Angel Therapy

In the league of (medium and large) healing  workshops IADLife  brings to you, is the most divine workshop in its own way.

IADLife Presents Angel Therapy Workshop

Angels are high vibrations entities that are sent/are with you/assigned to you as your personnel high level/vibration entourage, when you decide to come on this planet. Every single person has guardian angel with them. Your dear ones that are no more with you physically, are possibly around you, watching over you as your angel. All the angels work on the method of “free will”,  and will be able to support you only if you ask you.

In the workshop you learn about them, how to get in touch with them, how to ask for help and what are the ways to get in touch with them, what kind of help to ask. The workshop also has a visualization meditation where you get a first hand experience of getting in touch with your angels. You will also be hearing from other participants about their experience.  It’s totally divine. Also, you will become part of IADLife mailing list, where you share your testimonials and experiences as well as read others testimonials and experiences.

Additionally, there is Angel card reading, which is booked separately (and has separate costing)

Study of Angels are called “Angelology”. Angel is being who is celestial in origin, who has no ego, and is 100% love. – Doreen Virtue (

The “One Day Angel Therapy Workshop” is on 25th Jan 2014. 1000 to 1700hrs cost Rs 4000

The “Half Day Therapy Workshop” is on 16th Jan 2014.1030 to 1330hrs Rs 2000

Topics covered during the workshop “One Day Angel Therapy Workshop” is on 25th Jan 2014

1. All about Angels

2. How to receive guidance from Angels on daily basis

3. Guided visualization to meet your guardian Angel

4. Ways to receive Divine guidance

5. Healing yourself and others with the Angels

6. Demonstration (therapy)

Lunch and tea included + Surprise Goodies related to Angel Therapy Workshop

For Registration Details: Call +919886077034 /

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