Benefiting Beliefs

Benefiting Beliefs

Benefiting Beliefs
What you feel as a Woman truly is reflective of your belief system about Women ingrained deep inside your mind in your subconscious mind.
Look closely what have you been experiencing from your environmental entities and in your life.

“You struggle to create a balance between caring for your home and devoting to your career or to your creative side.”
“You are feeling guilty and always comparing yourself with other caregivers.”
“Both in career and personal life you don’t feel achieved.”
“You are being asked to do the jobs or responsibilities you don’t like or don’t see any benefit in it for you.”
“Your relationships with people and non-people is abusive at some level.”

You have seen your mom do all the housework under all circumstances and was never promoted, appreciated and was dissuaded for earning money, while your father sat on the head of the family table with his word as the final decision because he earned.
You were not taught or allowed to say ‘No.’
Nothing you did was ever enough. There were discounts, excuses or alternate plans when it came to celebrating your accomplishments.
Your existence was never really celebrated.
You have been vehemently and repeatedly been instructed about your role based on your gender.
You were made to accept abusive behaviors as the norm.

Now know the facts, you are worthy of celebration just because you exist. Do not give up on yourself. Make your own goal plans. Accomplish your desires by making, checking and changing your beliefs into Benefiting Beliefs.

Love them. Don’t love them. You decide. For now, while assessing the belief system keep your emotions connected to your parents or other caregivers or influencers (TV, social media, books, lectures) in the love deposit box.
Now check what is happening in your life. How have they been dictating your desire manifestations? As soon as you get it, bring a huge grin on your face. This is you celebrating your ‘aaha’ moment. Gesturally bid them goodbye. Get clear as to what will help you and decide to be that.

For starters, these are mental work. As they are repeated with intensity and with love they become your new dictates.
Some pointers to know what to focus on.
If you have had food, shelter, clothing, while you were growing up. You will keep having them easily in your space.
If you have not had respect, recognition, approval, love, health, or safety you will see the scarcity of it in your life. You need to know that you deserve and you are worthy of having that. You can make changes in your thinking and thus beliefs to have that in your space.

Whatever you have had while growing up you will always have. To have what you did not have, you will have to change to have that. That is evolution.

In case you are still not clear on what you had, have or want, you try the following affirmations.

“I accept all my power as a Woman and I accept all my bodily functions as normal and natural. I love and approve of myself.”
“I am both powerful and desirable. It is wonderful to be a Woman. I love myself and I am fulfilled.”

These two affirmations from Louise Hay (You Can Change Your Life) sums up the answer to, ‘what Women want’ and ‘what Women could want.’

Look for blessings in being a Woman. What are you or what could you be grateful for? What did you learn from your experiences as a Woman? Get comfortable and like yourself as a Woman.

It does not make you mean. Compromising, laying low, selling yourself short, adjusting, negotiating just because of someone else’s beliefs is not the best expression of you. Benefiting beliefs help you be the best version of you. Your best self is the only one which is most useful to yourself and others.


Have a happy and healthy International Women’s Day. 8th March 2020.

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Is Love the absence of fear?
How do you know what love is? Especially when you don’t know how it is supposed to feel as you are not sure if you have ever felt it before.
Communication is the key to manifestation. The language of communication is the vibration which is measured in frequency and is read through ENERGY.
In chakra lingo, the energy variation that you feel in the ‘heart chakra’ that resides in the center of your chest, tells you whether what you are feeling is fear or love. Love and fear are neighbors in feelings category. There is a borderline that separates them. It has hope on the fear side and Faith on the love side. The borderline is the knowledge and information about your worthiness and about the ways to make the transition. You have to hang on to the hope, use the information and cross over to reach love through faith.

The love that you seek is seeking you too.

Get clear on that love that you seek. So that you attract the right love. You are worthy of the love of the best’est’ kind and you definitely must have that. Focus only on that kind of love. Get a clear understanding of the love, the quality, the quantity, the intensity. Love is a co-dependency of the good kind. Differentiate it from the dependency-scarcity kind.
In both fear and love, your heart beats fast so you may get into a predicament causing self-sabotage even if love is coming to you or you have attracted it.
Choose your focal point your love focus and energy channeling to ‘your love life’, ‘ your love’, ‘your love relationship’, ‘your love connection.’ If you choose a person or thing other than you then, you are giving them all your hard-earned energy and you will see them/that happy and prospering and you may or may not be part of that. Being generous is good but being generous when you don’t have enough because you are not receiving is self-destruction out of self-pity and that will soon turn into self-resentment. That happens due to a lack of energy in you.
Self-assess or take help from an expert on why is this person or thing that important. Does it help you prove a point to someone? Was the past relationship too much of investment? Is it difficult or too much work or too much uncertainty to start afresh?

