live your highest potential

Best way to live your highest potential is by letting go discrimination.

live your highest potential

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Dear Friend!

Best way to live your highest potential is by letting go discrimination

It’s like knowing all the answers in a test paper and still not letting it show on the paper.

You have the resources of time, money, willingness and energy, but you do not use it to the fullest.

Do you think you do that in any of your life situation?

Do you think you are living your part or complete life like this?

Suppose there is a life situation. You do your best in that life situation. Next, you introspect. You are convinced that you could have done a better job if you were given another chance.

‘There you go’, the Universe says.

You attract another life situation which is similar to the one where you were convinced that you had performed less than optimum. You again do your best. What would that mean? It means you take into consideration (a) your life conditions, (b) the thinking derived by self or adapted from others about your deservability and ability, to contribute.

You are certain that a better attempt can be made and thus a better result can be expected. You keep living or re-living through them and keep wondering ‘why are you still in the same level of experience.’

It is true you have much higher potential than you have allowed yourself to experience. But then how do you get to a place where you live your highest potential.

You do that by acknowledging and agreeing that you are in the know of the datum which the gospel truth that, you have always been living your highest potential. You appreciate, respect and approve what and how much you have done. This is you admitting that at that time and space in your life you have presented your highest potential.

You will always be guided what to do next. Steps to take. New projects to embark. What skill to add in your already available talents in you.

This will be the guidance to your question, ‘how can you do more.’

At each stage and phase, you need to know that you are working with your highest potential. You do not under any condition look for validation from external factors. The validation and confirmation are internal. Anything that you get from outside is a reflection of your viewpoint residing consciously or sub-consciously.

If you are still not convinced that you using your full potential and that you are very sure you could do much better if only ‘you knew this, had that, or had done that.’ Then, here is an eye-opener for you. Truth is you would have been exactly as dis-satisfied even after ‘you knew this, had that, or had done that.’ Being satisfied is a habit. This habit that has/had been deeply influenced by your another habit. That habit is of comparison. This was not your habit to start with. You were compared and then you started to compare. Comparing to decide higher from lower is a disguised form of discrimination. When you adapt comparing that is now discrimination, there is no dearth of what you might consider/engulf. Be it external factor(s) or internal, you will shift the reasoning, the logic and explanation of what worked and what did not based on these. This, however, is not the truth.

Your real potential still goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. This just increases your dis-satisfaction.

The moment you let go or are willing to let go discrimination, your true potential surfaces. Your focus and attention shifts. Your true potential gets the much-deserved approval. It gets the opportunity to be recognised.

The coast is now clear for you to use your potential and be satisfied in that ‘present time.’ In this light, your true potential which is your highest one shines. You will be filled with admiration for your potential.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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what you like

It is good to know what you like. But you need not dislike what is not there in your choice list.

what you like

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

It is good to know what you like. But you need not dislike what is not there in your choice.

Opposite of like could be graded or simply put in the not-considered category. When you dislike you could actually be putting in more intensity in discussing or thinking about it. If you are in a place where you are questioned as to why you don’t like what you don’t like. You may have to give it your focus to find out why. You shift your energy flow towards what you don’t want in your like. You might keep having more of what you don’t like.

If you shift it in a ‘not considering’, list,

(a) you could create a general characterization based on say ‘it needs to suit me’, (b) ‘it needs to be comfortable for me’, or (c)grading A, A+, B, B+, C, C+ or scaling of zero to ten.

Decide on your grade or scaling above which you could accept. Respect your decision.

Do not self-doubt.

This will keep you physically or in words from loitering or hovering over what you actually don’t like to have.

This applies to characteristics, quality, comfort, where measuring or describing requires you to ponder over a lot more to describe them in words. When you can’t get them in words, it reflects in your body language and feelings. These effect your vibrations and you may end up giving more of your resources to what you are rejecting.

Bring your focus on what you like. All or some of what you like. Surface or in depth of what you like.

Your truest and final indicator are your feelings. If you have a loving feeling towards what you want then, look no further.

