Celebrating Children

Children are true physical evidence of what life is all about.

Children are true physical evidence of what life is all about.

#1. Great managers. They only go to whom they can get it done by.

#2. Copy cats. They do what they see more than just what they are told.

#3. Grateful. They express gratitude for what they like.

#4. Clear. They have clarity on what they want.

#5. Understand and sense energy.

#6. Always willing to grow and so are fast learners. This is evident from their constant showering of questions.

#7. Easy to please. Happiness is their state of being.

#8. They love everything about themselves. Even their poop.

#9. Limitless. Anything that limits them, dis-pleases them. They make it evident by crying and screaming.

These are also the characteristics of your Inner child and your Universe.

If you have wondered about not feeling good from within and delay in manifestations of your desires, even though you are practicing saying positive affirmations. Check your energy level, your clarity about what you want. Ask yourself, is happiness your state of being or are you constantly cribbing and/or are subservient about your needs.

These are exactly what you are showing to your inner self and your Universe. You don’t love yourself. You are not worthy.  You are in no hurry, let others be taken care of first. You have yet to prepare or not satisfied with your preparation and so you don’t see yourself as ready.

To communicate with your inner self and to your Universe use your child-like characteristics.
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Reena Yadav. IADLife.com

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