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why complain to me

Why people come to complain to me?-Wednesday Why?

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IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Monica was very pleased with the fact that her neighbour Salini came to her to seek her advice. Monica gave the attention, care, and counsel that she thought Salini needed. Monica was satisfied being a great host. Shalini was complaining with words and gestures about her life. During the conversation, the moment Monica thought she had some answers she also started sharing about her life incidents and how she had handled them. Monica took the complaining as questions that she had to dutifully address. As she talked she saw herself as an accomplished life solver. After their get-together/meeting ended. Monica closed the door with a grin of fulfillment as Salini left.

That smile did not last long. As Monica started stepping back into her life situations, phone ringing, her five years old demanding, house help’s constant asking, thoughts of office related issues and the discussion she had with her husband regarding the office issues.

She suddenly saw herself as a phony. She started a self-conversation without a smile. She told herself that she needs most help. Then why does everyone come to her to complain?

“Why do people come to complain to me?”

The Universe is always answering your questions with life situations. Solving which you get the answer to your question. If you ask the Universe ‘how do I handle this issue of my life?’ or ‘is there anything good going on in your life?’ or ‘ am I useful?’

The Universe brings you the life situations where you get an opportunity to review all the solutions to all that you see as issues and can come up with your best solutions. As you narrate to others, you knowingly or maybe unknowingly mention them. It makes you feel good because you are sharing solutions which keep you in high vibration. These are the solutions that you agree with. But you may or may not have applied yet. You could have been sharing them from your actual life incidents or could be your affirmation.

When you step out of that ‘solution zone’, you may see yourself as a liar. You realise that you are with a mountain of solutions to implement. This requires a lot of your resources in willingness, time and energy. And you may see it as a lot of work. But you question yourself whether you can. And so the vibration starts to dip. And you go back in your life situations as is, which is presently a ‘problem zone’ according to you.

People do not come to you because you are a good host or very approachable. People come to you because they are the medium that has agreed to share information that they have for you. This is the information which you have asked for as an answer to the questions to the Universe.

You are constantly asking the Universe by way of self-talk or talking to anything higher than yourself.

The Universe does communicate in many other ways. But what gets your attention is when you see yourself useful. You are hearing from others instead of gathering the same data your own intuition brings to you because your focus is on others. Whether you are judging others or appreciating others, you are constantly looking at them for solutions. Each time you like their solution there is an exchange in approval. When you disagree with their solution there is an exchange of rejection.

When you start to make the changes in your information gathering source and information gathering vibration, you will notice the change.

People will come to you with creative discussions. The gossips, that is, a factual or hypothetical information with an element of fear and blame, start to diminish as for you it holds no water. From now on LIFE is about learning and enhancement.

People will now come to you because of what you are willing to hear and say. You don’t need to prove that you have your life in check. You will now to be willing to hear what is being shared and give your suggestion by very comfortably directing them to the direction where the trusted and reliable help is available.

There is no fear of missing out. You will still have people who will come to meet and talk to you. Now, these people will be the ones that share your passion for forward movement.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Note : All the names have been changed.

Smart Hard Work

Smart Hard Work is the success mantra of today’s everyday work.


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Dear Friend!

Hard work and Smart work

How was your day? How do you want your day to be? What is a fulfilling day for you? What kind of day do you find satisfactory?

Do you permit yourself a good night sleep only when you fall on your bed tired barely being able to open your eyes? Do you review your day, express gratitude, show excitement for the next day as you lay your head on the pillow just before closing your eyes?

Whether you worked hard this day or worked smart, it was a day that was. But the habit remains. If you are in a habit of acknowledging only hard work, and you have had a day where processes were methodical, seamless, comfortable, then you might lay awake at night assessing what more you could have done. If you are not a fan of physical extensive laborious work, you might get tired and be dissatisfied and show disapproval of your way of functioning that day. But, hello!! What happened to the task? Did you get something done? Well, the result of the work done gets dismissed or diluted in the dilemma.

Working hard or working smartly is a choice but gets applied as a habit. You can use either or both, depending on your situations. Results are seen and achieved in both. Advantages are in both. Both are right and both are correct. Both get work done. Right proportion and timing of smart and hard work determine the output.

