Why review your manifestations

Why review your manifestations? -Wednesday Why?


why review your manifestations

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Case Study is about Mrs. Rashmi Praveen, Texas Dallas.

Dear Friend!

Rashmi is my ex-colleague, This was 5 years prior to IADLife. Her workstation was right opposite mine. My impression of her was that she was multi-tasking with good efficiency and was (if I can say mildly) very modest about what she was doing. To me, her job profile looked like a very important and pivotal aspect of the company responsibility that needed to be done for the group and for the company.

Other than work discussions with Rashmi I use to have intelligent conversations with her that had clarity and information, even when she was talking about life at the home front. She was friendly to very few people and looked sad sometimes. It bothered me to see her not stand up for herself in spite of doing a lot of hard and smart work. She had some people in the department tell her that ‘she was not confident’ and ‘she could do better.’

Now that I am in IADLife and am a Life Coach, I realise that I was actually getting bothered by the reflection of my situation that I saw in her situation. Not satisfied that I am doing enough. The constant self-critism was attracting bad office relations, appreciations slipping through the cracks, paper publishing getting stuck, not clear on the direction.

One incident which I believe changed her life and steered my life towards life coaching was, when she was being bullied by less contributing colleagues about the work that she was to present. As soon as they left, she came and sat on the chair next to me and said ‘Reena, I am confident’. I turned my head from my computer screen, nodded in agreement. I looked right into her eyes and said ‘you are confident.’ Her eyes welled up and she ran towards the office wash room. Later that day I invited her to tea from the tea joint just outside our office.

Since then whenever she had an office situation we discussed at the office terrace or during walks at lunch time or at tea breaks. I too mentioned to her about what was going on with me in the office. I started giving her affirmation, advice, and suggestions.

She took my advice added her knowledge and started to take action steps. Parallelly, I was taking some action steps to change my office situations too.

The next major turning point for her when her husband got a job transfer to US and he was denied visa. I told her if she really wants to go then she could start finishing her pending work here. Within months her husband got the visa to US.

My professional life had a good change, including my reporting.

I remember becoming friends with each other. We also sneaked out to watch a vampire movie.

Since then both of us moved on. I founded IADLife and she moved to US. We have been in touch through chat, email and a phone call. I have seen her life change in last few years. This has thrilled me. Her achievements and changes include fulfilling her research aspirations, her singing aspirations, gaining confidence in driving, gaining confidence to share her creative art with the external world, willingness to change as a mother, giving birth to a baby girl and now buying a new home.

All this has intrigued me to ask her ‘What are you doing right?’ She says ‘Have to pinch myself to realise the moment.’ ‘ I never actually dreamed of all this, but I did dream of being happy and content.’

I asked her if she repeat this often or did she see herself being this.

Rashmi says ‘Yes I made deliberate attempts to keep myself happy.’

So friends review your manifestations. The whole idea of manifestation of your desire is that it gives you an understanding of accomplishment and makes you happy. Therefore your desire vibration needs to align with the happiness vibration. If your thoughts about your desires slip into lack thoughts, these cause vibrations that do not align with vibrations of happiness.

So do the reverse process. Choose to do what makes you happy, but be mindful of being clear on what truly makes you happy. Doing what initially appears to make you happy, but if it is followed by guilt, then that is not true happiness. Accept the guilt and see where the true happiness lies.

List what makes you happy. Do them. If there are any low vibrational feelings that surface instead. Journal them. The most crucial step is to differentiate the resistance, blockage, self-sabotage with the unhappiness. Inspect what would have given you happiness in its place. That is what gives you true happiness. Create a new list and call them ‘these give me true happiness and contentment.’

Keep adding in this list and keep doing them.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Be content with the Highest Good

I am content with my Greatest and Highest Good.

Having less than another person is of no significance to me. Having more than another person is not my aim.

Be content with the Highest Good


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Dear Friend!

I am content with my Greatest and Highest Good.

One size fits all, does not apply in the desire manifesting. You are as unique as the next person. Your desires are thus equally unique. So no other person can manifest the desires that are yours.

In a tumbler, the highest level to fill to the brim. Nothing can be accommodated beyond that level.

