Definition of Love

What is the definition of Love
I was recently asked by one of IADLife client to share what I thought ‘love’ is. I know that there is a proven science that love is of high frequency and vibration along with enlightenment, peace, joy (presented by Christie Marie Sheldon [from  love and above ] at Mindvalley’s Awsomeness fest). It is a feeling that raises energy. So, when you in presence or in thought of a person you love it could raise your energy and regardless how tired you are you will feel good and in little time you know that your tiredness is gone. I also know that it is a good thing and that it gives you good feeling. So clearly, I did not know what love is in my life. So I told IADLife client that I will list when and/or how I feel loved. So I started writing, love pointers or I  said ” the “language of love”  …
• I tend to get upset easily, but I calm down even faster than that, by being told to do so by my beloved nicely, not condescending. Then if I am asked, “Tell me what happened”, “would you like to talk about it” I may or may not be in a mood to share :), but I am glad he would have asked
• I am a Hugs and Kisses, gal..please don’t count :)…flowers…red Roses, long stalks
• I would feel loved when I have company and am lent a helping hand in action/work home, office
• Please don’t pull up a chair for me while we are at home, however at restaurants waiters pulling the chair is fine, but do open the car door for me.
• Reciprocation of communication is a big deal for me. unnecessary “How are you(s) ” could be avoided, but do feel loved when genuine life topics are discussed [date:17-03-14 changed my mind…I do that…:)..I like “how are you’s , GM’s and all the beautiful msgs :)]

Well, I managed to list some of them. I myself did not know till I started writing them. Similarly each of us can do that. We can list as many pointers as we want, smallest of the smallest gestures …like a note…greetings etc. and big ones too. As an added bonus you also find out your partner/your Man’s love pointers. And thus, you can find out how to align your “language of love” with your partner. So each time you have a thought that your partner/Man is not showing you love, go look at his love pointers and see what all has your partner already covered/done for you.

Me and My Man have our language of love aligned
Me and My Partner have our language of love aligned

I feel I have just written a love letter to My Man through the Universe. This is my first. This is truly an awesome feeling.



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