It is the task that needs to be completed and the person who takes the responsibility or the person who is actually carrying it out that decides the type of effort required.

Smart work is always about investing more resources initially, to understand, to learn, before you apply and you integrate the process in your space. Hard work can be oxymoron’ly’ described as comparatively easy, known or familiar, many a time more satisfying.

For example. To sort data manually in a spreadsheet of MS Excel, you could do that manually using the software tools. Or you could choose to do the same job by writing a Macros. This smart thinking will require you to learn to code in Visual Basic. After you write the program/code the task gets done smoothly and fast. Also, the macro written can be reused for other similar jobs. However, the code testing for quality purposes and its correctness can be done by manual hard work.

The advantage of doing hard work is you get to understand the process in detail and thus you find a more effective way of getting it done. You learn something new and thus adds to your talent and skill. It is now that you use this knowledge in doing the work smartly. In many cases, it is time-saving and cost-effective. Resources saved can be used for your other creative ideas and steps.

Another example is going for a walk for an hour or running/walking for 20mins on a treadmill. Here if you have knee related situations or you need fresh air or natural source of Vitamin D then you definitely need the walk. On some days if you have less time or the weather is not friendly then, you go for treadmill exercise, instead of completely missing out on your exercise.

Cooking is also where these choices are applicable. Using a gadget versus labor-intensive manual work. Many would swear that manual work makes food tastier. It is suggested here that you assess your resources that include physical stamina and time. Then, decide and choose or design the cooking protocol.

While smart work avoids constant re-inventing the wheel, the hard work keeps you connected with the real process of the task.

Smart Hard Work is the success mantra of today’s everyday work. Someone has already thought and carried out what you want to do. Find out what has already been done using available information. This leaves a lot of creative space. Develop something enhanced here. There is space for fun. Use all, whatever it takes amongst the hard and/or smart work to bring the task to a fruition.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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system of exchange

Nothing is for free.

There is always a system of exchange in place.

system of exchange

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Barter system. Energy exchange. Purchase. Buying. Selling.

There are many concepts that contribute to understanding them. The only commonality is that a give and take system applies in each of these methods.

Concept # 1

When you do good you expect good to come to you. But the operative word being ‘good’. What is the meaning of the word ‘good’, what denotes ‘good’ to you? If that is the accepted process then sometime why do you see bad happening to you. Does this take your attention to the possible bad in the good that you could have done? When you do bad are you scared that same will happen to you. Is this your way of not doing bad? You stop yourself from giving bad, using fear. What is good as per you may not be good as per some other. The same concept applies to what is understood as bad. Some socially sensitive situations are emotionally intensive. Asking if that can be good for anyone would be generalising. Every situation is unique. Sometimes finding what is right, what is good, what is beneficial in a situation that is anything but that, is exactly what you need to turn your receiving from bad to good.

Concept # 2.1

The ultimate code breaker is that you get returns in whatever area you have the least resistance and where you are most open to receiving abundance from known and unknown sources.

For example, when you impart knowledge you will get reciprocation or return in knowledge only when you are open to receiving knowledge. Suppose you charge money for the knowledge you give then, you need to be comfortable with receiving money. Else, you have people who will bargain your costing, will show expectations of the freebies, will be adamant of receiving the knowledge only when there is no cost and the frequency of paid receivers will be sparse. Only if you are comfortable with the knowledge then, you may receive knowledge comfortably from varied or from particular desired source.

Concept # 2.2

If you have been doing a lot of helping and supporting work in different areas in life. And you have clarity of abundance in the food area. Then, you will receive food from known and unknown sources in return. The food may or may not be as per your desire. But you will receive it easily.

Concept # 3

You are unclear on what to receive or you did not really know whether you are entitled to receive anything and you still receive. In that case what you receive is there to expand your mind, allows you to explore and gets you ready to receive anything/everything. Even if it is a surprise, you will only receive what you are open to receiving.
This applies also for ones that do not give you a good feeling.
So start to channelize all what you receive towards your good and that what you find fun, exotic, beautiful. After which when you see the change in receiving from not so good to good then, consider, understand, say/affirm or agree that it is for your best and is a feel-good factor.
Also, affirm for what you are unclear but still you are about to receive to be something ‘that is of your greatest and highest good.’

So how to receive what you have actually desire to receive?

