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Are You Happy Right Now

‘Are You Happy Right Now?’
I am saying this again, it is not an attack it is information. One chooses to see, interpret and ignore what they want to as per the convenient for them. Everyone has their journey. Each one is already dealing with their own life situations. They want others to see what will not get you more heat and possibly praise. For every member you care about and don’t want to see hurt or getting hurt, when you get a chance ask them this question ‘Are You Happy Right Now?’ And listen. Pause for a minute and assess the answer. ‘OK’ is all you need to reply to their answer.
There are those who would create humor or dismissively laugh it off. Then there are those who would go into a rant and complain about just about anything, everything and you. These people are fine ‘right now.’ They will ask you back because they love to be rhetorical. What helps is that you ask yourself the same question in front of the mirror. Note your answers. You know what you say and how you feel at the moment, so the answer that you give will be your ‘authenticity meter.’ So you would know when the other person’s answer is genuine.     
Some who connect and pay attention to their energy will know the difference between the brush off and sincere reply.
Important, do not probe further. Just notice and note. You may not be in a position to do anything at that time or at all. But there just might be some support that you can get for them, just maybe. In every way you will not say ‘I did not see this coming.’ You going into guilt for this would not helpful to anyone in any unforeseen events.
The replies are vibrational centric. When you ask, your interaction can help them go to a higher vibration and so you get some fleeting answer today. Also the vibrations change soon, maybe when you are not around.
Write it on a piece of paper, black/white board, wall, post-it, or print out as a constant reminder to ask this precious question.   
When someone commits suicide or commits crime, people who know them either say that they were totally unaware, ‘none of us saw this coming’ or possibly shift the blame, ‘I always thought something was off.’  People think they are expected to behave in a manner and anything off that is suppressed really fast. They don’t express and the pent up expressions get channeled in the non-beneficial direction.     
If you are asked this question, choose to answer and please answer. Think and answer. It will help you be in the moment and know the reality. You can choose to ask for help. You can choose your help. You have a choice.

If it is not clear what happy is or how much of happiness you supposed to feel. Then you can scale it. 0 being the least and 10 being the highest in feeling good, calm, playfulness, jovial. Anything that keep you alive and not harmful (to self or others.) All this is happiness.    
You may be related, acquainted, completely unrelated and you connect for some reason. If you wish you can ask them this question.
Remember that you are under no obligation to be cruel or kind. You cannot share what you do not have. You are best for you and others when you are happy. Take care of your journey. Allow others to participate if you feel safe.

Uses this IADLife affirmation you will feel and see the difference in your life quality. “I am happy, healthy, safe. I am having fun.”

Reena Yadav. IADLife.
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