Life’s learnings PartI

As I was pondering over how to pen down the recent revelations+realisations that had surfaced by experience and/or by discussions and interactions with IADLife clients, the recent star plus tag line “Jab mulakate hongi zyada, rishta hoga aur bhi gehra” caught my attention. Guess, that is the message from the Universe for our meetings “T@T6” and with whom we wish to/desire to deepen our relationship.
My sincere thanks to the IADLife clients who have shown willingness to share their experiences and learning(s) for others to read and benefit.

Life’s learning(s) mainly stems out from the area/s that one desires to enhance. These are areas that you may feel /encounter most problems, feel stuck, feel resistance and find blockages in. We have selected three such areas that IADLife clients are working on, Relationship (ClientX), Money (ClientY) and Time/Attention(ClientZ)

Revelation #1
Client X Relationship area: “I am not angry when he does not keep timelines”. What happened? What changed? Why did this happen!
Realisation for Client X: “He has taken away my right to be upset. So only thing left for me is to be genuinely/honestly be lovely. Level of “lovely” that I am comfortable with”.

Client Y: Money area: All the love gestures/or lack of it are through money. Client Y’s grand-mom and mom use to show affection every time she did well, in studies, sports, crafts, through money. Now if/when her husband gives her money or gifts, she feels love
Realisation for Client Y: “I wish to have love as love and money as money”

Client Z: Time/Attention area: “I want attention from my Man, but he does not give me enough time”.
Realisation for Client Z: “I love him, I value his time with me, but I love my space that can be used for the creativity that I would like to learn and earn and am so passionate about”.

Learning(s)/Human science behind it all

  • e.g. Client X -She wants to have a beautiful relationship with her Man. So we devised her an affirmation for this desire “I have a loving relationship with My Man”. So after a few days of affirming we worked together, and what surfaced was that as she had desired this since much before the affirmation was suggested, she had been attracting such situations from somebody she loves (because that is how we are willing to pay heed :)) so that she could get over that habit of being “not loving”.  Other affirmation for her relationship with her Man is – “I have loving and excellent communication with my Man”. Then if she is angry/rude/crude to him, she herself wouldn’t like it. She had attracted situations that required her to change (as she was willing to change) and she become her authentic loving self, because being strict/angry/rude/crude did not work in her relationships.
  • Now, we behave with others how we behave with ourselves. If we are so strict with somebody else for not doing a job up-to the standards/protocols/timelines set by us.                  And for this if we are getting upset with them, then, it actually means we are really not that flexible with our ways of functioning and if we ourselves do not match up to the standards/protocols/timelines, we would be equally or more upset with ourselves.
  • We attract what we are – Dr Wayne Dyer. If your partner/man is behaving with you

>in a manner that seems or makes you feel you are non-priority**, then, what it means is that you have not been prioritising yourselves in your lives
>your partner/man is not keeping timelines, then, what it means is that you have been dilly dallying on some effort/work in one or more areas in our lives (health-exercising, keeping appointments, keeping up with your knowledge…)
>not giving you the sincere contribution that you so much desire in your life, then, what it means is that, there is something that we need to get clear about/you not showing our full potential
you feel that information furnished is not enough/there is a mystery, then, what it means is that there are areas in our we need to be honest about

  • priority** :: Very interesting article coming up… understand what does it mean when we say “I want to be priority”

    My intention for this year is to be totally honest in my intention.

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