*The very first step is to receive all that comes in your space comfortably.

*You see it safe to receive? Then and only then regardless of what it is, receive with respect.
‘I am receiving with thanks.’ ‘I have received with thanks.’
Now, if you wish, pass it on or let it go.

*Get clear on what is it that you desire to receive. Do not get into the guilt of having received not what you have been asking for. Instead be very very grateful for the receiving itself.

*Now use techniques like mirror work, journaling and/or tapping to recognise the resistance to receiving that what you particularly desire. Work towards lowering the resistance or letting go the resistance completely for what you desire to receive.

*Recognise any level of prosperity in the receiving in/of your desired area.

*Alternatively, when you give, do affirm that ‘you receive what you desire easily and lovingly.’ Every day in the morning you can start affirming. ‘May I receive all that I need and like from known and unknown source, for all that I do.’   ‘I let go resistance to receiving with love and happiness in any and all areas of life from known and unknown sources.’

Giving and receiving, therefore, has your willingness as the strongest component. Clarity in your willingness can keep you happy both with giving and receiving.



Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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go-getter and allowing

Manifestation is a combination of having to be a go-getter and letting things come to you.

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IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Manifestation is a combination of having to a go-getter and letting things come to you.

Your friend did not connect with you for an update on a situation you discussed with him exclusively. You update him. Another friend gets in touch for the same reason. You update this friend too with equal enthusiasm and gratitude.

You want to make space in your living area by letting go some things. You take the action step of placing the advertisement online of those things. Then you allow the right buyers to come to you, by entertaining their calls and informing them about the product and make the sale.

You have a creative idea. You make a list of the action steps and resources required. You do the action steps you can and invest what you can. You allow the rest of the resources to come to you.

You exercise right, eat right and think right. You then allow the right effect to take place on your health.

You put in your best information and talent into expressing your ideas about a certain topic. You compile it into a manuscript and publish. You network and you let it reach your focused readers. You let their feedback, comments, queries, and remuneration of the sale come to you.

You pray for guidance. You let the messages come to you. You believe, allow, and receive them.

You desire an opportunity. The same/similar opportunity comes to you. So you allowed it to happen. The twist is that the opportunity demands your resources more than you had anticipated you had to invest. To accept what has come in your space, you need to expand your mind to let go your attachment of the earlier plan of investment. The onus is on you.

You have a task in hand, and you also get a chance for fun. Do decide to have fun. Also, do remember and agree to complete the task.

Consider these. In winery the aging of the wine. In restaurant or in online shopping you place the order. When you plant a seed/ sapling. At the most you follow up, check to see how the process is in progress. Before that, you take the action. After the action you let the process happen.

Do not overindulge. Do not completely leave the matter. There has to be the right balance of involving yourself and allowing the things to happen.

It is not about the sequence of steps in which this will happen. It could be one after another or alternate or intermittent as per the requirement.

After doing the action comes the part where you are not supposed to be doing action. So you don’t do the action, but here you worry. That act of worrying is an action. If there is an additional step/action that you are convinced will support the purpose, then most certainly take the decision and the responsibility of the added step.

There are going to be questions. When to put an effort? Where to put in the effort? How much of effort to put in? Whether to put the efforts? Where not to put effort? Will that be giving up?

Go by your instinct and use your emotions as your guide. Get clear on the distinction between resistance to expand and indication of not the right path/choice. This decides whether you need to put in more resources or take a detour respectively.

The whole process of manifestation is based on your understanding of receiving. If you have the understanding that ‘to receive you need to work for it’ then, you will need to learn how to allow things to come to you and the art of receiving when that happens. If you have the understanding that ‘things just need to or suppose to come’. This could be because you don’t see yourself having the capacity to get it for yourself. Then, you need to learn that you are capable to take action.

For manifestation requires you to put in action and allow the response to come to you.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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be excited about next

Be EXCITED about what comes NEXT.

be excited of next

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

The attention-grabbing rate of heartbeat. Sensation in and around the area of heart chakra that cannot be left unnoticed.

That are attributes of excitement.

And you may and may not know what is the excitement about.

But, many times they are misread as something connected with fear. This information which is based on little knowledge about the fear attributes shifts your thinking towards the untoward. Gaining the real and right knowledge about what your body is communicating will support you in gearing up to receive the next moment. And that will be exciting.