Similarly, your greatest good is your highest good and no desires can be better in any description and value than this. The best form of your desire as you know depends on your knowledge and information gathered and gained from various sources. You can imagine, describe and vizualise what you know is the greatest and highest good in your desire form. This will extend as far as your deservability allows. Which again is influenced by many factors.

However the VISION the Universe holds of your greatest and highest good is far beyond.

You have every reason to be content with that. For the fact is that there is nothing beyond it.

Your Universe has a unique vision for you. So your greatest and highest good is also UNIQUE and is created for you only. Your Universe understands what you need. So when you desire you ask for your desire or something higher. Your exact desire or a higher form of the desire comes to you.

It applies to material things. Even if another person has wished for the same product as you, only the right piece of that type of product will come to you. If the piece is the only one and you see that some other person procures it. If you still want it, then stay with the desire and do not change your mind. At the right time, the same piece will come to you.

When it comes to person/people to be associated with, in any capacity then their willingness too plays a good role in your manifestation. You are giving your power away to another person and you develop a dependency on them for your desire manifestation. Instead of that here, you could focus on the characteristics, attitude, quality, and feelings associated with the relationship. Spend some time having clarity on this, as this is the most important aspect of manifesting your desire with/of people/person.

Ask for that or something higher.

Be ready, willing, equipped and organised to receive.

The highest form of the desires and timelines, never shall you make the twain compulsory.

The universe is known to provide at the divine space, sequence and time. If you have willingly asked for ‘your greatest and highest good’ in the desire at the divine timing, then have faith. It shall happen. Enjoy it when you receive it. It may appear different from what you assumed. Be willing to accept.  Give yourself a chance to explore how it represents your greatest good.

If for some reason you have a timeline in mind. Then be prepared to receive the version of the desire that arrives.

If you are less than happy with what you have received, then take action for self-forgiveness, intend that the product goes to the right person, and note the learning from this experience. In case of the relationship, if you have received the desired relationship when you wanted but now you find yourself unequipped to cope with or enjoy the relationship then, you could choose to let go the aspects of relationship that is not favourable to you, get clearer on the favourable aspects of the relationship, follow the guidance and do the action steps that are required to have these characteristics in this relationship, learn your learning from this experience, respect the willingness of all involved.

What is useful, needed and fun for another is meant for that person only. Therefore, do not miss your mark of highest good by asking based on others desires.

Having less than another person is of no significance to you. Having more than another person cannot just be your aim. You deserve your greatest and highest good and you could ask for that in all your desires NOW.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Opportunities in abundance

Venture For Opportunities, Where The Approval Flows In Abundance.


Opportunities in abundance


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Dear Friend!

Who do you approach? What is approachability to you? Someone or something to which access is there. This access is fairly if not completely easy. Once you gain admittance you can get what you intend from this access. When the approachability takes less energy then you gain more from there.

But when someone or something increases the difficulty in the access you could choose to go to a more approachable option, even if the diversion is temporary. Easy interaction is approval gained without difficulty. The energy and effort that goes in to asking approval from reluctant parties, would be better served with brilliant prospects when it invested towards parties that give approval easily.

Easy is not futile. Available is not less of worth.

Difficult is not always profitable. Scarce is not always invaluable.

People who are willing to listen and discuss, a process that is fun and interesting to follow, things that are effortlessly and simply obtainable need not be of less value.

Desires that are manifested in a way and at a time when you not expecting it to happen, deserves to be received with equal or more gratitude and enthusiasm. Desires that have not manifested yet, need not be given worry based attention. When you decide to instead look at the desires that are easily manifesting then that would shift your attention towards achievements. This will result in making you comfortable in receiving of other desires regardless of the way and when.

