I was introduced to this concept last year, where I learnt that we deserve all good. Then this name came to my mind and I decided to keep it as a fond memory. Then while attending a manifestation workshop I for the first time spoke it out “It’s A Deserving Life”. Only a person who has been working on understanding her own “deserverb’ility'” could understand, how important it is to spread the message that “You deserve all good”. We are a bit particular about what we give ourselves. We are most of the time conscious of giving ourselves more…lest we are called greedy.

“Greedy” this is an interesting topic, lets discuss that as a different topic as another another blog item.

For now, thus was the commencement of IADLife after nearly a year. Being a scientist of 15 years, I aim to continue research on human science, as I call it. As a Welfare aspect, we have workshops, we have discussion forums (T@T6), counselling, employee support. In all, IADLife is dedicated to bringing healing solutions to all that are willing to take it.

T@T6 every wednesday 10.30 am to 12pm. Our last  topic was “time management” [another blog topic]. Thank you Reena Yadav

1 thought on “It’s A DESERVING Life

  1. Priya

    Hey Reena,
    Thank You so much for starting IADLife. I hope people will benefit a lot from IADLife. I enjoyed learning the science behind being happy and “Deserving all good” from you. This is an awesome experience and I wish more and more people get healing solutions from IADLife and from “YOU”. “T @ T6” is superb. Thank you once again for changing my life and thinking :).


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