Only if the feelings are not loving, that you start to grade or scale it.

What is not on your like list, could be beautifully befitting someone else’s like list. Understanding this will help you accept other’s choices and helps you get considerate towards others. That, in turn, is reflective of you not judging yourself and giving yourself an option of switching/moving something from not like to like list. This also helps you expand your mind into exploring new experiences.

What can make it in in your choice list is of the essence. This is the only thing that matters. Your goal could be how to better your choice list and not worry about what could have missed out and moved into the not-like list. Reviewing and revisiting that list out of curiosity or to find something is fair. Here do keep your feelings radar active. If you do not still have/get loving feelings then please let it go. Just in case that something is really important and you are unable to let it go then, creates two lists. First list all that you don’t like about this something. Second list all that you do like about this something. You find out how does the first list match with something in you that you do not like. Once that is clearly identified, be willing to accept, change or let go that aspect of that ‘something.’ For the second list be happy and grateful for it. Allow your vibrations to raise using what is mentioned in it.

This applies to person, characteristics, attribute, material, area of life, situation in life.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why listen to the Source

Why listen to the Source?-Wednesday Why?

Why listen to the Source.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Why listen to the Source?

Source gives you guidance for the next step.

You did not come to the planet to have to do everything on your own.

You get co-operation from the Source to co-create your life.

To listen or to connect with the Source you meditate with eyes closed or observe with your eyes open. Before you meditate or observe, you could decide on a question for which you wish to have an answer. The question could be as specific and clear as you would know. Else, the question could be an open-ended one.

Your questions are precise when you are keen on certain desire and you have an understanding and faith on the route, path or action to achieve it. Sometimes the faith you have may be confused with fear or lack of confidence. This is only because you have or had chosen to hear and agree with external factors that suggested that. Even if it takes effort to change that, you may now choose to consider that you have been connected to the Source and therefore you have this idea of the route/path to take and the action to do. You are not scared. You are not fearful of missing out. You are certain, sure and secure. Therefore, you know what information you seek.

Your question is open-ended when you are willing to be open to expansion and exploration in your life experience. You know you are safe or you are willing to believe so. You know you have everything to gain. This is towards a goal and determination to recognise and use your high potential. The questions are like, what is it that you need to know, what next, what is the greatest and highest good in the way to move forward.

In either way of asking, please do not be stringent on the answers.

Then you meditate or observe, to receive answers. Breathing in and out in a consistent flow is a must. Visions or signs and symbols are how the answers reach you.

Be willing to receive the instruction which could be slightly or very different from what you anticipated to receive. It is here that you require to be super accepting. What is being implied to you is that you are always already equipped with resources to carry it out. It may be evident to you. Or it may be visible as soon as you take the step towards the action recommended.

Deciphering and decoding is study and practice. Be regular to gain better grasp on it.

Irrespective of how much or what you get be willing and remember to take action.

When you start noticing the signs, how do you know that these are the signs and not just your desires that you have been focusing on? What you give attention to, focus, concentrate, or give energy to, by constantly, regularly, frequently, or repeatedly thinking about and/or talking about, will keep coming in your space. Sometimes this is deliberate and is done knowingly and at other times it happens inadvertently without you being aware that you are actually doing this. In every way every information is useful.

Differentiate between desire and obsession. Obsession is desire with an attachment of fear of losing. Obsession happens when your faith that (a) the desires are achievable is questionable, (b) you are uncertain about your willingness or readiness to receive the desire, and/or(c) your agree to doubt whether your deservability covers the desire receiving.

All these limiting reasons lower your vibration. Interpretation of the answers that you get in the form of signs and symbol are ruled by the low vibration reactions of anger, fear, suppression or suffocation. This keeps you from understanding the true meaning and significance of the messages.

So when you have a desire, respect your desire and ask question(s) related to that.

