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'Great Minds Group_ Activity - Gratitude


IADLife Great Minds Group Online Activity: The Magic GRATITUDE practice. IADLife IADLife Next Chapter:

IADLife ‘Great Minds Group’ Online Activity
Activity: Gratitude 28-day ‘The Magic’ Practice
Extends to: 28 days
Mode of activity: WhatsApp
Cost of the counseling and coordination of the whole program: $10 USD
Transfer of cost can be done online: Paypal, Paytm, Online bank transfer.
(Details will be provided for the ones that are registering for the online activity.)
Start Day: 8th April 2018. (Instructions for Day 1 will be sent on 7th April evening.)

Dear friend,

IADLife ‘Great Minds Group’ activity is online.

IADLife is conducting the gratitude practice. The Magic practice is based on the book ‘The Magic’, by Rhonda Byrne. It is a 28-day practice.

Instruction for each day will be posted the previous day in a text form. It will also be provided in the form of audio, for your convenience. These are exactly as mentioned in the book. This information has been taken from the online source.

The group members/participants will be sent daily guidance, tips and pointers explaining how to carry out the instructions in the practice from day1 to day28.

Each day instruction will be de-layered in case the participants have questions and will receive counseling that demonstrates/explains how it is applicable in their/a life situations.

Gratitude helps and supports all areas of your life. Career, relationship, money, health. Gratitude covers aspects that are connected with people, experiences, desires, changes, corrections, life enhancements. Gratitude is a way to focus, observe and take notice of what has been missed due to pre-conceived perceptions, stress and/or impatience. Gratitude teaches you to value. Gratitude promotes and motivates you to expand your deservability to ask for more with heightened clarity.

To be a part of this activity, you need to send us your WhatsApp number. To connect with us to know more about it, please write to us or connect with us at +919886077034 or

The whole 28-day group activity will be conducted over the WhatsApp.

You can ask questions, share viewpoints and your experience. All interactions will take place only in the group for you and others to benefit.

The charge for this whole activity is a happy amount of $10 (USD.)

You will know about gratitude, how to be thankful, the value of thank-you, and how to be grateful. You will see and experience how being grateful brings what you truly desire.

This activity will bring about understanding and clear the misunderstanding about giving thanks.

Be part of the group, discuss with the group, and get clear with the group and individually. Manifest taking advantage of combined group consciousness.

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Thank You and Best Wishes

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