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Your own PERSON

It is true that you are your parent’s daughter/son/child. But, you are Your own PERSON.

Your own PERSON


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Have you ever wondered, how is it that you are so very good at your first language? The fluency, the ease, the spontaneity, with which you express in your first language, is like no other. The reason for that is you have had a very dedicated teacher or teacher(s) who have been available for your lessons and practice at all times. The proficiency that you gain is because of their diligence. The same goes for many other activities and processes that you have learned since your first year of arrival on this planet. These become your influencers. You trust them. You value their teaching.

For many, it is their parents. For many, it is their biological mother and/or father. As a living being, it is an inherent behaviour to belong. For this, you are willing to adapt. Your parents taught or teach you what they know. What they have known/know is from what they have learned or are learning from their teachers, their life experiences and their life situations.

This is never going to be yours.

You are a separate and different individual from them with different life experiences and life situations. As you spend more time on this planet and gain more experiences, many more teachers in the form of people or experience start becoming a part of your life. The information imparted to you from all of them has to be applied and implemented in a judicious manner customised, focused and oriented towards your life situations only.

The method, learning, knowledge, and information that is passed on from your teachers/parents to you, do not follow the rule of ‘one size fits all.’ Your false sense of loyalty suggests you that you force their rules into your life situations. When it works, you try to reprise all their methods or ways on other life situations or areas. When it does not work or even backfires, you start to develop anger and resentment towards the source of the knowledge. In many cases, it’s your parents.

As you step into the time, phase and age from when you can make your own decisions, the choice in the application of what you have learned from your parents is now entirely your discretion. Many times it works, other times it may not. You hanging on to their ways may push you into blaming them. This creates blockage for love, respect and/or forgiveness.

Your adamancy keeps you in the same place in your intellectual growth and affects your moving forward in life in a fun and prosperous manner.

They had reasons for why they taught you what they did. You could let go the obligation if any to try to prove to them, either that you love them or that they were/are wrong.

It is true you choose your parents as much as they choose you before coming on this planet. The Universe places people in our space throughout your life to learn from them and to teach them. Your main responsibility on this planet is however to recognise your own individuality. You are your own unique person. No other person can ever be you. Then why would you try to be any other person?

The true way to living your life is to collect learning from all who are willing to share and then tailor it as per your life.

When you want to be associated with your parent/parents through their credits. You get associated with their responsibilities too. It is neither justified for you to get the blame nor is it ok for you to take the commendation. You can do your best for yourself and other people including your parent/parents only when you give yourself a fair chance to explore your true potential where the influence, support, input from the external source and your own contribution is just optimum. Your experience and action have to be a conglomeration of all that. When you live your life with these self-definitions then you are performing at your highest potential and you are most productive.

You don’t need to start learning everything you require from the basics or from the scratch. However, you will need to take mindful enough to know and decide what to consider and what to let go.

You will never be your father. You will never be your mother. You can only be your own self. You only have the option of either loving, forgiving and/or being grateful to your parent(s).

You are your own person.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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no wait period

There is no wait period.
If you have not yet RECEIVED then, there are action steps that are yet to be done.

no wait period

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Decide on an aim. Set a goal. Request a desire. Make a wish.

Next step to any or all of the above is being happy, excited, joyful in anticipation of the receiving the result/outcome/product. Then comes deciding the action steps.

Regardless of what you have decided to have in past. Regardless of what has been the outcomes. Regardless of all the good and not so good comments on your deservability that has been told to you by your own experience, observations and/or by the others.

Now, this time chart out a new set of rules and regulations for completing your action steps and accomplishing your goals or desires and receiving the same.

Let’s go through the steps.

(a)    Think of the goal. Maybe you get the idea as an inspiration or as an epiphany. You make a note. Possibly discuss with the relevant people. Next.

(b)    Connect with the feelings of the end results. This is very important. There could be lack based or limiting thoughts based feelings that could be questioning you, scaring you, stopping you. Deal with them now. These can become resistance or blockage in receiving. It affects the quality and timing of receiving. Use EFT/tapping to eliminate any feelings that are lack/limiting in nature or arises due to that kind of thoughts.

