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Relax your desires

Hello All

Relax Your Desires

I am Reena Yadav founder and leading ‘It’s A Deserving Life.’
Thank you 2021. I appreciate 2021. Each one of us thrived this year. I say so because if you could just choose to look closely there has been an amazing shift which is a testimony to the humans, us all, to adapt and move forward. So clap for yourself and celebrate yourself.
Now, you know it or yet to know, you are ready for 2022.
This year I will not ask you to list your desires, focus on your goals, or even to go after your ambition.        
In 2022, Relax Your Desires.
Put your feet up and just relax. In 2022 let good things come to you. You know ‘what you want, wants you too.’ Let it come to you. Let them all come to you. Allow some magic in your life. You have done everything for what you have wanted and desired. You and everything about you and everything in your life, is perfect for your wants and desires to come true from right now.
So, now what!
Prepare your ground for it. Focus on being healthy. Have healthy everything. Healthy thoughts, Healthy mindset, Healthy interactions, Healthy fun, Healthy habits.
You can be healthy when you have healthy happiness. You can be healthy when you have healthy health. You can be healthy when you have healthy fun. You can be healthy when you feel healthy safe. You can be healthy when you speak healthy words verbally. You can be healthy when you feel healthy JOY.
Do not underestimate normal and natural.
Healthy mind, healthy life, healthy body is a treasure and is worthy of the investment of your resources [time, money, energy, willingness].
Remember and repeat this for yourself.
Every day is a new beginning. Everything on this new day is new. Treat it with a NEW healthy viewpoint.
Empowered self is the true nature. Use your power to choose to be healthy.
Repeat this affirmation many times, that I have created for IADL.
‘I am happy, I am healthy, I am safe. I am having fun.’
May you look healthy happy, healthy beautiful, and healthy fit. May you be healthy rich. May you have healthy abundance and healthy prosperity.
Healthy 2022.
Reena. IADL.

You attract what and when you ask for

You attract what you ask for.
You attract when you are ready for it.

You attract what you ask for.
You attract when you are ready for it.

R’s friend ‘A’ told her that he is ‘not interested in romance.’
Then why does he flirt and tease? She wondered. She had seen him being comfortable doing this with his female colleagues. Well at that time they were not friends, and she had seen him here and there in the passing, and in those few times, she had seen him do exactly that. Her thoughts about him at that point were,  he acted like an ADD younger brother-in-law of the family (devar in Indian culture) who likes to hop-scotch around without being sincerely/seriously responsible for any of his escapades. When they did become friends he asked her about her. To her reply, he said, ‘so you are single ready to mingle.’ She rephrased, you know I don’t want to send that message to my Universe so I say, I am available.’
Many months later, she asked him if he was available. ‘If you are married, engaged, or in love/like with someone, you cannot say you are available’, she asked for a clear answer. ‘I am available for me’, he replied, ‘if it has to happen it will happen.’
And so she wondered then why does he flirt and tease? She had noticed that his colleagues seem to like him. So gets the attention but does not want it?
Teasing is in actuality bullying. The other person feels so compelled to endure the ‘teaser’ that the ‘teaser’ feels the permission to continue till their attention is required elsewhere or until they feel rejected by the lack of desirable response from the teasee’ (receiver) and they stop. Teasing or bullying, the effect is the same. In both, the receiving party is either shy or meek, it could be either due to love, like, attraction, or fear. And the person, the receiver is still in the process of gathering/mustering energy/courage to respond, but the interaction itself is over. It is the same, it feels incomplete, in both teasing and bullying.
In both, the subjecting party wants to feel superior. They do feel attracted and they do not know how to convey, ‘Hi! can we talk’, ‘I like you’, ‘I would like to know you better’, ‘Could we have coffee sometime’, ‘this is what I think about you.’ Instead, they convey it in the form of unavoidable/uncontrolled mostly one-sided conversation, smiles, grins, other body gestures, and favors without even knowing whether the other person wants them. One thing is clear here and that is lack of responsibility, lack of result expectations, and lack of accountability to consequences which comes with the territory of flirting and teasing.
Flirting and teasing are also a form of expression of asking for help in communication, association, and connection.
One who flirts has been flirted with before, one who teases has been teased before. And here is the kicker, they have felt rejected before. There was a lack of consent on their part. So if someone can do that to them and get away with it, then why not them?
‘A good communication solves everything.’ –Reena Yadav. IADL.