When you have a question, be attentive towards the replies. Signs and symbols from Source as an answer are repetitive. Till you accept, dismiss or change your question.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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beautiful tomorrow

There is a beautiful tomorrow as soon as you face your TODAY.

beautiful tomorrow.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Your life journey is composite of various kinds of experiences. Some experiences that limit you, slow you down, are designated as tough situations. These situations leave an impression and affect your other decisions adversely. You sometimes get sucked into it and at other times you dodge. You respond or you react. You face it or wait for it to pass. You sometimes acknowledge it and at other times you dismiss it.

Instead of letting the situation to pass you by, what if you decide to deal with the situation keeping yourself safe . This equips you with that learning for a beautiful tomorrow. The tomorrow you now step into helps you go beyond your limitations, it is smooth, fun and beautiful. It has a flow and thus gives you an understanding of movement forward. This is motivating.

Now making plans for your tomorrow is a clear process. You know what you want. You know that it is not being influenced by impressions of tough situations in present or past. You start to manifest your plans for tomorrow in ways that are beautiful, comfortable and creative or more than what you anticipated.

What you have attracted today, what you are today, what you are encountering today is the effect of what you did not or DID decide to solve, face, complete the learning of and acknowledge, TODAY. You might have a question for yourself, whether it can be done later or whether it is important. Then, the answer is that it is mandatory and it is in your best interest that it is addressed NOW.

How to deal with a tough situation? What applies to the tough situations is ‘Un-understood it appears strong and de-layered it disperses.’ The main reason for the persistence of a tough situation is because it is not understood. Once you get clear and break it down. You will be able to deal with ‘one tough situation’ as several small projects. Each small project can be further broken down or can be understood or solved. Be willing to support yourself and be willing to take support. You will know exactly where and what kind of help to ask for, receive and accept and from whom. Keep the final aim of this process to have to be beneficial to you. Scoop out what you can be grateful for in this. Dig out the learning. Be willing to take the action steps and complete the learning.

Even the toughest of the situation be it in health, finance, relationships, career, can get solvable when it is broken down into smaller parts. You could be enduring it in one or more areas in your life and you declare that your life is tough.

Decide that it is not so. Decide that a situation only appears tough and that you are willing to see it in the right light. Decide that you can delayer it.

Right help, the right support, right action steps can convert tough to not so tough. And then into something solvable and doable.

Did you not know this or you did not apply this or you missed doing that till date.

Then here’s a hopeful news.

Each day you get a new opportunity to address your today.

Use this new strategy. Divide your day into when to work on what. There has to be a time in the day mandatorily kept aside for fun. Keep your vibrations high and give yourself permission to smile.

This holds the real key to stepping into a happy tomorrow.

When you would have finished converting the tough situation to your pleasant version, you would have needed the smile to lay the grounds to know what you could do with the non-tough situation and life, lest you use your tough situation expressions again and confuse yourself. You need to convince yourself in faith that the life is getting better and better in every way. Do not allow or agree with any other thoughts. You know you are approaching your life situation with an action the goal of which is to embrace the solution. So now you have every reason to know that there is a beautiful tomorrow as you have faced your TODAY’s toughies.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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change is swift when

My change is swift and/or definite. Because I do not wait for others to change. I START and others FOLLOW.

change is swift when

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Consider a classroom where there are many students. You are one amongst ‘many’. You can decide as many as, it comes to your mind. Now consider the same classroom with only one student. The one student is YOU. In these two types of classrooms, the teacher is also YOU. This is not hypothetical. This is true life scenarios.

In your life, you are interacting with you and/or many to gain learning and solve your life situation. The resources that you put in or devote is directly influenced by the members that you permit to participate. The logical and practical calculation of the units of resources required increases with the increase in number of interactants. The resources get distributed equally or unequally during your process of dealing. This distribution depends on the participant’s allowing of their willingness to align with your pace and understanding to solving or learning from a life situation.

When you choose to channelize all your resources towards one participant/person, then the resources used could be much less but definite and permanent. The solving or learning from a life situation is fast. The resistance and blockages in you decide your pace. The non-disseminated focus and the direction of the resources towards you that is one person will be the reinforcement required for the possible swift change. The change is definite because this is the true form of analysis needed for the healing process as you know the real truth of your past and present, and you work using these as information and data. There is no scope of deception or miscommunication. The process based on and is furnished with clear and exact self-facts.

