me and myself is the first team I work with. So I don’t need to wait to be part of a team of more members. I apply the same steps of practice when the opportunity of being a team member with others, does present itself.

(B) I have understood my life, so what now?

  • Be clear on my role and my contribution.
  • Keep adding to my skill.
  • Be communicative.
  • Be cooperative.
  • Do my bit.
  • Notice, note, and acknowledge my bit and benefits from it.
  • When external help arrives I receive it or reject it based on the level of its attractiveness to me. But if I do agree to receive it I express gratitude for it for it is telling me the vibration that I am in and also for the contribution in my support. This will give me time to get clear on the type of support I desire. This will increase my vibration and I will be able to attract more attractive support in my space that will be comfortable and elating for me to receive.

The reluctance to share, over dependencies and over the top loyalties are evidence that I still see myself not doing enough. What I share and how much I share is adequate sharing. Dependencies are good but I need to channelise on the right dependencies. Loyalty has to start with self.  Once this addressed important thing is that my work gets done and I feel enough.”
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Reena Yadav

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reached the surface

Message from Reena Yadav on her 5 Years with IADLife.
Have I reached the surface yet?
reached yet.pptx

IADLife Next Chapter:

Dear Friend!
Have I reached the surface yet?

This is the question I have been asking myself since last one and half months. Last year I had mentioned that I have just started to swim to the surface.

Well, the whole year was full of learning and understanding. This is a job where there is no dearth of internal revelations that add to the self-growth. Willingness to change has been the key. Mainly because once the intention was set to bring joy to billions of people all over the planet through IADLife services and products, the Universe started to prepare both me and IADLife toward that. Level of self-preparation required was something I had not fathomed. The year that was, thus gave me the training in every way to understand and de-layer my subject that enhances my confidence to cater to any and every person for any and every life situations. I learned about keeping an eye on the vibrations and being grateful for what I already have. I learned that along with vibration and gratitude the only other key factors to getting work done are actions and words.

One of my revelations about me was that of me being a person who had been waiting. Waiting for something to happen and I had held a lot of other entities responsible for bringing to me for what I was waiting. Interestingly, A. I was unclear about what was I waiting for, B. because of the long wait the vibrations lowered so whatever came my way was not a vibration raising outcome. A catch 22 situation, I had created for myself. The way out of this whirlpool of the pattern was the realisation that I need to step up and look at all that I have already achieved.

Every idea is a good one. Every step is a step forward. Provided the idea is implemented and the step is taken. Resources that are there in my space are adequate for now and I am to be open and welcoming to the resources that start to pour in soon after.

I have always believed in technological advancement. Every technology and social networking site, I know of, was explored and we expanded our network. I am very certain that there are many more that we can explore.

IADLife products and services have been made available through these social networking sites and in ways that are most convenient to the IADLife clients.

Many of my revelations and learning came through self-introspection of my life experiences and from interaction with the IADLife clientele about their life situations. These were written in the form of IADLife chapters and shared through the social networking sites.

IADLife and I are constantly looking for ways to share with as many people as we can reach, across the globe. We sincerely believe this will be of use to them in some important way.

This past year I have been more comfortable and accepting of my physical self than I have ever been. The calmness that I feel in my forehead is what tells me of my level of comfort, when I am thinking of myself as an amputee or when I receive the look or the behaviour from some other person.

My job profile is shaping me into promoting me to take a step rather than stopping myself. Me standing by myself is regardless to what happens next. Always keeping myself and all associated peacefully protected and affirming to attract what is beneficial, is what I do. My way of functioning is that before every step even if it is a mail or a phone call reply, I affirm it has a result for the greatest and highest good for everyone involved and that there is a magnificent outcome.

From me to IADLife, I am happy, grateful, thankful and blessed to have a job at IADLife, as Life Coach, Writer, Researcher, and Proprietrix. I pray, have faith and affirm that things will only keep getting better and better day by day and every way. I affirm that we create all that will align with the intention set by IADLife. We will continue to share with the world what we have learned and created in the coming year that includes book publishing and online courses.

I am a big proponent of blessings and prayers, so my kind request is that you please shower us with your high vibrational ones.

If last year I thought I was clear this year I am clearer. I can predict what is in store next, more clarity. I believe learning happens in three stages understanding, acknowledging, and implementing. With every stage, the clarity is more.
Now I understand and acknowledge that I have been on the surface, and I am supposed to stop waiting and begin my swim toward the direction of my choosing and thrive. So, that is what I am doing.

Reena Yadav

Life Coach, Writer, Researcher, and Proprietrix- IADLife

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Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
Life Coach, Writer, Researcher, and Proprietrix- IADLife

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forgiveness aided by gratitude

“When forgiveness is difficult, has not worked or is taking time then switch to GRATITUDE.
Forgiveness works seamlessly and beautifully when aided by GRATITUDE.”
Fogiveness-Gratitude.jpg IADLife Online Activity: The Magic GRATITUDE practice.
IADLife Next Chapter:

Dear friend,

Hurt heals with forgiveness. Hurt comes with learning. Un-forgiveness persists when the understanding, acknowledgment, complete understanding of the learning is incomplete or has yet to happen.