One who flirts and/or teases will only find someone else who is unable and unclear about their value too. They attract what they have asked for. That is someone who lacks or is dealing with their enoughness or lack of it. They attract ones who question their worth and will not be able to respond in a manner that could be a healing communication for both parties.
When will this happen? When does it happen? When does the subjecting party attract its receiving party? They attract when they are ready for it. Being ready is being aligned. When the subjecting party is craving for connection and the receiving party is looking for validation for their questioning beliefs, there is an alignment. Teaser (subjecting party) meets the teasee (receiving party).  
Each of us can choose to change. Would you choose? Or is this your comfort zone? What do you choose?   
Remember rejection is not such a bad situation, it just says there is a lack of alignment between giver and receiver.
For a receiving party, a misalignment occurs when what they want to receive is not what they are attracting, they don’t know how to receive, they are not sure whether they need it, it is a simple case of ‘wrong order’ or they changed your mind.
For a subjecting party, a misalignment occurs when what they are giving is not what they want to give, they recognise that are offering to the wrong party, or they changed their mind.
R’s friend A did get the attention but does not want it from them. He flirts and teases because he is just a boy who wants to have fun.
The only thing each of us need to do, is to get clear. If A says he is not looking for romance, it is a choice he has made, it is his right. After all, his words are creating his reality. Even if romance stands facing him and keeps coming to him he will recognise or have the confidence to receive or even address it when he acknowledges that he is actually looking for romance with/from the person he feels is right for him.
Accepting a friend exactly as they are whilst feeling safe and having the freedom to express to them is, friendship.     
Inspired by R’s friend A.
Reena Yadav. IADL.

Age Not Parameter Energy Is

“Age is not a parameter to be considered in romantic love life, it is the ENERGY that you need to consider. What do you feel energetically for each other, that is the most important factor.” – Reena Yadav. IADLife.

Age Not Parameter Energy Is

This is applicable in all associations. Just before you get into any collaboration, dealing, alliance or relationship, check for the energy alignment. When you are in it, can you smile easily or does it feel heavy on your mind or your body? You will sense it in the connection.
An alignment in energy is signified by the feelings of and/or actions of getting drawn to, wanting to standing by, standing up for, appreciating (more like being able to see good in), willing to make changes for (you could choose to change any/some part of you in order for you to attain that entity), and may want to co-creating with.
When there is energy alignment you will only see progress, prosperity, and life moving forward. There is no power struggle. It is smooth. It is easy. It is doable. It is reachable. It is attainable.
Even if you don’t take the action but have the willingness and assurance that you can, confirms that you are aligned energetically, for taking action is after all a choice.
Choosing to continuing with the association and going ahead with it is an available option. When action is delayed or denied for any reason yours/mine/ours then excuses arise. And these excuses give you a hard time separating and moving on.
Suppose, in case you see that you don’t have that option and you have to go or stay in that interaction or more, there is a solution for that too.
Keep reading, please.
When a romantic alliance is in a process of being formed either through Universal conspiracy or through human interference, all of your attention goes into pleasing or getting pleased by the outer accomplishments and behavior attributes.
For the initial liaison and/or if the association moves forward one of the factors that are considered by both parties directly involved and also in many cases by all the opinion holders is the ‘age.’
Age translates into achievement rule book and time available to achieve social objectives or tick marks as I say it.
You know that either of those has been changed by people/couples setting a new example, creating a new social landmark. Socially however it is the statistics that is the rule book. What the majority of the couples are known to follow is what is advocated and suggested and promoted. You accept or you are allowed to accept (in case you permit your dependence), according to what the majority have been following.

