Men In Our Lives-I

In our first T@T6 we discussed “Men In Our Lives”

We want them, We like them. We are on their side along with ours. During the discussions there were several realisations that surfaced

  • One realisation (for some of us)

What is our intention towards Men in our lives….is it honest

Well! Not really. Each time we are saying something, are we being honest. Think about it. What is the fear, what is the anger. Do we talk to them with self -love and self -respect, if not, as a result the whole conversation turns out to be a mess.…because its not honest..on trying to clear up the mess in the same mentality…. gives rise to further mess of trying to cover it up.  Truthfully, I did not even know it. I am so grateful to the “Human Science”, that I am involved in through IADLife, that this realization showed its interesting face.

  • Another realization (for some of us)

We sometimes root for our men to fail, so that they are in a position to apologize, thus giving us an upper hand. However, the plan may not work, if you are caring and cannot directly hurt and/or see anyone hurt. ….as a result, confused information to universe and what is manifested …. messy argument, and I am told “Men never use to come back to apologize”…”or even converse to solve it”. My thinking is when the apology comes, are we willing to receive!  It is all about being open to receive (do we recognise it), to increase our deservability to an extend that we can receive, good attention without all this drama.

  • Yet another realisation  (for some of us) …they do like us…so thank you
  • Yet yet yet another realisation…..our words hurt them…If you are amongst the ones that are  so welcoming and nice, to hear words that they are not use to/or expecting…hurts them instantly and as a result they use to either distance themselves or say something curt back…which use to end up hurting us back…so bad

I certainly need to learn a lot about men, to understand them better, to get along with them better. I saw/heard all of Matt Tittus’s you tube videos, and am also attending Katherine Woodward Thomas online seminar. Hey….I am just expanding my knowledge.

Affirmation: All my relationships are with love joy and grace.

I have loving and excellent communication with My Man

I have loving and excellent communication with Men in My Life

I have loving and excellent communication with all

My 2013 realisation and 2014 intention are to be clear, transparent and honest with Men in my life (and all)

At present as we have more of women in the group joining in, It was so much in demand we have that topic up for discussion again on 08-01-2014.  Guys could leave their comments, if they so desire. What we would like to cover is about what are the present male energies and what I would we like the male energies to be. We can do the same thing for the female energies. Thank you. Reena Yadav

1 thought on “Men In Our Lives-I

  1. Priya

    This is the most important topic of our beautiful life.. I am extremely happy for taking part in this discussion. People will know its “value” only when they attend such discussions and sessions and experience a wonderful change in their life through IADLife’s support (like it happened to me). I can’t wait to see more people in our group…. I am loving it Reena.


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