In a hurt situation, you could be grateful for the learning.

Learning is pertaining to the understanding of dos and donts. What to do or what not to do and what should be or what it should not be. You can choose to shift the focus from the person or the situation and direct your attention towards what you have learned. Bombard your thoughts with all that is good, beneficial and working in your space. This reduces anger, frustration, and stress. Thus there is a shift in focus and instead of attracting the hurt again you start to attract more of all that is good, beneficial and all that is working in your space. This raises your vibration, brings in self-confidence.

If you are carrying hurt by someone or by some incident in your life, the only way to move forward is forgiveness. Sometimes it may happen that your memory of past hurt keeps surfacing and is keeping you from achieving the complete forgiveness.

Forgiveness is now feasible. Because you will now be able to see that you have more than the hurt that was keeping you from moving forward in life. It was the un-forgiveness.

You start noticing and attracting more of what is desirable and life-enhancing. Recognising and stepping out of the quicksand of un-forgiveness is now a realisation.

When something hurtful happens in your life. You heal yourself by self-forgiveness because you are responsible for what you attract in your life. So now you can be responsible for the healing of your life.

Dr. Hew Len’s Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is known for opening your heart chakra. It’s based around four key phrases.

“I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I Love you.”


Thus substantiating the understanding that gratitude paves way for the forgiveness to take place.

In case you have been able to forgive but have not have been able to quite stay there then gratitude smoothens the way and supports you to exponentially stay in the space of forgiveness.


Gratitude eliminates or converts fear, anger, frustration, irritation, and stress into something more calmer and accepting.


Case study, “D was constantly getting irritated and felt the temper and head heaviness. The irritation was on the person, thing, conversation, viewpoint or event and just about anything. He was himself getting perplexed at his internal and sometimes external outbursts. Very soon stomach acidity and Hematochezia,  caused him to sit up and take notice.

On taking counselling, it was understood that the stacking of anger toward a close relative was causing this anomaly in the feelings and behaviour. He had been unable to forgive and this was causing the piling up of hurt and anger that surfaced every now and then, wherever there was a scope of un-forgiveness.

For the physical manifestation of the disease, the energy healing along with gratitude practice was recommended. Gratitude in or toward every single thing that would even cause a hint of irritation was now mandatory for him. Initially, when he started with the gratitude practice, he found it very difficult to find anything to be grateful for because, at every instance, the un-forgiveness would start to surface. So it was suggested to him to look for gratitude in other things along with the subject that was causing the upsurge of anger or irritation. So he started looking for what else can he be grateful for in and around his life. The moment he did that, he started calming down. Eventually, looking for gratitude towards the point of irritation now became a possibility. Forgiveness was close and was next to follow. He dedicatedly gave time to do the exercise to find what he could be grateful for with the close relative he had been harboring so much of un-forgiveness toward. It took him few days of sitting but he noticed that he did not feel anger every time the close relative’s name was mentioned or a related thought crossed his mind. Thus this gratitude practice lead to forgiveness.

His health got better and he did not feel the stress as much as he had been feeling before the practice.”

The un-forgiveness is what blocks your visibility to the blessings in a difficult situation or with a difficult person. To keep your focus on what you truly desire and want to attract, it is essential to let go all the reasons and excuses that are keeping you from achieving that.

“When forgiveness is difficult, has not worked or is taking time then, switch to gratitude. Forgiveness works  seamlessly and beautifully  when aided by GRATITUDE.”

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Thank You and Best Wishes
Reena Yadav, IADLife
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'Great Minds Group_ Activity - Gratitude


IADLife Great Minds Group Online Activity: The Magic GRATITUDE practice. IADLife IADLife Next Chapter:

IADLife ‘Great Minds Group’ Online Activity
Activity: Gratitude 28-day ‘The Magic’ Practice
Extends to: 28 days
Mode of activity: WhatsApp
Cost of the counseling and coordination of the whole program: $10 USD
Transfer of cost can be done online: Paypal, Paytm, Online bank transfer.
(Details will be provided for the ones that are registering for the online activity.)
Start Day: 8th April 2018. (Instructions for Day 1 will be sent on 7th April evening.)

Dear friend,

IADLife ‘Great Minds Group’ activity is online.

IADLife is conducting the gratitude practice. The Magic practice is based on the book ‘The Magic’, by Rhonda Byrne. It is a 28-day practice.

Instruction for each day will be posted the previous day in a text form. It will also be provided in the form of audio, for your convenience. These are exactly as mentioned in the book. This information has been taken from the online source.

The group members/participants will be sent daily guidance, tips and pointers explaining how to carry out the instructions in the practice from day1 to day28.

Each day instruction will be de-layered in case the participants have questions and will receive counseling that demonstrates/explains how it is applicable in their/a life situations.

Gratitude helps and supports all areas of your life. Career, relationship, money, health. Gratitude covers aspects that are connected with people, experiences, desires, changes, corrections, life enhancements. Gratitude is a way to focus, observe and take notice of what has been missed due to pre-conceived perceptions, stress and/or impatience. Gratitude teaches you to value. Gratitude promotes and motivates you to expand your deservability to ask for more with heightened clarity.