If you are truly unaware of the attributes that describe or are the sensation of ‘excitement.’ Then, you could be open to what is exciting and let the Universe bring you those experiences. Observe the characteristics and the effect it has on your thoughts, body, and vibration. Next time you have these sensation you will know that ‘something exciting is about to happen.’

If your mind has learned only to be scared, then you will recognise fear easily. Not only that you will convert every feeling into fear by channeling every experience through that. You need to watch out for this. Fear has stress attached so along with depression in the front heart chakra, and excessive beating of your heart, there could be a  lump sensation in the throat and heaviness over the eyes and lower forehead area.

Recognise these symptoms and eliminate them by EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/ tapping and/or take help from Angels. Ask help in words from ‘God and Archangel Michael to remove the low energies that are causing these symptoms or sensation in your body.’ Next, if you feel you need healing then ask help from ‘God and Archangel Raphael to heal that part of your body that is being affected.’ You could beautify that part in you or your body by asking help in a similar manner from Archangel Jophiel. After this, please be mindful to shield yourself.

Look for flutter in your heart area, smile on your face, brightness in your eyes, tickle in your stomach to know that it is EXCITEMENT. You could convert some of your conversations of your everyday interactions into questions or afformations that move the thought process towards answers pertaining to excitement.

Your answers could also be your affirmation. ‘There is always a lot to be excited about.’ ‘There is a lot to be excited about.’ This is a message to the inner self to get connected with the vibration of what you find exciting. This vibration is the communication to the Universe, to bring to you all that gets you excited.

Connect your excitement with happiness. Thus, you keep inviting happiness in your life on a daily basis.

‘Day by day in every way there is lots to be excited about.’

Every day ask yourself before going to sleep and right after waking up, ‘What are you excited about?’ Ask this preferably in front of your mirror, looking into your eyes. Take three to five deep breaths. If there is a thought, vision, or knowing that surfaces then, make a note of that. Before you sleep you could think of all that you were excited about all through the day, that was. These are the ones you are grateful for. Then when you wake up recall what is it that you saw or experienced in your dream that you found exciting. Next, notice all throughout the day all that wonderful events that you find exciting. These are your blessings. Of the events, as you focus on the events that you are excited about, you attract more events of the same kind. There are some that are just categorised as exciting and then there are some from which you may have to filter out the exciting bits.

All this attention and focus is practice to be in a vibration of excitement. Here the creativity is at its finest. Here you are able to achieve and create better. Then what is NEXT is exciting.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Why Me?

Why Me?-Wednesday Why?

why me

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

A question from a perplexed you. Wondering reasons. Not because you are curious why not anyone else, but you genuinely want to know why you?

Why not? The answer is because you can.

Your life’s learning is assigned according to your true potential. After coming to the planet you sometimes choose to go with the idea that some of your influencers and/or some other external factors have of your potential. You therefore hesitate.

You keep questioning your ability to handle it. You lose energy. You feel distraught. You don’t see yourself being enough. You don’t see yourself doing enough. You are sad and upset that you are not living your optimum life.

Your next question could be related to the hurt. Life and divine are all about love and peace, then how is this you have been chosen for this hurt.

To that this is your answer.

You were not chosen for the hurt. You are also not chosen for the learning through the hurt only. In fact, you are not chosen to learn through the hurt at all. That becomes a personal choice. Learning comes through life experiences and situations. The hurt comes from your resistance to recognise the ability within you to solve and learn from the situation. Your energy goes in fighting, reasoning and avoiding the situation. That becomes your blockage to see and continue in the direction you are meant to take. The detours, wrong turns, patterns, and stumbling is because you are distracted. If you could chose to pay attention to the situation, delayer it, access and invest your resources, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that you will always be consigned to what you can take up.

You are meant to solve and move on. You are not needed to stay with what has solved. You will sometimes be nudged into the next phase as soon as you are done with your learning in the previous one.

Now with this realisation you need not pledge or decide to solve all the past hurt or attend to all the piled up undone actions.

Start afresh. Notice what is the life taking your attention towards. Take it up as a project. Be willing to agree with what you now know and that, there is everything in resources that you need to embark on taking up this project. Even if this is an on-going life situation that has come with a lot of history, decide to give it a fresh look. Give it your consideration with your fresh pair of visibility.