In a relationship, it is the feelings that are the indicator of its sustainability or fleeting nature. What is highly recommended is that you pay close attention and clearly decipher the understanding of the present feeling. Be very well aware that the inference of the feelings is not using the statistics of other experiences of yours or anyone else’s. Your feelings will tell you when you are loved in a relationship regardless of the level of hardship it is undergoing. There are fights or arguments or questioning, but the aim is the highest good of the relationship. Your feelings warn you when your self-esteem and self-respect is getting affected however calm the outer demeanour of the relationship is. When the interaction is feeble and influenced by unclear intentions. Attention and availability in/for the betterment of the relationship are not sincere. This is very much applicable in your relationship with self. In all relationships, you have a choice of holding on or moving on based on this. In the relationship with self, you give yourself the choice of time, attempts, and way you better the connectivity with yourself.

In career, jobs, and tasks you could have your knowledge updated, keep adding skills, improve your network, pay attention to your fitness and energy, enhance your observation and communication. There is an inherent need for you to belong and accepted so you sometimes confuse fear of exploring with loyalty. You stay on even if you don’t move up. Take the responsibility of your upward and forward self-progress. Know your value professionally. Your first allegiance is towards your growth. Wish well for all but show commitment towards your advancement.

Improvement, respect, love, value, trust, care, attention, acceptance are all forms of approval. You need to keep your energy and focus from where flowing of these are certain and definite. Here the opportunities are in abundance. This itself is a motivation in choosing and picking them. Thus, your prosperity is assured.

So venture where there is abundance of approval and thus opportunities so that there is a guarantee of good fortune in all areas.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why Be HAPPY?-Wednesday Why?



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Dear Friend!

We live on a multi lingual planet. Each one of you is contacting your Universe in your own language. Knowing and witnessing what the Universe can get done, have you ever wondered what is Universe’s mode of communication.

You will be thrilled to know that it is fairly simple.

To enhance your life you only need to enhance the way to think and speak. Words are an essential part of your thinking and speaking. So it might seem that the essence lies in the word(s) when it comes to affirmations. But there is more to it.

What you say and/or think is connected to your feelings. These feelings could be cheering you and boosting you up. Or they could be saddening you and shoving you down. When the feelings are not so great then the vibrations are low. When the feelings are good the vibrations are higher. Vibrations are read in frequency. That is the language that the Universe understands. According to the variation in Vibration to be high or low, there is either more energy or less energy respectively. Energy is an important aspect of communication and manifestation process.

Fortunately, there is no sequence in which you need to follow them. You can start just about anywhere. You can use high vibration to say/think wonderful words. You can rely on words to pick up your vibrations. You could pay attention to your feelings to see where your vibrations are. As per how you feel you say or think. Your words also affect your feelings.

Universe too is communicating with you. The universe, however, communicates only in high vibration. So the key to getting the clear guidance from the Universe is to stay in high vibration. To attain high vibration and stay there you could also use action to add to words and feelings. One of the high-level vibration feelings is HAPPY.

So the plan is plain and straightforward. You keep yourself happy by every means possible. Journaling what makes you happy or what made you happy helps you go back to actions and words that you can take support from, whenever you need to uplift your mood. Be willing to jump out of the situations that are of a non-happy type. You can pay attention to your words at that time. Keep some ‘happiness churning’ words ready. Write them. Memorize them. Paste them. Repeat them. Your sole aim has to be to change your state to a happy one.

When you are happy, your energy levels are high. When you have enough energy every task seems doable. Situations are understood and tackled more easily. High energy is required for raising vibration too. That is the reason some may see the need to eat food. This is called emotional eating. This is because, when you are low in feeling or vibration and therefore in energy or vice versa, you go for your favorite food. This favorite food may not be healthy that is easy to digest or adding nutritional value to your system. Choosing right food for the energy raising is highly advisable.

Energy healing and Angel studies are another ways of raising your energy levels and thus your vibrations. Feelings and words instantaneously start raising and getting lovelier.

Your Universe has designed your life process in such a way that you have only one choice and that is to be happy. You ask for your desires to experience happiness. To get guidance clearly on how to receive your desires you need to be happy.

Happy before the desires. Happy while you are working on receiving your desires. Happy when you have received your desires.

What a clever Universe.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Let Go

Do not give up. Do Let go.

Do Let Go


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Dear Friend!


Till now it has been quite a conundrum to decide when to quit or when to ‘let go’. Understanding them closely will definitely help you with the discretion.

Here we go.

