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Love and Respect are pillars of a Relationship

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Dear Friend!

Relationship is the connection between the two entities. It could be between an Animate, a thing and/or high vibrational being. Purpose of the connectivity is the realization of your creativity. ‘Smooth’ and ‘loving’ relationship are the attributes required to fulfill this.

Love is very high in vibration. It is high in energy. Love for oneself and another creates a high energy platform on which all seems possible and doable.

Respect creates the openness required to embrace oneself and another and their contribution with patience and trust. This adds to the reservoir of skills, effort, and knowledge, that is a necessity for the creativity to see the light of the day.

In a relationship as the information about oneself and another increases, the connection strengths. With every experience with oneself and another closeness increases. This gives an opportunity to increase the love and respect for oneself and another. This step has to be continuous. Do not ever stop the curiosity of knowing oneself and another. And thus the love and respect will constantly increase. And this is how it has to be.

Love and respect you need to have for one’s and another’s life experiences, situations, and responses. This helps in deciding when to let go and when to give it up. When to move on and form new associations. When to look for new means to heal your existing ones.

Under all conditions, the creativity will take place. It will move forward. How do you want to create? Do you want to create with fun and happiness? Then choose that.

Choose to create in a fun and happy manner. Welcome and allow only the relationship that aligns with this goal. That goal has to have the limelight.  Because ultimately what will remain visible is the product of the creativity. This again is very very important as it is the commencement point for other creativity and life processes. Progress is the only reality. Life has to move on. When it happens in a prosperous manner, it reflects the enhancement in quality, the next step, personal and spiritual progression.

Sincerity is the purity and sureness with which you commit. It is the focus, diligence, and continuity in the efforts. Sincerity is towards oneself and sincerity is towards the investment that has been made on forming, strengthening, utilising the relationship fruitfully for the creative ideas because of which it was initiated.

Loyalty is standing up and sticking on regardless what is happening with the other factor(s). Loyalty is towards completion of the creation.  That is the only true loyalty. Whatever that can be done needs to be done to keep the creation in a vibration that is on the path of achievement and accomplishment.

Honesty is the reality as decided by an individual. Honesty is in what promotes you and what holds you back in a relationship. Being straightforward is shortcut. This originates due to fear of rejection. Snapping and bullying way of conversation again is about rejecting others before giving a chance to another to reject. Information can be aligned according to the situation and thus can be customised.

Types of relationship.

Your relationship is with Yourself, people, material things.

Your relationship is with Source, Life, Universe.

Your relationship is with your Angels, your Guardian Angel(s) and other support systems.

Your relationship is with your money.

Your relationship is with your health.

Keep fuelling the foundation on which the pillars of relationship stands. Finish the creative idea. Enjoy the creation which is the product of the completion of the creative idea. Enjoy the relationship. Enjoy the process.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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