(c)    Design and define the action steps.

(d)   Do an inventory of the resources required. What you already have and what you may need to arrange and when you need to arrange.

(e)    Get to work.

You are now looking forward to receiving.

You receive. However, what you are receiving is not what you asked for. So you wait. In the ‘wait’ period you are now thinking about the delay caused. You think what could you have done differently. You go over/revise steps taken. You notice there could have been some steps that you could have done differently but overall, you seem to have covered them well. Then what is going on, you wonder. What’s keeping you from receiving what you had to have received by now? Why the wait?

Fact is there is never a waiting period. If what you have not received that what you had have received by now, then there are action steps that are yet to be done.

These action steps are sometimes one or some or all of the following :
(a) preparation to receive. It could include meditate, relax, nourish, sleep. Raise and stay in high vibration to receive well, in the way you receive and the quality you receive.
(b) make changes where it is required for example clearing blockages that may not have been taken care of because they went unnoticed and/or de-cluttering to make space for the receiving.
(c)  tweaking what is already in functional. That could be your way of thinking, affirming (d) enhancing that is a modification of the earlier processes from where you are into the higher vibration. Observe, be-aware, re-check/re-do an action as an integral modification. That could be a deciding action step to the next one. (d) adding or honing a skill.

You are always doing something. As soon as the step that is required to be taken is done, what you are to receive comes to you.

Receive with fun.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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higher self connection Why

Why connect with your higher self? – Wednesday Why?

higher self connection Why

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Guidance is not dictation. If while growing up your influencers who you trusted and looked up to and/or on whom you were dependant on, dictated terms to you and if that implied to you by them that you are not smart or ready enough to do this on your own, and therefore you need the instructions then, you may have developed an aversion towards directions and instructions. Now, with the present consciousness, if you are willing to change your perspective of guidance to recommendation then, you may be in more appreciative mindset about guidance.

Life is all about co-creation. Once you accept the Source as a part of your support system team then, you could delegate to the Source a lot of ‘next step’ assessment based on the permutation and combination of various aspects from past, present and/or future.

If you have been holding onto viewpoints of others that had told you that taking help or support or assistance is a sign of weakness and incapability then, you will be determined to do all the decision-making yourself.

You yourself could choose to make decisions on ‘next step.’ But, you may do this with limited information and tunnel vision.

For the greatest and highest decision to be taken, for all involved, it has to be made based on your highest potential. While you have been trotting through your life’s journey based on the potential that you have been convinced with, it is only the Source that is in the know of your highest potential.

You could consider the Source as the complete unbiased database of all the required information for a particular/specific decision-making.

It is because of these reasons that you need to consult the Source to take the next step.

The decision-making, however, will always be yours. That’s because it is your life. You are well respected. Therefore, there is a ‘willingness clause’ that has to be abided/followed by all. Your willingness plays a major role. Every decision, event, step in your life happens with your willingness.

The willingness to do the action which is the next step regardless of your limited behaviour or thinking for example hesitation, self-doubt, awkwardness, being not-ready/unpreparedness.

You could connect, refer to, look up to, check with and turn to the Source for the ‘next step’ decisions.

Once that is established now, comes the important part of connecting with the Source.

Connection with the Source happens both ways. You connect with the source to clearly state what is it that you require guidance for. Followed by you receiving the guidance in a way you understand and to generate willingness to take the action.

You could create a connection with the Source by having a conversation. This process can be customised as per your best possible way. You could sit, walk, lie down. You can have your eyes closed or open. Place/recite your side of the conversation just as you would to a person with you. Receiving the messages back can be through signs & symbols and verbal & silent and optical & thoughts. That again can be with your eyes open picking up clues as you are observing your everyday life or your eyes closed through scenes or visions, with or without an inner audio.

Both ways of your communication with the Souce can be clubbed in meditation.

Deciphering what you receive in various forms is initially based on what your worldly knowledge had been. Don’t mind if sometimes you see yourself not getting the desired outcome from the messages that you have decoded. Or if the messages are all scrambled, crowded and unclear. Eventually, by practice it combines with faith, knowing and clarity in interpreting.