What is it that you know about this life situation aka ‘project’ till now? What is it that you need, to solve this? What is it that you already have? What more do you need?

You could let go the need to know how this can be arranged. Do all you can. Trust that the evidence of the next step and/or the next resources is right there and around and will be visible as you are now willing to focus.

Journaling is always a great way to map your journey. Become your own research interest to understand the ‘why’ of your selection for this experience. Understand from, what information these everyday observations are giving you. Be willing to take help from external sources person or written material.

You are the best person for this task in your life experience, in your life journey.

However, the job gets done only if you choose to accept.

When you do take up the task, you start moving forward in your life’s journey. And in the process, again if you choose to accept, you get to be the medium in contributing in lives to others with whom you are co-creating your life experiences.

You have been chosen for the right reasons.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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loopholes are good


Loophols are good.jpg

IADLife :

Dear Friend!
Loophole is that tiny space in the rule or a process that is originally not meant to be there. This small space, however, which is visualised as a hole or round channel that leads to the inside and/or the outside. This is a way in or out which is basically other than the traditional way in or out. Loophole(s) are clandestine. Loophole(s) are hidden. Loophole(s) are unbridled. Loophole(s) may cause a breach in security. Loophole(s) may result in loses.

Loophole(s) can be relief. Loophole(s) loosens the strictness. Loophole(s) could get you what you have not allowed yourself to get, but really dearly want.

Interesting fact about our mind. We function using the conscious mind but we are dominantly dictated by the thoughts, behaviours, processes that are placed in the sub-conscious mind. The conscious mind is the 10% and the rest of it is the sub-conscious mind. Brain waves state the various layers of mind, and it can be read in units of Hertz, cycles/sec. The fast brainwaves are indicative of you being aware and awake. This is the beta state and this is the conscious mind. If you ever want to get clear on what is your conscious level thinking then, all you need to do is give very close attention to your thoughts and noise that goes on in your mind. As the brainwaves slow down, you gradually start drifting and shifting deeper and much deeper towards the sub-conscious mind. *These are Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves. Both beta and alpha can be reached with your eyes open or closed. Alpha brainwave state is accessed when you are deeply pondering while focusing on your breathing. Here you intermittently hear. Some words match your conscious thoughts and some may be very different from them. The ones that are subtle and intermittently make their appearance are the words from the sub-conscious mind. This is the beginning of accessing of your sub-conscious mind.

In case of misalignment, you will start experiencing the contrast in your word/dialogues at the beta and alpha brainwaves. This is the clear evidence of the clash between the conscious level thinking and sub-conscious level implanted thoughts. This is the very main reason for the blockage or resistance that gives you an understanding of delays in manifestation. This actually is due to the cross-communication with the Universe. The lack of clarity in the desire related command is experienced in the form of tussle and scuffle of words. The last command is usually from the sub-conscious, mainly because as you move from beta to alpha and deeper state, your conscious level shuts down. But, ironically because the clear and last command given to the Universe was from sub-conscious mind, you see the manifestation of those command regardless of what you think you have been saying, affirming or commanding at the conscious level. In case you notice clash and not alignment between the sub-conscious and conscious thoughts and they are not benefitting you then, it would be a good plan to get clear on the beneficial thoughts and to plant them at the sub-conscious level. These can be done by repeating beautiful affirmations just before you go into your sleep mode or meditating using subliminal guided affirmation or meditation.

Interestingly here the loophole(s) can really come in handy. Amongst the strict, not so fun, not creative, not beneficial thoughts you can slip in your desirable thoughts just when you are not that aware and as you are drifting from faster to slower brainwaves. Be mindful of repeating your desired affirmations and thoughts incessantly and the advantage of these loophole(s) will stand good and show. This happens when you inadvertently or decidedly move from beta to lower level of brain waves and the new data is ready to be introduced by going past the very strict and seemingly impenetrable thought blockages.

Loophole(s) here are therefore good. An alignment in thoughts at the faster to slower and manifestation of these thoughts is the evidence that the loophole(s) have been good for you.