Having said all that, two aspects dominate the success in a romantic relationship. One, you do not need to please anyone else but each other. Focus, save and conserve your energy into understanding the viability, sustainability, and prosperity in the relationship. Second, the world is always waiting to be inspired by the success of your alliance. The world likes and loves variation and variety. The only condition is that the definition of success has to have love and loving as the baseline and foundation. Love is the energy that brings two associations together. You thrive and you flourish in love with love.
The pain, irritation, frustration that you feel when the association is forming, formed, or suggested to be formed, is the resistance that you had or have in it moving forward toward it.
The best way to dissipate these emotions is to allow it to flow. This is how you do this, start by making a list of emotions that you wish to feel being in this/that association.
Cherished, valued, trusted, celebrated, empowered, acknowledged, appreciated.
Add or change the list as they come to your understanding. This works in two important ways. (A) Your focus on these will bring out the features in your partner that reflect these emotions. (B) When you feel emotions other than the ones on your list then, look at the attributes that are causing it. Weigh in your own energy to decide which ones can you work on and which ones are deal-breakers. Also, look at the ones that are there to trigger the change in you.
The comments, feedback, suggestions solicited or unsolicited that come from other social entities involved are a reflection of your own thoughts, viewpoints, and beliefs. So, protect your energy and invest in your list of emotions again and again. The revelation for you here is that the unwanted emotions that you encountered were also your request and you are just now getting aware of them.
Anything that does not feel pleasant is learning.
Many a time the awareness of what you want and single most channeled focus on the emotions you desire in the romantic love life relationships, start to yield the attributes that generate them in your partner and in you.
You could choose to stand by the change if you like or move on. But do keep the attention on the desired emotions of the relationship, not the person.
When there is an energy alignment, in romantic love life association with your partner, if you have met already, you could recall that you were drawn to them, you want to support them, defend them, made changes in your attributes, habits, environment, or connections for/because you wanted to be with them. Or when you do have that pull you would now allow yourself to go by the flow and explore that relationship. Sometimes they are there to take you to the next step in your life.
In a non-romantic loving association, when there is an energy alignment you may have felt that you wanted to work with that person or wanted that person to work for you, recommended, appreciated, acknowledged, given approval unconditionally to them. If you meet such a person now, you will not resist interaction, approaching, and clearly discussing what association you are looking for even if it does not seem that they fit the profile for that job. There is a possibility that they may be the connecting point to what you are looking for.
Do remember, each entity is an energy body, so it could be an inanimate object. For example, it could be an exclusive expensive painting and you feel it is calling you. Know more about it. Given a change go touch it.
Do not ignore. Do not dismiss the pull. Explore. Experience.
You are safe.

MSF Vibration Talk

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IMPROVEMENT in Life and life experiences.
Looking for GRATITUDE in situations, however difficult is a possibility.
Negative self-talk and self-criticism reduces and gets replaced by true statements about your presence and existence in your life, and help you see YOUR TRUE WORTH.
Makes you like then LOVE life.
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Reena Yadav. IADLife.
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Important: Use a discount code REENAY to get 300 off the total price
3rd Mavin Spiritual Festival: 50+ speakers on various topics that will contribute to your life positively.
I am speaking on the topic: “Your most valuable investment is in your VIBRATION.”
Key to all GOOD QUALITY manifestation.
IMPROVEMENT in Life and life experiences.
Looking for GRATITUDE in situations, however difficult is a possibility.
Negative self-talk and self-criticism reduces and gets replaced by true statements about your presence and existence in your life, and help you see YOUR TRUE WORTH.
Makes you like then LOVE life.
From my talk at the MSF find out how to get these benefits.
Please contact me at +91-80-42188074 for more information on the topic or registrations.
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Reena Yadav. IADLife.
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Today is the day of celebration of FREEDOM

The difference in delay in manifestation and expedited high-quality manifestation depends on where your focus is.
Is your intent, ‘Freedom towards’ or ‘Freedom from.’

FREEDOM from low vibration.
FREEDOM from past, emotionally.
FREEDOM from negative thoughts.
FREEDOM from questioning.
FREEDOM from limitation.
FREEDOM from sadness.
FREEDOM from criticism.
FREEDOM from learning through lack.
FREEDOM from bad quality life experiences.
FREEDOM from feeling Lack.
FREEDOM from excuses.
FREEDOM from discouragement.
FREEDOM from fear.
FREEDOM from micromanaging.
FREEDOM from poverty thinking.