Regular disciplined practice is the key.

Get clear on the action and take the leap of faith. Do the action.

You are always being messaged. Keep your inner radar active and trust and value these information. Decrypting these information into defined messages very quickly becomes a skill when done diligently. You just need to care enough. You need to learn to listen. You need to have the willingness to understand. You need to take the action.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Love In All Conditions

Loving Un-conditionally, Is loving Under All Conditions.

Loving Unconditionally

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Loving Unconditionally, Is loving Under All Conditions.

The message is very clear. Come what way, regardless of the situation, experience, temperament, learning, behaviour, reaction or response, you keep on loving. Loving does not make you or ask you or expect you to be visually, logically, intellectually or practically blind to anything that requires change, correction or alterations. Loving implies that you love anyway, even after all the knowing. Loving does not demand that you turn a blind eye, cheat or lie for what you don’t agree on. Loving is standing by and supporting what you understand is right and till that can be embraced.

Loving is for oneself and loving is for another.

How well are you acquainted with love? When do you know that there is love? Sometimes recognising the lack of it can help understand what love is. Anything that is not hurt is love. Love is sometimes interchangeably used with approval. Love is also quite frequently considered as respect.

So with so many ways to understand love, and so many options to expand the possibility of expressing and receiving of love, why is love not understood and available at all times and for all? Why isn’t there enough reservoir of love?

Fact is there is enough of love in this world. What keeps it from getting recognized is the alignment in the understanding of what love is for that person. For some teasing, physical mishandling, satires, quarrels, complains, tantrums, storming out, cross-questioning, challenging is love. For some being polite, listening, giving attention to presence and existence, patience, trust, physical gestures of support and expression is LOVE. You recognise and accept love only in YOUR true understanding of love. If you have been expressing love in an understanding that is not yours then, you will be receiving love in a similar manner and that will not look like love to you. You will have an impression of not receiving love. Thus you will be labeling yourself as unlovable.

It is when you have been living that is giving and receiving based on others language of love and you have yet to understand your language of love that is yours and yours only, it is then that you need to love yourself the most.

The language of love comprises of words and gestures.

How do you know that you are not loving yourself? How do you know you are loving yourself? You are willing to understand love. You are willing to define your language of love. You are willing to stand by yourself while you do that. You are willing to support yourself while you figure this out. This is love.

There are only two conditions overall where love is required. (a)The condition where you are not clear about what is love and you are not clear what is your language of love. (b) The condition where you are clear about what is love and what is your language of love.

You only need to love yourself and the other only during these two conditions. Decide your language and treat yourself with that language of love. Do you like it? Then use the same language of love on/for others. If you wish to receive, you are required to give. The giving starts with self. If your language of love is of approval, you need to give that out first to self then to others to receive love in that language back to you. The same with respect, gratitude or happiness. Keep the practice of understanding, giving and allowing to receive love every day to get better at it. Keep loving.

Day by day in every way love is getting better and better, my space.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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learn outside change within

Learn the learning(s) from outside. Make the changes from within.

learn outside change within.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

There is a social need is to claim what you understand as yours. You want to own, copyright, put a seal of your ownership on all that you wish to call your own. Your achievements belong to you. Your learning during your life journey is YOUR accomplishment. You go through the life situations. You find out and understand the actions you require to take. You take the action steps. You build up your willingness to change. You change after finishing the learning that came along with the life situation. The change that takes place in your life is because of you.

Learning is an integral part of a life situation. Completion of learning is an important step to moving into a new phase in your life. Completion of learning entails, you understanding the learning and implementing the action steps. Life situations that have these learning are sometimes very hurtful, painful and sometimes leaves you with permanent harm. These could take you in low vibration and keep you there for more time. It could seem as if it spirals you out of the path that was supposed to lead you to the next step in your life. Getting back on the path and recognising the learning gets delayed or to put it right would seem to take time due to this. When the learning is finally evident, then energy required for the action steps may not be sufficient. The energy gets utilised to bring yourself to a higher vibration.