Case study: ‘N’ had been secretly in love with ‘R’ for a long time. She confessed to him when a situation presented itself. He seemed to be agreeing but he soon moved away. In her thoughts every time she wanted to disconnect with him, she would panic and would go back to thinking of him to keep herself calm. Her understanding was that there must be a divine plan because of which he had kept coming into her life. She thought of him intermittently. She ended up energizing him as she was connected with her thoughts and it was making her fall into low energy and vibration leaving her with a feeling, fear. She mediated and used her intuition to solve her situation. She had visions about him and got messages. One of them was ‘your boyfriend has a girlfriend.’ This left her nervous and she started to project desperate energy. She contacted him. After a couple of attempts, he told her over a chat messenger that he was involved and his life was good. She was hurt and enraged. This was due to the deprivation of energy.
There can be many what’s, why’s and what-if’s but the true answer is there was a lack of alignment.
You know this when you sense your energy. You feeling low. You feeling hurt. There is pain in the center of the chest. Your behaviors will include anger, irritation and/or frustration. All this because you are experiencing fear. Work on that. Change this feeling through tapping, counselling, mirror work, angel therapy. Do activities that bring you pleasure and joy.  Work on understanding, knowing, experiencing LOVE in your heart chakra.
Any of you can decide the love you wish to attract. Do you want your love to be difficult and a piecemeal or do you want to enjoy it in ABUNDANCE? Do you want to feel comfortable in your love life or do you want to walk on eggshells and survive in anticipation?
You deserve love. That’s the Gospel truth. Ask for a fulfilling one. Attract a fulfilling one.



Birthdate. Birthday.


Birthdate. Birthday.

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Birthdate. Birthday.

A celebration is always associated with ‘an achievement.’ It is a happy occasion.  Deciding, choosing, and way it’s celebrated is a personal choice. The birthday for many is one such occasion to celebrate.
I have always been a celebrator. I enjoy celebrating my birthday and that of others too. Giving them surprises and seeing them happy has been my mission. I am excited the whole month, I start announcing to anyone and everyone I meet and I ask for their blessings and wishes. I glow the whole day.
When I was a kid I invited all the people in the area of residence where we stayed and my parents had no idea, they found out later. My mother was attending a marriage party elsewhere and there someone asked her, ‘there is a party at your place, isn’t it?’ My mother rushed back home and arranged for the food, took out a new pair of clothes for me and my sister from the trunk under the bed and made preparations for the party.
During my graduation days, one of the professors shared with us that he gets very sad on his birthday. So I convinced my fellow students and celebrated his birthday and bought a cake by pooling money. As a thank you, I received the biggest piece of cake, which I readily accepted. When one of my classmates wanted to share my portion of the cake, I gestured to lick it so that I don’t have to give her.

When I started to study the human life, and understand the what, when, how and why of life, I was curious to know why I like this day so much. Why do I celebrate? Why does anyone like to celebrate this day? Here is the answer to this.
Before coming on this planet there is a conference, meeting, discussion between spirit masters and you. You choose what you wish to learn through your experiences while you stay on the planet. Accordingly, the entities that would contribute to this learning of yours are selected. All this happens with your consent. This is the very first decision that you have ever made. Everything happened for you and with your permission. This is the first time you experienced self-faith and self-conviction.
So if you are here that means you trusted yourself with this decision. You had value for the learning and so you agreed. You loved yourself enough to know that you will always stand by yourself in all life situations. You respected yourself because you knew you would always attract the support system that would cater to bringing fruition to fulfilling of the learning. You knew you would forgive yourself for all the missteps. You were grateful to yourself for this unparalleled opportunity.
After arriving on the planet the experiences and interactions start to alter your own perception and thus the connection with yourself. You love, respect, value, trust, forgive and express gratitude to yourself according to suggestions to you about you from anyone other but you. It may be the same or much less. This earthly derivations now determines your deservability and self-worth. The quality of celebrations is now directly proportional to that.
When the celebrations are not on par with your expectations then, you may be disappointed. Translation, you do not want to have such an arrangement. You want more, different or better. Lack of understanding of this situation may cause attachment to the known but an aversion to the same known. Then, you will attract situations like ill health, relationships falling apart, financial crunch. People you are interested in will not turn up, will make a brief appearance or will be late, you will be left alone or you will be forced to be with people with whom you not really interested in celebrating. Celebratory things like food, clothing, and fun stuff will not be there for you or will be subpar. This happens just so that for you the same experiences are not repeated. But please duly note that the quality of your celebrations did not get better.
So, how to have the celebration you want? Acknowledge and appreciate what is arranged. Look for what makes you happy. Derive satisfaction from them. Take complete responsibility for your happiness on your birthday. Give yourself permission to chalk out a clear and elaborate plan for your own birthday. Keep the plan both specific and general. Include in your plan only that what is important to you in terms of people, interactions, food, ambiance, outing, and any other experiences you desire. Make fun, happiness, and growth compulsory. Then, whatever happens on your birthday know that you have attracted so find enjoyment within that.
Under all conditions do not be sad or get upset with yourself. When you are upset or sad you are criticising yourself for all that you have in your space. This is you being angry with yourself and in that situation, you are abandoning yourself. You do not want to do that especially on this day that is your birthday that comes just one day in a year.
This will start raising the quality of your celebration.