When several others are involved then, all are required to contribute. This again increases the dependency on the others. This will affect everything connected with the process and the pace.

To be a student who is learning and changing, you yourself need to put in your resources to understand and practice. You also need a teacher that aligns with your requirement.

Here the teacher is also you. So you will be able to cater towards your healing or process of change as your expertise in this is better honed.

Once the student has learned from the teacher, the student is all set to be a teacher. So now there are two. And the two of ‘YOU’  will be in an exponentially greater position to cater to the others who you wish to or are willing to share the healing teachings. The gigantic advantage is that you don’t have to wait for anyone else to change.

The others who are willing to take inspiration from your change could approach you. And you being ready with your healing knowledge and when you are willing then, you could lead them to their change or healing.

When any external factor brings to you an unpleasant experience or life situation. You could now re-direct all your precious and valuable resources of energy, willingness, money and time towards your introspection to get answers to some important questions. The questions in the lines of, what is it that you need to know, what is it that you need to learn, what is it that you need to change, what are the action steps that will guide you towards the change. Only you need to take the action steps.

Not just because the resources get dispersed amongst one vs many but, also because everything in your life, in your Universe, happens because of you. You are completely responsible and you have the complete power. Your jurisdiction in the lives of others is limited or non-existent. Even when your willingness to heal or change aligns with the other(s), it will be effective only when you have a thorough grasp or even knowledge and implementation of what needs to change, what is the learning, and what action steps will provide these/this change and learning.

This makes you the leader in your life and leader or helper or support in lives of anyone who is willing to follow you or learn from you or through you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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be in it the most

The time when you want to get out of the situation is the time you need to be in it the most.

be in it the most

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

When a situation gets tough and starts to cross your level of willingness to endure, even before you leave the place physically you leave the place mentally. This is quitting. And it is never too soon to quit. You need to understand and solve what needs healing in that situation. The situation does not have any significance in your life unless and until they are there to teach you something. Find out what is burning you out, bogging you down or what is it that is bothering you. Find out, get to the core of it, solve it, then at that moment completely step out of the situation. Till you solve that, the next opportunity you attract will have exactly the same pattern. The moment you solve it, heal it, learn your learning from it, the next moment you will see the change you have been asking for in a situation or in your life.

It is the intensity of the situation that tempts you to consider the quitting option. You are with little energy and you are torn between wanting to continue in the same environment and moving on. You convince yourself of both options at different times that this is what you need to do now. At one time you don’t want to be in the toxic or hurtful environment. At other times you might remind yourself that you could be missing out on something if you move.

Then again, you might have a rationale that all this is happening just to push you towards what you are meant to be or do. Which actually could be a big possibility. So just access in your space, do you have a way forward. Do you have any opportunities, ideas, suggestions that you have lined up or you are already working on? Now, with utmost honesty find out if you are willing to invest your resources into these. At this stage of life and state of mind, the answer will not be a complete ‘yes’.

If you have identified your patterns and have taken action or steps to change then, you could definitely take this as a sign for you to move on even when there are no opportunities visible or booked for you next.

The fact is you have already been asked, suggested, prompted, nudged or pushed to move on. That is the reason you notice what you had ‘shoved under the rug’, in all earlier situations.

Many times just the willingness to solve the situation before stepping into the next phase can result in miraculous solutions. Right communication, right interaction, right suggestion comes to you. Clearing of space of what is not pleasant, start happening in your space. This gives you the readiness to bring about the right change within you.

One condition is of prime importance and that is your safety. Are you feeling safe? Are you secure?

If you see, anticipate, think that it is not safe then run. Run as fast as you can.

If you have concluded that it is safe then stay and solve it.

Whether it is the career or relationship, it is about sustaining yourself in the job or with the person even when you are at the center of the situation that requires your highest level of fortitude.

Give yourself a defined time to solve this. Take the action that would help you change or dissolve the pattern. In your next opportunity attract all that is not what was. Attract fresh and pleasant everything. Attract fun, happiness, and creativity.