FREEDOM to Prosperity Thinking.
FREEDOM to Feeling Prosperity.
FREEDOM to See Possibilities.
FREEDOM to Empowerment.
FREEDOM to Trust.
FREEDOM to Motivation.
FREEDOM to Delegate.
FREEDOM to Question.
FREEDOM to Dream Big.
FREEDOM to Encouragement.
FREEDOM to Love.
FREEDOM to Express.
FREEDOM to Live Life.
FREEDOM to Heal.
FREEDOM to Feel Safe.
FREEDOM to Feel Healthy.
FREEDOM to Feel Happy.
FREEDOM to Have Fun.
FREEDOM to Feel Good.
FREEDOM to Prosperity.
FREEDOM to Beautiful Conversation.
FREEDOM to Uplifting Interactions.
FREEDOM to Good Quality Manifestation.
FREEDOM to Gratitude.

Examine what you are running away from. Now replace it with what you can run toward.
Running away signifies, ‘Freedom from.’ Running toward signifies, ‘Freedom to.’
Freedom from is, ‘what you do not want.’ Freedom to is, ‘what you do want.’
Keep your eye on the goal. Change your focus. Give yourself the freedom to channelise the energy towards what you want. Start making your own list TODAY. Your list of ‘freedom to’, could get bigger and better each time you add to your list. Feel the freedom to achieve your dreams.


Continuity in help


Anything is complete and concrete when you know it is in continuous supply. There is confidence in its availability in time of need. Support, help, and healing is like that and is a requirement for life. The receiver and giver of the healing solutions come into each other’s space when there is an alignment. When the receiver and giver evolve or decide not to at the same time period or stage then that is when there is non-alignment or misalignment. It is here that there is a change in either party’s existence, contribution, and participation in each other’s space.
My observation is that emotional or mental life situations require more support. In fact, that applies to all that is not visible to your peers and your society. Many of you and the majority of the time you mind your life as per and because of peer-view and peer-pressure. If your subconscious programming is that of, not being good enough then it is certain that you have never been able to receive approval easily, kindly, or lovingly. Anything that remotely looks like help and support has been told to you to be an indication of weakness. And weakness is not an option or an attractive attribute by the law of any jungle and of human too. You don’t attract help. If you do decide to and you are unaware of the internal programming then the help you attract is not the kind you will be able to benefit from. It will be phony, attacking, condescending, not reliable, piecemeal, and/or derogatory. It will seem that it gets the work done but it will leave with what is lower than expected and the signal is a very bad feeling. You will have all the convincing right reasons to leave that but the same or similar will keep visiting your space. If the help and support are better one, that is kind, loving, patient, gives you a good feeling, and is benefiting you then either the support moves away or you stop taking/going to them. Thus creating a vicious circle of -‘issue getting help’, ‘followed by sabotage by self or otherwise,’ culminating into a whirlpool of hurt, negative beliefs, lack, and bad-dependencies.
The circle breaks for each one who does not give up. The circle breaks for each one who has continuity in receiving and accepting help. Eventually, you are able to give yourself permission to let go, change or tweak the old, ragged, non-benefiting, harmful, and limiting belief system. Once the pattern starts to break the changes are evident in one to each and every area of your life in any way that you can notice or are made to recognise.
The only way this is a possibility is that there is a continuous supply of help. There is continuity in receiving and accepting help. To keep on attracting, finding, continuing with the practice of desired right perfect help and support is your responsibility. After all you the prime, most integral, and important help and support for yourself. Rest are contributors. The confidence that you will provide you (even making arrangements by utilising your resources), with continued healing speaks volumes of empowerment, encouragement, and motivation.

For continuous help and support, I teach and do the following:

(1) Facebook or WhatsApp group individual or group monitored by an expert.

(2) Conducting regular workshops that inculcate the practice of self-reliance and trains gradually and seamlessly to do so. These workshops are online. (a) Tapping and more. (b) Gratitude practice of 28 days by Rhonda Bryne. (c) Number and topics of group discussions scheduled as per the group dynamics. (d) One on one session(s) can be booked too. (e) Meditation sessions.

Costing is decided and communicated beforehand. If something is not conducive you must find out a flexi-plan with your counsellor in time, understanding, or money.