Some quitting is temporary while other times there are no second chances. Some quit on life, people while others quit on responsibility, opportunity or relationship. Some quit frequently, while for some others one time quitting is a big deal. Some quit knowingly in a planned manner and others quit impulsively.

Quitting is a single step process. It is easy but after quitting there are a lot of ‘what if’ questions.

Letting go is step wise process. It is actually required and highly beneficial.

Why is ‘letting go’ necessary? Letting go is essential for proper and smooth movement forward without obstacles, that are occupying your space and holding you back.

How to let go? Letting go can be done by recognising what you need to ‘let go’ and then by deciding to do so. Other methods/techniques through which you can let go are meditation, affirmation and EFT/tapping.

(i) List what does not appeal to you. What hurts you or makes you sad. What you understand is keeping from enjoying the whole life. (ii)  Have the willingness to let go that.

Following are some examples. You could create your own list of what you think you want to let go. Be certain of what part of your life from which you would like to ‘let go’.

* Fear, worry, anger and/or guilt about past, present or future. * The extra fat from your body.  * Lack of all kinds needs to go from your space. * Limiting behaviours at the conscious and sub conscious level that is keeping you from what you wish to be or what you wish to achieve. *Attributes, behaviours, characteristics, attitudes from your own self or some other person that are not helping and are not fun.

Sometimes letting go, a part of someone is enough. However many times letting go the person and/or the relationship in its present phase and state may be wise. Later on, same people or relationship can re-enter your life when there is an alignment with your present life phase and state.

Very important part of letting go process is what follows and that is to replace what you let go with what makes you happy. Whatever is happening in your life definitely has an element of fun. The situation that is so diligently lingering in your life to get your attention towards your learning requires a closer look. Take out your mental microscope and binoculars and find out what is the good in it.

Physical letting go is very important. Letting go physical and material things can be done instantly or stepwise. Re-organising is the first step of letting go. This is a feasible and reasonable way in deciding what and when needs to be ‘let go’.

Make space for new and loving and prosperous. All that is required for your happy self.

Cutting cords with past painful experiences is another important method of ‘letting go’.

Using Angel studies, taking help from God and Archangel Michael to continuously keep severing the cords with his light sword. The cords to be cut could be of a particular nature or all the cords that are not helpful for you.

It is of utmost importance for you to remember that your safety is always prime, under all circumstances when you decide to quit or to let go.

Make a list of what you clearly want. Good attention, enhancing interaction, loving relationships, bright future, beautiful health, happiness. Ask for only those and talk, discuss, work only towards that.

Be willing to do the action for it and embrace all that is coming your way. May you have fun with everything in your life.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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It is not the ignorance but the CLARITY which is the BLISS


IADLife Blog: https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/2017/08/13/clarity-is-the-bliss/


Dear Friend!

The best way to get what you want is by clearly knowing what you want and then stating it clearly. The best way to manifest is by communicating clearly to your Universe and receiving clear guidance.

Mind you if you express this desire that is ‘desire to express more clearly’, you will get the ways to get more clear. Clear in your words. Clear in your action.

You will find yourself interacting with people in your personal and professional life who ask you lot of questions. You will be asked to clarify a lot of instructions and suggestions. They will not be self-sufficient. They will seem quite inefficient. They will require and will freely ask for your assistance. They will bring to your attention of all that is not possible. They will present excuses for their actions and behaviors. They will make a lot of visible mistakes. They will easily point your mistakes. You will be pushed to reform by removing your anger from your expression. As anger expressions, taunts, satires will back fire. You will be asked for approval ever so often. While you will be given approval very easily and it will also be taken away easily too. You will try to practice trust and try to stay out of their way, but you will be pulled in to participate. Regardless of your irritation level and the time you take to recognise the required changes and the time you take in making those changes, these people and experiences are going to persist in your space. Be kind and patient towards yourself and them.

Value the interaction as they are here to change your life

No more guessing game, vague instructions or actions open to suggestions. You will need to get as specific as you know.

Repeated questions and repeated instructions. All will be required to be done. Personal, private and intruding questions. All will be asked.