This is clearly time for a change. If you see yourself in dilemma. You have separation anxiety and also agonizing stay. Then consider your dilemma a boon at this time. Instead of, taking a drastic or rash decision it gives you an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons. In many events, you have to make that quick choice. But, if you could discuss and take an informed decision, you will know that under all circumstances that the decision is yours and you will take the responsibility of the decision. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, you will be happy with it. Dilemmas are indicators that there is something you need to finish before you can move on. Complete what is it in this present situation, in that area, of your life that you need to finish.

Do not make a conditional change based on external factors. Your changes have to be based on the factors about you and within you.

Loyalty towards what is your own. Ownership over what you have achieved and created. Basically be willing to be associated with what is yours. You need not wait for an external factor to give you credit, motivate or acknowledge your attainments.

Along with the above points keep the following points in mind when you are going through a difficult situation.

#Differentiate between comment and a question.

#Do not let a comment get so personal that it becomes your belief.

#Be confident on all the information you have. What you know is all you need to know.

# Keep your focus on what requires change. What requires healing.

#Differentiate between who and what can be the priority.

#Demarcate between people who are close to you versus people you need not be closely associated with and furnish and customise information to them accordingly.

#Always delayer the limiting. Whether it is a review, a situation, a person, or a reaction. What is it that you need to learn from this.

There has to be a better truth than this. Find out what it is.

May the solution give you smooth sailing ahead in life.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Note: Than you Lakshmi Ramchandran, Ph.D for the discussion.

Support is Your PATIENCE

Your Biggest Support For You is Your PATIENCE.

support is your patience.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Patience emerges from faith.

Faith is influenced and strengthened by confidence in inner self.

Confidence in the inner-self develops from support of self under all situations and circumstances.

The biggest support for you from you is your PATIENCE.

Understanding and practicing the implementation of healing solutions will need PATIENCE as the main requirement.

You could slip, you could go in a direction other than intended. You could take time, pause or stop for a while. You could need and ask for more energy in this energy-intensive process. Your willingness could dwindle once in a while. You may go into low vibration. You may need efforts to come out of the low vibration. You may need to self-counsel. You may encounter your resistance or blockage. You may forget to use the right solution when you needed to remember and use it the most. You may need more delayering to understand. You may request for the clarity in the direction. You may need to reiterate more than once the inquiry to know the next step.  You could be finding it difficult to establish connectivity with the Source, and your intuition needs more focused listening. You could need motivation to put your thoughts and guidance to action. When you slack in action you could need reinforcement of the encouragement to get back on track. You could need to jumpstart your willingness to get over the guilt and get back in the process or journey of healing.

All this will need your patience. You just need to support yourself with the largest reservoir of the patience.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Permit yourself to learn. Be comfortable with your own pace. Respect your growth. Love yourself.

Do you think you have been supporting yourself as, where and how much required? Are you unsure about all this? Do you want to know whether you support yourself like you need to?

Then review your behaviour in a scenario where someone is doing something and appears to be struggling. Do you jump to their rescue and finish that action for them.

What if that person is not struggling.

Or maybe the person is struggling, but practicing to learn or to gain perfection.

Lending a helping hand is awesome. However, it is different from carrying it out for them. If you do so it takes away the joy of being the part of the action.

This actually reflects your internal struggle or impatience, which makes you jump to their rescue.

This lack of patience you apply to your own self. During the healing process, consequently, you would tend to resort to shortcuts or you would transfer your actions on others. For example, where self-forgiveness is expected of you to make changes within, you start to convert it blame for others. Similarly, self-love becomes a responsibility of others to give you love, appreciation, approval, and others need to improve for you. Moreover, to top it all you sometimes give up as a coquetry or as a trick as an excuse that you did not see support from others. You thus shift the responsibility to others.

Healing is a self-journey where you need depend on only self-support and have enough trust in yourself that you will stand by you. You can make it through this journey victorious. That is all ‘You ask of Yourself’.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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