To be a part of this activity, you need to send us your WhatsApp number. To connect with us to know more about it, please write to us or connect with us at +919886077034 or

The whole 28-day group activity will be conducted over the WhatsApp.

You can ask questions, share viewpoints and your experience. All interactions will take place only in the group for you and others to benefit.

The charge for this whole activity is a happy amount of $10 (USD.)

You will know about gratitude, how to be thankful, the value of thank-you, and how to be grateful. You will see and experience how being grateful brings what you truly desire.

This activity will bring about understanding and clear the misunderstanding about giving thanks.

Be part of the group, discuss with the group, and get clear with the group and individually. Manifest taking advantage of combined group consciousness.

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Thank You and Best Wishes

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gratitude-THE MAGIC

Gratitude is more than saying thank you. It’s being grateful for reasons that resonate only with the person who feels and experiences it.


IADLife Next Chapter:

Dear friend,

IADLife ‘Great Minds Group’ activity.

IADLife is conducting the gratitude Magic Practice. The Magic practice is based on the book ‘The Magic’, by Rhonda Byrne. It is a 28-day practice.

I will be posting the instruction for each day the previous day. I have also taped and will be sending the audio of that day for your convenience. These are exactly as mentioned in the book. This information has been taken online source.

To be a part of this activity, you need to send us your WhatsApp number and the whole 28-day group activity will be conducted over the WhatsApp.

You can ask questions, share viewpoints and your experience. If you wish to discuss with me one on one, you can do that too.

There is no charge for this whole activity is completely free.

To know more about it, please write to us or connect with us at +919886077034.

You will know about gratitude, how to be thankful, the value of thank-you, and how to be grateful. You will see, experience and manifest how being grateful brings what you truly desire.
The understanding and clearing the misunderstanding about giving thanks.
Be part of the group, discuss with the group, get clear with the group and individually. Manifest taking the advantage of group consciousness.

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why get angry

Why get angry? – Wednesday Why?

Question from Mrs. Manasa K Naik. (Ayurvedic doctor, Mother, Wife)

why get angry
Dear Friend!

Case Study: ‘K’ was angry that her husband did not share all the information with him. He told her that if he shared his plans with her, then his plans were not succeeding. He told her that she brought him bad luck. If he has something important coming up and he told her then that does not work out.

To that ‘K’ said that she does not know much about what he does. Whatever he is going for he will have it and if he deserves it.

She said she did not believe what he told about her but she use to not reply to these rude allegations.

The very first information that ‘K’ needs to know is that there is nothing like bad luck. There are low energies and low vibrations. Energy seeks its own level. Whatever is the energy around it will move from higher to lower level to bring a uniformity. When comment such as in the case study above is passed, the person giving the comment is in low energy and thus it lowers the energy of the person to whom it’s given. Provided both the giver and receiver are connected and willing to give and receive.  The receiver which is now in low vibration then passes on the counter-comment as reciprocation such as in case study above. The words are neither motivating nor life-enhancing.

Words and actions have the power. If either party is willing to accept the comment then and only then it starts to appear true in each of their lives.

Each of you is still working out what deservability is and what you deserve. You are born with hundred percent deservability. Outside influence and your acceptance of it may result in lowering of deservability. What reduces is your understanding of your deservability. And this is very limiting. It limits you from opening up or approaching anything without fear of being rejected. Limitation of any kind is not beneficial for mind and body.

Anger has everything to do with suppressed emotions. The limitation is as a result of these suppressed emotions. The reason for anger is lack of clarity. Confusion is the basis of anger.

When the repercussions or the aftermath of anger is not according to your expectation or is not according to your taste then, that causes stress. As stress and tension accumulate the ability to cerebrate become less efficient. That is because all your energy goes into the stress induced thinking and actions.

Instead, if you could choose to be certain that nothing is wrong with you or whatever be the case you will not declare or treat yourself as a guilty party. If you are spoken to in a way that is not agreeable to you like what happened with ‘K’ in the case study, then ‘K’  could say better things about herself. If ‘K’ is unable to verbalise then she could say it in her mind.

Don’t justify others actions or even yours. Acknowledge what you think is responsible for you getting this anger behaviour and say solution oriented sentences about you. When you are angry with others it is you blaming you, but the words and direction of energy flow seem as if it is about others.

Anger is also a habit. If you don’t know how to express yourself. You look at others to know how to express. Incidentally, if people with who you get influenced by are angry expressing ones and you get noticed only when you express with anger then that is what you adapt and carry it out in a repetitive manner. And thus it becomes your habit. You don’t know where and when to stop. This is how you have learned to express or react to every behavior you disagree with or you think you are disagreeing with and anger becomes your only recourse.

As soon as you see that nothing is wrong with you or the moment you are clear about accepting yourself or you decide to stand by yourself no matter what, you will notice that there is no basis of anger. You will notice anger diminish or disappear towards the very insinuations that were causing it to surface.

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