While learning is mandatory, choosing to learn through the life situation is optional.

You attract the life situation by asking questions for which you either seek answers or are just curious about. This could be a trait of an investigative human mind. When you communicate the question to the Universe, it brings to you the answers in the form of life situations. Your journey through these life situations give you the experiences that behold the answers.

You may make a choice to learn from observations. The observations of the life situations that have already been lived by other people or the ones that are being experienced by other people.

If you ask for an experience, clearly stating that you are ready to learn from other’s experience too. Then, unless the life situation is absolutely necessary for your experience, the Universe will bring you earlier examples of your life by reminding you or by bringing you an example of other people’s life situation through their narrations that you get to read or hear or you will be brought similar situations in other people’s lives in close quarters. Taking notice and picking up your learning from these not-present or not-self/external sources, is all you need to do. You need to acknowledge that you have understood or possibly understood the learning. The moment you do that, the suggestion of the action steps follows.

For this pay close attention to your thoughts and focus. Whenever a situation engages your concentration. Participate with complete willingness. Be present. If it’s a recollection, journaling it would be advantageous. If it’s happening with other people and you have an opportunity to get involved or contribute. It will be highly advisable to do that. When you notice other people’s situation is tough do not try to avoid it or dodge it. Ignoring it will also not help. Your safety is prime. If you fear for your safety, then it is advisable to stay away. Wish them well and step away. If possible get them help from other sources. Sometimes the learning itself is this. That is to let go instead of getting into the quicksand of the reactions. Learning also could be having the willingness to delegate to the other/better-equipped sources.

Note your learning and carry out the action step.

If you don’t do that, it is then that some similar life situations will occur in your life.

Where is your attention right now? Your thoughts, interactions, and life experiences are all very significant for your life’s changes.

You need not be attached to going through the life situation yourself, to call the learning your own. You could let go the compulsion to reinvent the wheel each time.

Many others have gone through or are constantly going through similar situations. Your learning is the only personalised part. Take it and make the changes within. Because no one can do that for you.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Promote Higher Deservability

Promote others DESERVABILITY by increasing your own. Do not lower your DESERVABILITY as per suitability of others.

promote higher deservability

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Promote others DESERVABILITY by increasing your own.

Do not lower your DESERVABILITY as per suitability of others.

Playing small and expecting others to do the same will create a world of very little creativity. You will make this your comfort zone. You will give recognition and approval to only those who comply with the rules of your comfort zone. If other’s creativity is beyond your willingness to expand then you declare them challenging.

Choosing to play big actually, adds to the responsibility you have in your life. It does come with perks. You experience, explore, you enhance and live a life with and of heightened creativity. The additions in your responsibility entail working on that creativity. Bringing it to the vicinity of your world or the world. Making it user-friendly for all who are willing to use it. Taking feedback. Being available for the training, explanations, and discussions related to your creativity.

You could be the stay at home dad or mom, breadwinner of the family, young boy or girl, old man or women. You are on this planet. You belong here. Do not let anything tell you otherwise. The moment you accept discrimination you actually are agreeing to play small. That is yours and only your excuse to shift the responsibility of not using your full potential. You may appear or convince yourself or pretend, to stay content with what you have been till now. Your inner inkling, however, will be your constant reminder that you are meant for more. That you can do more. This surfaces from time to time. The dissatisfaction with the achievements. The irritation with mediocrity and monotony of viewpoints, ways, processes that you had considered as a norm in life. All the desires and goals that you thought, you had been excited about and worked towards, all now seems dull. You are constantly looking for new but still, settle with the familiar.

Your truest self, loves your creativity. Anything you do towards that will fetch you support and resources including approval very easily. Take help and co-operation. It has to be towards your higher living. The moment you show dependency on what you are already capable of handling and is easy as per your abilities, that will boomerang. You will have less support, more dependencies and increase in chores and tasks that you will think is all wrong for you. This is a whirlpool of not giving your best and being labeled as not being good enough.