* Reference: Thresholds of the Mind, by Bill Harris, PhD

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Choose Long-term INVESTMENTS Over Short term gains


IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

You snooze your alarm for that 5 minutes of extra shut-eye, even after promising yourself of abiding by the schedule that you have chalked out. You make that schedule because you believe that the schedule will bring you closer to a desire of yours. You have put in your understanding in the process and have assured yourself that, what you have designed will bring you that or something higher. Even after so intently and desirably creating the program you hit that snooze button or shut off your alarm clock and/or choose to ignore it. Few minutes of extra sleep is your small term gain. Your long-term investment is the energy that is required to get up and off your bed.

If you do this in one area, you have the same attitude in other areas, depending on what drives you in that area. You have the push to invest patience and practice in the area(s) in your life that has fear of missing out or fear of losing attached. You are allowing short-cuts in areas where you tell yourself that you will still have an opportunity available there the next time you look for it.

Which is the area that you want to change?  Is it in the relationship, health or money area?

Your relationships are with personal, professional, or self. In your relationships you underplay, take insults, sell yourself short to get along, get approval, to deal with it later or to accept it as is. Or you are rude and/or a bully for similar reasons. You do that because you see this as your immediate gain.

Skipping your diet for emotional eating will momentarily provide you relief.

Monetary investments decision made based on your resistance and blockage either on savings or spending on fun and personal growth is a short-term interest gain.

You cut off a conversation or association because staying with it to finish your learning there is cumbersome and requires your larger energy input.  This again, of course, is a temporary relief.

When you take action steps that seem to provide relief now, you would also be aware that the issue, however, remains unsolved or unfinished.

Here amongst the fight and flight, when a fight is not an option you choose, and you are finding it difficult to stay and you don’t want to leave your learning unlearnt by your flight response, then how to convert this experience into a long-term investment? Here fight is when you allow lower vibration emotions dictate your actions and flight is when you completely abandon the plan. If and when you feel secure and safe then and only then you could decide to opt for the action that gives visible results after long-term.

So, to convert the near sited actions into actions that get you near future profits, you invest your resources in introspection and understanding your life situation through intuition. Followed by taking action on what comes up through introspection and intuition. This happens when you ask the questions that get you the right answers. What is it that I need to learn? What is the pattern within me that I need to release, which is causing this situation in my life? What is it that I need to know?

In a relationship, standing up for the respect of the relationship by communicating clearly which aligns with your true self will require your investment of time, energy, and understanding. This will give you relationship which is fun, respectful and graceful.

In health, finding ways to adhere to the menu that is right for you by creating fun combinations in a meal that will keep your energy level high will be a good investment of time and knowledge with long-term rewards. You will see the results on the healthy skin and in shedding of your extra inches and fat.

In money area, investing based on your deservability and care for self is a decision that has long-term and much larger gains.

Benefits that will be in a long-term and for a long-term will be visible when you are willing to let go the short-term pleasures. Every time and in everything once in a while you could take a step back and reassess whether the action is fulfilling your necessity of short-term quick gains or would it be useful and necessary in the long-term as a smart investment. The wise switching of being strict/ stringent to flexible about a certain way is the key.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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ask for Encouragement.

More than Freedom ask for Encouragement

ask for Encouragement.jpg

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!