Happy Birthday. Have a good one. Because you are worth it. You deserve it.
It is indeed a Deserving Life.

Reena Yadav.
References are taken from Dr. Brian Weiss’s body of work.
Interpretations by Reena Yadav.



You don’t need to fight all the battles

You don’t need to fight all the battles.

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Of course, you are powerful but you don’t need to fight all the battles.
You have plans. You have a strategy for the best results. You care. You mean well. You want to do good. You want the credit too.
A mission, task, goal, and a job is always a conglomeration of responsibilities. Responsibilities could be direct involvement or indirect involvement. Recognise which are yours and do them only.
If you try to do someone else’s responsibility, you would be encroaching, interfering, causing confusion and wastage of resources.
You may not like everything or everyone that participate with you. You still do not need to be directly involved. In fact, that is precisely a good reason not to do everything yourself and be involved in everything directly. When there are inter personnel issues like animosity or ill feelings amongst people who are contributing to the same project, there is a possibility that there is more harm and delay rather than creative input.
Check with yourself, can you handle it, do you see growth, do you need to do it, do you feel safe? Then and only then get involved directly or even indirectly.
No one and nothing is questioning your passion, contribution, or potential. Set such worries aside and logically assess the resources required.
Delayer, divide, share, and delegate. Upon which do your bit, hands-on. For other responsibilities witness, consult, learn, monitor, mentor, guide, oversee or just share information.
When you do your part and allow others to do theirs then more gets done. You have time and space to do more in other areas. Your energy and effort can and will go to that and who is asking for it, really needs it, and where it will be most useful.

Reena Yadav.

I am so full. I am so grateful.

I am so full. I am so grateful.

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I am so full. I am so grateful.
CaseStudy: ‘K’ had overeaten. Her tummy was full and she was feeling uneasy. She looked at all the food that was on the table and started to invisibly panic. Smiling at people but worrying about what to do with this. What about my diet? Who to share it with? Will they go to waste? Will they be missed after it has been given away? Being full is having more than enough. It can either cause resentment or it can cause acknowledgment and recognition of prosperity and abundance. There is always a thin sheet that demarcates that.
Some of you would know that abundance can be scary. It’s management. It’s availability. It’s persistence. It’s maintenance.
And it is unknown, no prior experience of it.
But the moment there is a dip in the abundance in anything, you get restless, nervous, fearful, and worried.
When you have a lot and you feel full your concerns are very different from when you feel less than full. Your concerns translate from your assessment of your ability to carry out the actions that you might need to take. At the feelings level,  however, it is the same.
Your lack of experience or know-how of managing abundance is the same as your lack of experience or know-how of managing paucity, at the feelings level. Both are low at the vibration level.
This is applicable in all areas in life – Health, Wealth and Love.
When you ask for abundance from your Universe, it checks your vibration level at which it was asked. If it had come from low vibration that is worried, sad, or scared then what you receive is lack and what persists is lack. And abundance does come to you it will come to you in a way that you will find it not-loving and/or not-easy to receive it and you will lose it.
Maybe the source of abundance is not to your liking.
Maybe the way you are being given is not pleasant.
Maybe there is a lot of tug of war from the allotment to actually receiving.
Maybe you are receiving bread crumbs, peace meal or much less than was agreed upon, expect or anticipate.
Maybe what you receive gets used easily and there is none left to enjoy.
And very soon you find yourself in the state of low vibration level asking. This can be changed.