Remember this is an investment for you and for people you interact with and for all that you influence in your life. Some processes and methods that have been included to promote continuity in healing: (1) Healing motivated: A scheme introduced by me and IADLife to motivate everyone to book sessions. (2) Sponsors: Anyone who can sponsor anyone known or complete stranger can do that, making the payments directly to the IADLife. (3) Paying forward: Anyone you desire to pay for

someone while having  experienced  the gain of the healing joy from IADLife services.   

I suggest never take a break. change the process, schedule even what you follow but CONTINUE.

Reena Yadav. IADLife.

2021 Message for the New Year

Reena Yadav and IADLife wish for you to have a happy, healthy, safe, and fun every day and each day in 2021.

 The New Year’s Message

The year 2020 has come to an end and it was going to happen. Other situations that hovered all throughout 2020 have not followed suit.  It is has been an unknown experience, one that was not encountered ever before by any of us.

Willingness was tested and it fluttered. Alternatives surged and many of them thrived. Overall life went on. What surfaced were the people’s resilience and their ability to adapt. 

Nothing ever happens the same way twice. This is the law is nature. Anyone who has gone through this will not go through it in the same manner. We have evolved. So does that mean we will do better? The answer is at the individual’s level. If the person has kept it in as learning they will thrive and if the person has kept it in as trauma, they will crumble even in a semblance of what was. In any situation giving up cannot be an option.

The best way to prepare for the future and for what possibly lies ahead is to train ourselves to be solution-oriented.

Change the focus to what will help. Be willing to create and attract help. Know that taking and sharing help is the opposite of limitation.

Channelize all the energy and concentrate on ‘Happy’, ‘Healthy’, ‘Safe’, ‘Fun.’ Create your own definition of each and look for each in your everyday situations. Tougher the situation closer and deeper you look and search. You will always find what you look for. Regular practice of this, programs your mind to feel ‘Happy’, ‘Healthy’, ‘Safe’, ‘Fun.’

This is the essence of surviving and followed by thriving.        

Have a happy, healthy, safe, and fun every day and each day in 2021.  Reena Yadav. IADLife.

motivate healing

Hey guys! I look forward to hearing and answer any questions on this. If the cost is not an issue, share that too. Also, tell me what stops you and what motivates you to take a step towards healing.
Thank you. Reena Yadav. IADLife.


IADLife and I (Reena Yadav) have introduced this new step towards motivating you to take the ‘healing solution.’


I usually suggest people, to register for 3 sessions (Life Coaching) so that both parties have the opportunity to stay in touch with each other and walk this healing journey together for some time. This gives the client a chance to understand, implement, clarify questions, and share the results with me. I get a chance to monitor, guide, and direct the next set of steps for future or other areas.

However, using this method you are not obligated to take three sessions. You may choose just 1 ONLY.

We provide you with the money transfer details  (IADLife Bank Account) and you just make sure that it is done so that we can book a slot for you. No questions asked and you will get the best quality session for you.

My intention is that any person who decides to approach us for healing sessions must get it. 

What we get out of this is, (a) we get to do our job and, (b) our network gets wider.  

Healing need not be delayed or postponed. Always choose the best for you. 


  • The session will can be booked only between 6.30 AM to 3.30PM IST (Indian Standard Time) Monday to Saturday, at a mutually convenient time.
  • Each session is 1 hour in duration.
  • The sessions can be considered only on first come first booked basis.
  • Session is considered booked only after the money transfer is successfully done.
  • Also Note: Once the money is transferred, there is no refund. If not availed, each session is transferrable and deferrable (just once).

Applies to all countries.   

Reena Yadav. IADLife.