More than Freedom ask for Encouragement
Waiting for the coast to be clear. To focus. To do what you love to do. To do what you have to do. To relax or to rejuvenate.
Visually or quietly, patiently or impatiently letting others live their life at their pace in your space. All this while you are listing your favourite or to do action points. Along with this, you are asking for freedom.
You ask for freedom from delay, limiting behavior, postponement, and procrastination. But, consciously you see yourself asking for freedom from these external factors or others. And thus it registers as if you are asking for freedom from them. And therefore all the averse thought process and behavior appears due to these or them.
The understanding of freedom is vacating others from your space physically so that you can at last call and use that space, as your own. Freedom is synonymously described and explained with the use of the word, independent. If you have been using freedom and independent to express what you are asking for then it may not manifest in as rosy manner as you think. Get clear on what freedom and being independent means to you in creating a conducive space for your action implementation. The peace, the quite, the focus, the un-interruption. This is so that you have complete ownership of the reaction, the opinion, the feelings for what you wish to decide experience solely by your permission. And now you think you have that authority over your own space.
Life, however, is co-creation by co-dependency. When you ask for an independent state of existence then you start losing your support system that is required to co-dependently contribute in your many activities that are required for your existence.
The best chance to have or do all that is mentioned above or that you have planned for is by getting comfortable with those whose departure is being used as an important deciding factor to get started or carry out those action points.
As an added bonus in this arrangement along with being comfortable, you could ask to be encouraged. Now you are not giving energy in getting rid of them, be it a person, situation/responsibility or thing. Rather, you are now very intelligently using the same delay factor(s) that was being used as an excuse to postpone, to be now used as a reinforcement. Now the action can be done in presence of external factors whose exit was awaited. Now the same external factors can be supporting, participating, contributing to what you desire to do or have.
This is such an enhanced form of arrangement. You don’t get bothered by other’s presence, existence, schedule. You are not asking freedom from them. You have now asked for encouragement from other’s presence, existence, schedule. This is beneficial in many layers. Your perspective of these external factors or others has a scope of change. You are using your time and energy more resourcefully as per you. You make it possible for the others or the external factors to experience what you have learned. The change that you have applied has a ripple effect and for the good of all.
The encouragement has high energy boost effect. It nudges you towards your limitless self.
As you begin to practice the asking and receiving, of this encouragement, you could do the same for other people. You are able to do more and experience more. The resources are now yours and are now used with ease.
Growth, fulfillment, and moving forward is the only plan in Life.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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Barrier to Communication is attitude

Barrier to Communication is not language. Barrier to Communication is the attitude.

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IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Barrier to Communication is not language it is the attitude

Asking to be communicated only in a way that you are ready to receive has all to do with your attitude. The lack of willingness to put an effort to receive in other ways comes from your own past rejections that you have been unable to let go.

Your equation with your Universe decides your communication quotient with your Universe. The Universe works like your electronic navigation system. If you have not been able to take the suggestion on a route then, you are suggested the next best alternative route. You are not snubbed, scolded nor does your Universe hold a grudge. The Universe will get you the best option for you. For that, it aligns all the permutation and combination of all involved and presents the best to you. On observation with an open mind, you will be able to see that. When you are upset which is basically due to you having been holding on to the past rejections, your focus is always on what does not show you acceptance. As a result, you are impatient, always crosstalk even when you are introspecting, your communication is one way, you micro-manage, you show little trust in abilities in self or others, you are in a rush for your ideas to be presented so they might appear half-baked and you have an urgency for them to be accepted therefore, you heed little or to no one. You do all that to in a hurry not to get rejected. As an outcome you are not able to see, hear, notice or understand the reply or guidance from the Universe. To be able to receive communication from Universe you have to be more accepting and flexible. You have to accept and be flexible receiving information in parts, some now and rest later all in the divine timing, in various forms visual and/or auditory sources, through your own thoughts, feelings and knowing.

The communication with the Universe is not mechanical but you need to abide by the rule, consider the conditions and know the process.

# Rule to communicate is to be accepting and flexible in receiving. You may not always receive in the particular form each time or in a form anticipated by you at a certain time.

# Condition is that you have to be in higher vibration to receive and decode/decipher communication from your Universe. At lower vibrations you miss out or misinterpret the information received, as it gets blocked by lower vibration feelings the anger, fear, irritation.

# Process is that you ask very clearly and let the response come to you. Don’t be hasty. Don’t misbehave. Don’t doubt.

The same rule, condition and process are required to be implemented in communication with self and with another. Anything that is keeping you from receiving communication has to be your bias based on past rebuffs and refutations. Do not allow that to dictate your present or future communications. Do not reject in blame of possible rejection. Do not give up on your own self or on another. Do not take the rejection as full and final.

Change your perspective of the rejection to diversion towards the greater and higher good.

During a communication go beyond the first layer of resistance. Be it language, accent, pronunciation, phonetics. Employ your reinforcements which are your willingness and your energy to go past this resistance. Be curious to know more. Keep your attention towards what you wish to receive. You need not be adamant on the what and how of the communication. Be ok with giving chances to change. Be understanding and promoting.

You are not the reason for the lack of communication. But, you could be the reason for establishing the communication.

The moment you decide to communicate you shall connect. Information flows and you will experience abundance.


Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

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