In Healing…Why is costing necessary

I had a conversation with a friend, he spoke about ‘negotiations’ and ‘free’ sessions, because his friend suggested to him. Another friend talked about ‘bargaining’, says that is a doable act, in the right place.  And she has managed to bring down the price to half (what an achievement). Yet another client of ours talked about ‘discounts’. I remembered that I rarely do. Maybe because I do not know the art of it. Right now I have started my own business ‘IADLife’ and have invested all I could, so I have started budgeting, but negotiations/budgeting/discounts I think are welcome, but I do not know how to ask comfortably. My thinking is, I prefer to know what I want, state my budget, and find resources accordingly.

Then, I got subscribed letter from “The Secret Daily teachings”-                                               “Give every person more in use value than you take from them in cash value.”
The Science of Getting Rich

I remember there was a day when I was upset when the parking attendant asked me for an extra Rs10/- and then 5 minutes later, at the traffic signal a boy approached me for his school fees (I had seen this boy earlier, selling newspaper), and I gave him Rs100/-. What was that! My behavior was based on my thoughts, where at one point I felt I was being taken for granted and other the deservability of the boy was high.

IADLife is into business of healing, dedicated to bringing healing solutions to all. Counselors/healers/scientists who have dedicated their career in learning and sharing and imparting healing knowledge, themselves invest big “mullas” -time/money/energy to learn by attending courses, workshops, buy books, DVDs, audios to gain the knowledge. I know because, I have and it can be in lakh(s). Now if the person is a researcher like me, one would have looked at various related areas and am continuing to do so, and fact of the matter is that’s where the answers are. For example, when you go to a hypnotherapist, they need to counsel you know which area of your life needs Hypno-therapy. Human Science is a cross disciplinary area. Also, this is a profession (Dictionary meaning of which is a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification).
Some important points

  • The counselors/trainers have every right to fix what their remuneration and IADLife, brings this information to people/clients and they have the right to make a decision.
  • IADLife was founded 8 months ago and has catered to free services and paid experienced counselors good money to conduct workshops. During this period IADLife noticed that the free workshops had sparse attendance and that can get demotivating for the speaker.
  • Now, IADLife still continues with its endeavor to attract client that are willing to take healing solutions, therefore, IADLife has T @T6, a free discussion forum. There are only two conditions that are compulsory, one, each participant has to get a guest and the other, of-course ‘T’.
  • IADlife also organises workshops small, medium, large, varing in size of the participants and the half day workshops (De-cluttering your life, Workshop for parents, Angel Therapy workshop), and full day workshops (Angel therapy Workshop, 25th Jan 14). These workshops are equivalent to 4+ sessions, lots of questions are answered and you get a support group too, thus beneficial and economical.
  • Some clients who take counseling once and don’t return for the reasons of ‘some form of resistance’, how do we motivate them to continue with their healing. That is why IADLife has come up with a 3 session package/ or assurance of the three sessions. IADLife needs you stay with us for 3 sessions atleast to start seeing good changes in your life.

Are we still thinking about terms like free, bargain, discount and negotiations. Healing is a service, a product and has a price. You deserve the best and the best shall come to you.

Affirmation: I can now afford all that I desire, at a price I can easily afford.

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