The only way to step out of this is by agreeing with yourself that you can do what you have been looking at others to take care of for you.


Excited. Motivated. Enthralled. Pumped up.


Before you shift your attention to use your new recognised energy and creativity for the globe, take a breath. Refocus this in your life. Your present inner circle. Your world. The flourishing and the effect of this has to be inside out.

Ideas about what you can do and what resources you need to do it, is already there in your space. You noticing and utilising that as a link to the next step will be the gratitude you need to offer to your present world. That increases likeness and value for what you already have. You get support starting from what you already have and from where you already are. Grow and branch out from here. You are doing enough. Now you could figure out what more is it that you can do.

Your creativity is a support for yourself, for your immediate family, your locality, your community, your state, your nation, your continent, and the world. Your creativity is much needed.

You play the bigger game and you now recognise the bigger opportunities. You can easily see the bigger qualities and skills in others, and will no longer be content with small inputs, ideas, involvements, contributions, efforts or participations.

The world is now your ground for exploring and expressing your creativity.

You now enjoy your life. You are more considerate and will pat yourself on the back for being more compassionate for those who have yet to understand what you have now gained clarity on.

Help yourself by moving forward in this journey and live your true higher level of deservability. If and when you are ready and willing then help others to take a step towards their living a life that is of true higher level of deservability.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Love is the ultimate healer

Believe and know that,

Love is above all.

Love  heals all,

Love is the ultimate healer.

I Love You

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Love is a high vibration feeling. Love gives the energy to make everything possible.

If you have experienced hurt where you have expressed love. The love does not get devalued or become unreal. There has been adulteration. Along with love, now there is doubt.

When you love, you love the characteristics which are reflective of your characteristics that you love in/about you. Then there is interference of the characteristics that you do not like. Those are reflective of what you do not like in you or wish to change in you. It could be self-defined or influenced by definition of others.

There is still love but the focus shifts to all that is non-love. If only you could shift your focus back to love. That is all that will remain. Your decisions will be based on love. You attract more love.

When you say ‘I love you’, you will only see opportunities. An opportunity to forgive, to be calm, not to be critical, not to be fearful, not to give up, support, give approval and accept.

Following is a process that administers the understanding and feeling of love. All that is keeping you from experiencing love will fade away as your confidence in these sentences grows stronger.

(1) Make a note of the following :

I don’t judge you because I love you

I am not angry with you because I love you

I am not irritated or frustrated with you because I love you

I am not disappointed in you because I love you

I am not afraid of you because I love you

I am not giving up on you because I love you

I forgive you because I love you

I stand by you because I love you

I have faith because I love you

I am willing to change because I love you

I will be consistent and persistent because I love you

I believe all is working out for the greatest and highest good because I love you

I am in high vibration because I love you

I accept you exactly the way you are because I love you

I give you approval because I love you

I am grateful to you and I love you

I love you because I believe ‘love’ is above all. ‘Love’  heals all.  ‘Love’  is the ultimate healer.

(2)This applies to your love towards yourself. (3)This also applies when you love another. It could be a person, material things or a higher being.

(4)Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes. Say the above sentences out loud or silently. (5)Add what you would like to say. (6)You could do the same practice in front of the mirror in case you wish to say it to someone else. (7)Notice how believable this is to you. If the process gets difficult or you experience resistance, that is you sense anger or fear to set in, then add EFT/tapping while you say these sentences. (8)Continue with the process till you get comfortable with these statements.

(9)Notice what comes up as thoughts that could be the key to your resistance. And here is where your solution is.

Loving yourself is a solution to all your life situation.

Louise L Hay is a big proponent of self-love and mirror work.

(10) This comfortable feeling that you have with which you are seamlessly saying these words, this is love. Love is that clear and true.

Next time you self-love and/or love another, this comfort level is all you need to keep your focus on. Rest you can work on, solve as separate life situation. Results will be loving.

I Love You, say this to someone you love. Say this to you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why do we attract wrong people and/or situations?

Why do we attract wrong people and/or situations? -Wednesday Why?

Why attract wrong

Dear Friend!