You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone which is your limiting zone. The questions, attitudes and the work you need to get done through them will stare at your face.

You will have a choice, to CHANGE.

If you choose to accept these experiences to change you and in the process train you then following will begin to happen.

Recognising and addressing of prosperity, gratitude and blessings. Expansion of mind, new vocabulary, new formation of sentences, transformation/changes/letting go habits. As a result, you will find yourself speaking clearly and doing actions more clearly. Every area of your life where you have been unclear about you will have started addressing more clearly.

You will most definitely have the immediate access to results. Thus, indicating that you are getting what you have asked for and that is a clear speech for self-affirmation and communication with the Universe. Followed by clear actions that lead you to the manifestations.

There will be good changes in people and/or their previous behaviour as you agree to change.

Be willing to change. Pay attention to the questions. Convert every answer to the uncomfortable, unaddressed and dodged questions into an affirmation. Be patient and respecting. Acknowledge your emotions like irritation and frustration. Identify anger and be willing to apologise where you understand yourself to be in the wrong. Avoid lingering over one situation for long and be willing to address what is bothering you. Share only what you desire to share. You need not breach your personal confidentiality. Affirm more than is expected as an answer. Develop a language of affirmations for conversations.

Notice how clearly and easily you have started speaking about your desires. Big thank you to all those people who have shown the value in the clarity of words how it materialises into action easily. This has been the training you required all along to be CLEAR.

Clear words and actions give you very clear manifestations.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Be True To Yourself

It is more important to Be True To Yourself, rather than being honest with others.

True to Yourself

IADLife Blog: https://itsadeservinglife.wordpress.com/2017/08/10/be-true-to-yourself/


Dear Friend!

Honesty is the best policy when it is focused through ‘being true to yourself’.

‘To be true to yourself’ is to love yourself, stand by yourself, allow yourself for the life experiences, recognise your limiting behaviors and promote yourself to power through those. To be true to yourself is to say/think words and do the actions that keep taking you only in a forward direction in life. To be true to yourself is to trust yourself that if you have attracted a life situation you have the power to have attracted the right resources to tackle it. To be true to yourself means you need to constantly incessantly remind yourself that you are important and precious and so is everything about you including your words and feelings and vibrations. Pay close attention to those and do not take them for granted. Therefore, use only life enhancing practices.

Information sharing and observation are the ways to connect. Information sharing is a right of whom the information is with. Superfluous or insufficient information is incomprehensible. Customized and tailored information is comprehensible and is therefore of use. The utility of the information is of absolute necessity else it loses its value.

Comprehension of the information is mainly based on individual’s perspective. What the individual wishes to convey. What the individual wishes to derive.

Convincing is not your responsibility. It is a choice you make while sharing the information. Placing the customised information in the required space is the only essential step. Convincing is a choice based on the goal of sharing the information.

Communication flow is definitely important for connectivity. With whom and what and how much to share is a choice. Such selective sharing maintains the comfort level and lowers resistance and thus communication flow continues.

Information is in words. Words are precious. They have an impact. They are an integral part of manifestations. They are continually coming true.

Say what you wish to convey. Share what it is that you truly wish to share.

Establishing communication by customizing information towards that what is beneficial is a well-invested effort. The situation gets clearer and benefits are (a) solutions pop up   (b) gratitude is conveyed.

Honesty is valuable. The honesty required is in the communication between you and your Universe. What are you communicating to your Universe? Is this the conversation reflective of your true magnificence or is it riddled with guilt, anger, fear, and others view points. In every communication, the very first conversation takes place is with your own self and then with your Universe. It is a golden opportunity to say it in words that are on your side and are in your favour. This also becomes your affirmation. You say what you mean and what you desire.

The same applies when you have a conversation or convey a conversation about others. The same applies when you have a conversation with children or when you have a conversation with an older person.

People and relationships are essential too, especially the relationship with one’s own self. This work on communication is for all their sake.

‘It will definitely work out.’ ‘Only good will come out of it.’ ‘We/I am working on the solution.’ ‘I am really looking for it to solve in a way that it is good for all involved.”

These and similar sentences can be used till you decipher what sentences matches and aligns with your true self.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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