The only thing you need to do is ask, affirm, pray or request at a higher vibration. But, how can you do that with the life situation where there is scarcity and no previous evidence, experience, training, or history of asking, receiving and enjoying abundance. How would you even pretend or act to be at a high level of vibration and then ask?
To change this, do this simple thing. Include the words, ‘thank’ and ‘you’, before any asking.
“Thank you for the abundance.”
Very soon, the words will start showing the miracle of it coming true. Eventually, this will make you happy as it is now doable and is yielding desirable results. This will raise your vibration. Voilà feelings aligned with receiving abundance at a high vibration.
Always keep asking. Universe has infinite ABUNDANCE.
Voila: exclamation. there it is; there you are.

You did your best


You did your best.
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You did your best. Do not worry whether you are doing right or wrong. Just give it/in your all. Know that you did your best.
The nagging disturbing voice that you hear saying otherwise from within is the self-doubt. Taking this as rejection you may start stacking resentment towards your this voice.
So what exactly is this voice? What is it saying? It is distinctly a word. It is like someone is quietly telling you a stern ‘no.’ It is your logical conscious self that operates based on the statistical evidence(s) about you.
You are listening and believing it to be true. That’s how convincing it is. Because look at the timing of the information/word and the statistics of it coming true. Many times you almost wait for it, just when you are about to finish saying or asking for something.
When you don’t hear that ‘no’ you are relieved.
It is not your intuition.
To disintegrate, dilute, lessen and make it disappear say ‘I did my best, and I know it.’
Case study: ‘G’ was working from home that day. ‘G’ had finished with his morning routine and had two hours to spare before the office hours. Instead of doing the pending coding work, he decided to lie down for a bit and he fell asleep. He woke up just close to the office time.
Now he has two choices either to he could beat himself up and accuse himself of being a lazy procrastinator and waste rest of the next of the few hours feeling low. Or to get up boost himself up by telling himself that what he did was his best, get promptly to work and utilise the rest of the day productively.
He did not know that his body needed rest but his body was clear that rest was a requirement. If he did not sleep there was a possibility that he could either get lethargic in the day, his work would be affected, he would pump himself with mood boosters to stay awake and ultimately fall sick.
Given the parameters of your life at that point in time, you are always doing your best. Your only opportunity is to seize the next moment. The moment before is now your ‘past.’ Any action about the moment before has to help your present. If not, do not do that action.
Building yourself up by anyone else (thoughts, other people) or by your own self out loud supports in greater productivity and creativity.
This attitude will feed the conscious self and eventually your subconscious self that you deserve to be treated with morale-boosting/raising/elevating words. This will change the ‘word’ into something that makes you feel supported. ‘True’, ‘I agree’, ‘Right on’, ‘Correct’, ‘OK.’
You don’t need to spend your time justifying it to yourself. But in case you think it will help to explain to yourself do it in a respecting manner. It has to contribute to your productivity and creativity.

Reena Yadav. IADLife.


Honking is good?

Honking is good?

Honking is good?

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I was driving on a very busy road in the middle of one afternoon. I had decided to get back home sooner for some xyz reasons. The traffic was moving really slow. I was the right-side lane. When I am in traffic I either read affirmations, do tapping or change channels to hear music on the car radio.
After I got a channel with music I liked at that time, I started looking at other vehicles. In the same line, in the extreme left lane was a man who was dozing at the wheel. I saw his vehicle was slowly moving towards the two-wheelers right in front.

I honked. I saw him wake up. He applied brakes immediately. He looked in front, the traffic wasn’t moving. He put both his hands on the steering wheel. In the next few seconds, I saw his eyes started to close and head started to droop down. I honked again and this time for longer and more number of times. I gestured with my hand to the traffic around that all is well.

This time he woke up for good and it was a green signal and traffic started moving.

People do attention-seeking action in front of you. It could be irritating, frustrating, or hurtful. Of course, that is because it is inexplicably and at some level pushing your buttons to sensitive issues from your life. It is nagging/bother. Mainly because it brings to your attention of the situations that need your attention and your resolution. It is always in your favour. But, the person and the way it has been bought to you is mind-bogglingly bothersome. This brings up resistance, which keeps you from the noticing the message there.

You could choose to go past this and either take it as advice and take action. Else,  review what is in your own space and stand by it stronger. It is a choice.

I have always said that if something seems life-threatening and makes you feel insecure, run. You don’t need to wait to understand the message there.

Remember this, they are not always right. The message is not always exactly what is being said or done.  For example, if someone tells you, ‘maybe your path is not right.’ That could also mean that you need to take look at all that you are doing, let go self-doubt, hold enough gratitude for what you are doing, reaccess your confidence, and buckle up and continue. The message could be to ‘be clear and confident about your path.’

Reena Yadav. IADLife.