Wrong people or wrong situations come in your space when you just decided to change your ways from what was not working for you.

There is only one reason and that is you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

You have either understood it as something that can be done tomorrow. You are focusing on what you do not want whether they are people/person, thing or situation. You have really not gotten what needs to be done. You are not motivated to take that step towards the action that is suggested.

Do what you have been guided to do. Right now get up do something related to that. Chart out the plan that is required.

What if you don’t know what is it you ought to be doing? What if you think you were already doing what needed to be done?

Sometimes the people and situations that are presently in your space are so frustrating that you are willing to do the first thing that you understand needs to be done and get it over with. If the situation or person/people persist in your situation, you might want to wait it out, let it pass.

Please do not give up. Because if you still have not recognised, understood or is not clear about what is it that you need to do. You will attract same/similar situation or people/person. This time the level of irritation will be higher, because of the earlier unresolved episode.

Can you think of anything other than what you are already doing that could be done at this point? Do it. At least make a start and set an intention to abide by the discipline that is required to see through its completion. You need not stop what you were doing before. If the next thing you are doing is not getting you the comforting result. Then do what makes sense next. Truth is you already know. However, sometimes due to stress, there is doubt on your knowing, the signs are misread, visions are blur or not pleasant.

At this point connect with your higher source.  Integrate meditation, mirror work and EFT/tapping as part of your process to find out what needs to be done. Ask questions regarding the action that is the requirement of this time. Listen to your intuitive messages, guidance that you get through thoughts and visions.

Only the practical implementation of action can give you the result. Theoretical or the visualization of the action gets you the tentative idea of the result. So the best way to know if the action works is by doing it.

The so-called wrong people/person or situation come in your space because they are the reason for you to point your attention towards the action which was long pending. You need to take that action to get to your next step. So come to think of it, these are the right people/person or situation that are here to give you the nudge towards your action.

So when you understand an action is required don’t wait for the circumstances to get difficult for you to give the action a priority. Motivate and support yourself. Give yourself awards, rewards, kind words, and affirmations to keep going and finishing the action. You may realise after the action that this step itself was an award.  As it paves way to new, fun, interactions.  Your beautiful happy future.

No interaction is wrong or futile. When you encounter any interaction or situation, do not run. Stay and find out what are they here to teach you. Finish your learning.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Life is a flow.

Life is not against the stream. Life is a flow.

Life is a flow

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You don’t need to convince anyone but yourself. You don’t need to argue. You don’t need to strive to be better than anyone. You don’t need to compete.

You are the best version of you. Changes you want to make has to be decided based on your higher potential and towards your higher desires.

So how do you know which direction to go? How do you know how far, how high to reach? How to know what next?

Listen to the inner guidance. Pay close attention to your intuitive messages. You need to spend time and practice in deciphering these guidance and messages.

That’s all that there is.

And you cannot dismiss any of your thoughts, guidance, and messages just because you thought you got it wrong or you have yet to gain expertise in it. That happens when you are too stringent about an outcome and you start to steer the interpretation the thoughts, guidance, messages by your manipulating them towards a particular result.

When you ask for a desire. You get your desire exactly as you ask. The Universe will move and do all that is needed to be done to bring you ‘the desire.’ You would get your desire in a form that aligns with your asking. If your desires have adjectives, arrangements will be made for you to receive the desire with that.

These arrangements could be change in you. Resources will be provided to you also in the form of life experiences to assist you in making those changes. The acceptance this will have a direct influence on the desire manifestation.

Your asking extends as much as your mind can accommodate in deservability. If you wish to experience your highest deservability, then you could take a bold step and trust the higher force and allow them to show you or bring to you what is your highest form of that desire. Changes or action steps will be suggested here too. You do that more easily because the faith is already in place.

You will never be suggested to do anything that will put you or anyone else in danger. Safety and comfort are mutually exclusive. You may need to step out or expand your comfort zone. During the whole process, you are safe.

You could specify the time when you wish to have your desire or you could trust the divine timing. In both, you are guided to get it. What universe brings to you is the next stepping stone. You need to put your foot there. Do whatever needs to be done there.  Then next stepping stone appears then you have to take the next step.

