After the confession…

What happens after the confession

Something wonderful will come out with this… has been my thought and affirmation…just don’t be attached to the result you have in mind….or you have decided

For me, I had not seen the confession happening, so the result was something that I could not have anticipated then, however I always ask for my highest good….so that is exactly what will happen

Believe me, I have been playing with my thoughts …conventional and non-conventional outcomes….and denials….but thank you IADLife, I love the science that you follow…..I realised that ..I had been negotiating and have tried negotiating….with my ‘highest good’ …who in the right knowledge and right mind would do that…

Awesome…Something wonderful is going to happen….

I have released the blockage and I welcome prosperity …in areas of love, money, health

Affirmation: I am willing to release all blockages in areas of  love, money, health and I now allow it to flow instantly, with love and grace and in a perfect way to flow joyously into my life

I am willing to release all blockages in areas of money, health and love and I now allow it to flow joyously into my life

2nd important thing that I needed to do is to forgive myself and ‘S’ (the common friend). I attracted such hurtful way to bring out such a beautiful confession.

Now, how was or was  ‘S’, my common friend? I was clearly friends with her to know about N. Well I don’t function like that (not my true self), so it back fired. I am forgiving myself. All said and done, she was in some way also instrumental in my blockage removal. So I am grateful to her for that. She certainly was my teacher, and brought to my attention that I was not being ‘true’ and ‘direct’ and ‘honest’. However, although she is welcome to IADLife as a client, I have decided to let her go from my universe. Space in my universe is now created for other people, for me to have beautiful experiences.  Thank you again

Affirmation :  I am true and honest to myself , I am true and honest with others

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