Replace worry with BLESSINGS

Replace worry with blessings


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Things to get done. Goals to achieve. Action steps to be completed. Desires yet to be manifested.

There is an element that seems to be part in these situations and is recognised as so. That is worry.

This, however, has been planted in your space by your consent by external factors. This was then substantiated and confirmed with further proofs within your life experiences or others. There were several convincing reports that were presented to you or proved to you that worry was accompanied in these situations. If for you statistics that registers are the ones achieved with worry as part of it. Then you will see worry as a requisite. If you have been one who has noticed the statistics of the achievement without worry and has admired the quality of the results. Then you would prefer and under all circumstances keep your actions and achievements devoid of worry.

Worry is a low vibration agent*. At lower vibrations connectivity with self and others are disrupted. Communication does not flow. You see yourself as unsupported. This causes insecurity. You focus stays with the lack, what is not there, what has not been acquired or not been achieved.

If you just decide to shift/change/tweak that thinking and attention towards what already is there, then the whole dynamics of manifesting changes.

The delay becomes the preparatory time. Extra/more action steps required becomes refining measures for the project. The change in timing becomes the divine timing and sequence of events.

As the focus broadens on what has been done, achieved, received and/or is getting done, you train your mind, observation, and attention to notice only that.

You become an expert in searching it out even from bleakest and remotest situation.  This raises the vibration. Communication and Guidance from both inner and higher self, gets clearer. You see yourself supported and secure.

The quality of manifestation is enhanced. You enjoy and are happy with what you achieve.

All of what has been done, achieved, received, is getting done are the BLESSINGS. Learning from lack, what is not there, what has not been acquired or not been achieved, are ALSO the BLESSINGS.

Blessings are what you could be grateful for.

Do this gratitude as often and as frequently and in as increased manner as possible.

Therefore rather than worrying, stressing or getting tensed about yourself or your life situations say beautiful affirmations, pray for your greatest and highest good. Instead of concern have thoughts of safety and welfare. The same applies to your near and dear and loved ones.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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