In all, you always get what you ask.

Key is, understanding your guidance. You have to practice. You have to get better at deciphering and decoding these indications. You cannot give up.

Meditate, communicate, connect with Self and Universe. Take help from the connectors your trusted angels or your inner thoughts that will be the bridge.

You will see a scene from a movie or real life or a totally new vision, words floating in writing or you hear words, short phrases in a language that you know or you don’t, symbols you recognise or some that you might have to do some research on. That research too is part of the next step.

All messages are polite, calm, soothing. If there is a  scary message that is making you nervous or angry. Then that is reflective of the fear in you. If the messages are not coming through. Then that is the resistance within you. Take a break. Try again. Request help to remove fear or your pent-up subdued anger. That could also be a step to the next phase. Recognising that you are in fear and you need to let go fear or anger, which actually are forms of resistance or blockage.

You are upset, frustrated, and find something is amiss. This is when you are consciously or unconsciously have disconnected with the higher vibration. The moment you realise or sense that you are going in the lower vibration ask for the re-establishment of the connection.

Note down your dreams too. Understand your dreams. Ask help before you go to sleep for guidance.

Deal with everything that is a mismatch to the kind of life you aspire. Do not let anything dampen your enthusiasm to get this process in place for you. Only you believing in this process is enough.

Happy Connecting. Ask for the ‘next step.’

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Take Charge

When you don’t take charge of your life other people interfere.

When you DO take charge of your life other people CONTRIBUTE.


take charge

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You are in charge. You have always been in complete and full charge of all that has happened in past in your life. You could take responsibility of all that is presently occurring or happening in your life.
All the hurts, agony, heartbreak, turmoil, tragedy, misbehavior, losses, pain, is all in your space by your permission and consent. Sometimes it will be surprising to you how you can do that to yourself.
Maybe you are not aware. Maybe you think you deserve it. Maybe you think it is part of the norm.
The rewards, the wins, the fun, the creations, the joy, the laughter, the appreciation, the approvals, are also what you are credited with attracting.
But the fact is you did both. You attracted what gave you discomfort and you attracted what gives you pleasure. You are doing this right now.
As is indicated by English poet William Ernest Henley in his poem “Invictus”- You are the master of your fate, you are the captain of your soul.
You know this today and it will make sense. You understand this that you are the center of your universe.
So don’t resist. Be willing to understand the situation and your mindset. Backtrack your thoughts, your intuitive messages. If you are able to find out what is that you were doing, saying, thinking or intending because of which you are in this situation. What is it that you really want in this situation? You can now decide and make changes in what you are now going to do, say, think or intend.
In case it is still unimaginable that it is you who would have done, said, thought or intended for such a situation in your life, then how to understand and/or change this inexplicably real in your face happenings? You may choose to dismiss the existence of the situation, go into denial. You may choose to look for outside factors to blame. You could turn your focus on other people or higher force to question. You could choose to accept it as a fault on your part.
But, if you could have the willingness to choose to filter out your learning from what has happened. If you are willing to receive and then carry out the action step that is suggested to complete the learning, from another source or through your inner thoughts. You will be able to ‘not’ have these situation(s) repeat in your life. You will evolve and move into the next phase of your life.
Once you decide whether you agree to take the accountability or shift it. Your equation with others in space will vary accordingly.
When you are willing let others take over the responsibility and the blame, you will see yourself having to comply with them. This interferes with your autonomy in decision-making about your life and flourishing.
When you are ready to take charge of all aspects of your life. You get to learn, flourish and enjoy your life to the fullest. All your energy gets invested into your creative life. Other people contribute only if you agree and have the willingness to allow that.
People and Source are all here to co-operate in your life. You are here to contribute in other’s life if they are willing to accept.
The more you get a hold of this acceptability of this reality, more help, and support, creative, motivating and uplifting suggestions will start coming in your space as a contribution in your life from other people. And you will be able to accept.
So decide your route, your routine, and your process. Respect it. Abide by it. You are the boss.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034