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Blessings Aligned

Blessings Aligned.
Blessings are like gifts. There has to be an alignment in giving and receiving of the blessings. 
Is what is being given right, enough, best? It has to feel so. Fact is there is always an alignment. It has weightage and is effective when there is an alignment between what is being given and what is meant to be asked (what you really want.) This alignment brings out high vibrational emotions. Satisfaction, happiness, excitement.
What you give or receive reflects your perception. If your perception is social/worldly/outside-oriented then, the same will be the attributes of your blessings. When your perception is of life development, satisfaction, encouragement, empowerment, approval so shall be the characteristics of the blessings. In other words, it is about how it will appear to the world (known and unknown) versus how it would connect with the actual receiver. It could be both.
Sometimes it can take time to feel the ‘good feeling’ for the blessings received. When it actually happens, embrace it. It took time. It’s fine. Have patience with yourself.
In case while giving or receiving there is only temporary elation, difficulty, irritation, or doubt feeling then, there is a misalignment.
All four of resources, time, money, energy, willingness are at play here. It caters to the material and/or non-material blessings. It is not a surprise or even unheard of when you are not able to part with your time, energy, willingness and/or your money. This is the cause of the misalignment. As a giver you know what needs to be given but one or more of the resources are not contributing or is missing. Same applies, as a receiver. You know what you want to receive but your attachment to ‘how’ of the receiving may cause this misalignment. Thus, will be the essence and the utility of the blessing.
It is neither dual nor equal responsibility of the giver and receiver. But it is responsibility of both the parties individually. And the shift towards effective alignment can be made by either party.
The way to shift the instances and feeling of non-aligned blessings towards an aligned one is by getting clearer and more specific in communication about the blessings with self and/or others. Be aware of your limitations. Be acceptant of what you have received in your space. Be in the knowing that you have the power to be grateful and also to give or ask for a better blessing.
Blessings are best received and expressed with feeling of gratitude. Enhancing the quality and specificity of receiving and giving stems from this feeling.   

Affirmation for giving: “This is what I know that could be useful and am willing to share/give. I intend that what I give and to whom I give be highly effective, useful, purposeful, joyful. May this be received well.”
Affirmation for receiving: “I am happy and grateful for all that I am receiving for only that which is beneficial for me will come to me. I let go the attachment on ‘how’ of the receiving of what I am asking. I intend that I ask what I want and receive it wonderfully.”  

Do not get offended, disheartened, discouraged or dissuaded when if you think you did not get it right or enough. Once you know that there is no alignment or misalignment you have a choice. You may choose to be honest with yourself and accept that, “this is what I gave/receive because this is all I want or am willing to give.” If you do decide to change then this is your opportune moment. Change.

 Another important point that will help in knowing the why of resource allocation is that, ‘you will always have easily what you have grown up having and you will have to make changes within to have what you received with effort or not at all.’ This example will help you understand this better, if you have grown up having roof over your head, food on the table, clothes then, you will continue manifesting receiving them as per your desire. If you have grown up receiving approval with effort or not at all, you will need to get clear on what your understanding of ‘approval’ is and then, change your internal programming to receive gestures of approval easily.

You may be pleased by a material or an uplifting comment. Whatever makes you feel good is an alignment. You can choose to have/receive both.

Next you could choose to ask for more or different.

Your perception of blessing giving/receiving is socially mentioned as ‘care.’ But, it is more than care. It is about life enhancement. Orient the blessings alignment towards that. Best blessings are the aligned blessings.
You enjoy your aligned blessings and this also increases your faith in your manifestations being on the right track.   

Reena Yadav. IADLife.

Feeling Safe is a Habit

Self Safe: Feeling Safe is a Habit.

Feeling safe is a habit. Similarly, feeling the opposite of that has come about through years of experiencing lack of safety but not having the complete knowledge, know how, and/or permission (from self or others) to know the difference and therefore lack of inability to identify, defend, admit/acknowledge.

Where, how, when did the lack of safety start to register in you?   In the mother’s womb, while you were growing up (conditional love) or much before that.
Feeling safe or unsafe reside both internally and externally. What does being SAFE mean to you, physically and emotionally?

Feeling unsafe is associated with fear. Fear causes insecurity. This is expressed as anger, frustration, irritation, physical and emotional stress.

For those who have had an experience of being safe, they may go back and recall that and attach and connect with a feeling. For those who don’t know even that, what do they do? You find out what your version of being safe is.

What kind of feelings do you connect with SAFE? Feeling of calm, not looking over your shoulder or from the corner of your eye, you don’t have to keep reciting your favourite deity’s name incessantly.

Or Feeling Satisfied. Roof over your head, clothes to wear, money in the bank, food to eat, you have education, and living with near/dear ones. Would you call yourself safe? How to find that out? Ask yourself a simple question. Are you satisfied?


Thank you. Reena Yadav. IADLife.
Next : Safe Others (coming up)