Be Inspiring For What Is Possible

Dear Friend! Be inspiring for what is possible and not because of “inspite of”.

I have been approached by some beautiful people during my aerobics/Zumba workout and told these wonderful words  “you are so inspiring”. Instead of being elated and taking the comment as compliment, I have remembered being confused and pointing to myself and asking “who me” and also blurting out to one comment’ee’, “so are you”. Well! she most definitely left the scene.

Truth be told I was angry and offended too (which ofcourse I realised in a minute), because I was considering myself to be non-amputee. This was possibly something, I was doing to fit in, or not to have deal with myself for sometime. Just wanted to enjoy dancing and exercising.

I was sure I was not being admired for my dance skills. Thus, the appreciation, about being inspiring, brought me back to the reality, ‘I am an amputee’. Fortunately, we have these big larger than life mirrors and I started my mirror work. Looked into my eyes and said to myself to calm down, as asked myself (like one asks a friend), what is bothering me. That instant, I realised that I was not liking the comment, mostly because I took the comment as if I was being told, you are doing this, aerobics ‘inspite’ of being an Amputee. I then decided to see myself as someone who has worked through life’s situation to bring to light, what is possible, exploring and creating new opportunities.

I immediately, started feeling better.

With this I understood that, life is not about showing people that one can do certain things ‘in-spite’ of being in certain situation (in my case, an amputee). Instead life for me is about, (as I prefer), to show and look at people who have shown us “what is possible”

So I prefer  to  Be inspiring because of “what I have made possible” for myself and others instead of showing what I managed to do Inspite of

And now i am in a place where I can admire and love others because of the possibilities and opportunities they show me

Best regards, Reena Yadav, IADLife

Dear friends! I am right arm amputee. Reena Yadav

Be inspiring for what is possible

1 thought on “Be Inspiring For What Is Possible

  1. Mrs. Pavithra Arun

    I come to IADLife only because its home,I come in with anger ,guilt , and most importantly lack of acceptance. During my stay( counseling) my anger, guilt is brushed away and I only get to see my true self fighting …The picture is made crystal clear…confusions are far away from near…finally time arrives when i have to leave (after counseling) heart and soul is washed with pure water and anger gone to dust….
    I Mrs.Pavithra Arun can now proudly say that I have clearly recognised myself and hold awesome inter and intra personal relationship. The major changes of the same has effectively shown in the up bringing of my kids…they are now much boldersnd happier…I only wish the individuals who need help take their first most step to reach up to them after that this is what future will say” its history baby” Love you all IADLife…wishing you all sucess.


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