THANK YOU IADLife                   
Thank You for giving me a Job. A job that I took up merely because I thought I understood and I could do it. A few months later I realised, this knowledge is something, if possible I could share with others who would be willing to hear.

Two years later I realise that this is what I can really do and do really well and all that I have to share can and will bring ‘healing-joy’ to billions or more all over the planet.

Thank You for helping me get closer to my Life Purpose, even if it is just ‘a’ step or ‘few’,

nevertheless, it is ‘a’ step or ‘few’ closer.

Thank You for supporting, guiding, providing and being with me like a friend, philosopher and guide through this healing journey.

Thank You for the scientists and their research, the healers and their healing process, the counsellors and their methods, the spiritual teachers and their teachings.

Thank You so much for introducing me to my ANGELS.

Thank You for getting me closer to my GOD, this time with love and not out of fear.

Thank You for introducing me to the all-knowing caretaker, the UNIVERSE, who abides by our words and thoughts and willingness.

Thank You for the ‘VIBRATIONS’, and sharing the secret that, it is the “KEY”.

Thank You for teaching me to be in the ‘non-judgemental’ space when needed and have an ‘OPINION’ when required.

Thank You for helping me be ‘FLEXIBLE’ enough for the permission to permit myself, to anything and everything and ‘SINCERE’ enough to know my safety and that of others.

Thank You for the understanding of BALANCE and its value in every area.

Thank You for letting me enhance my qualities of being sincere and honest and to stand up for what I understand and believe in. Thank You for the ‘KNOWING’ that it is safe to do so.

Thank You for the realisation that I have a ‘CHOICE’.

Thank You for teaching me that, things can ‘CHANGE’.

Thank You for the learning that I matter, my thoughts matter, and that I am worth ‘something’ and ‘a lot MORE’.

Thank You for letting me, a person who had struggled her earlier life, a life before IADLife, to decipher self-worth, to know that “It’s A DESERVING Life”. It is indeed a Deserving Life.

You have been so generous and now you are also letting me know that “It’s A DIGNIFIED Life.”

Thank You for the words and the communication

Thank You for giving me YOU.  Most of all Thank You for giving me HOPE.


With Love and Gratitude -REENA YADAV.

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