Have you ever felt too conscious picking up your phone taking a personal call in an office or other formal environments. Why is it so! Why have you alienated the people around you. I agree that office environment deserves, desires and expects a decorum, that constitutes of keeping the voice in a good tone and decibel, not to spend too much time and energy and office money, on your personal calls, be cordial with your colleagues etc. What is understood is that “we are suppose to take/make the personal calls at our time and dime”. However, it has never been stated in office rules that you cannot take your personal calls. Would you be that conscious if you were outside office amongst strangers/acquaintances.
So if you decide to ‘cut’ /disconnect or not take your personal calls, it is not the office environment, it is you who needs to work on finding out why do personal calls bother you in office environment, why does presence of your office people bother you in taking your personal calls. If you were that averse/clear/strict to about taking calls you would have your phone on ‘silent’ mode. So clearly you do want to receive calls.
Are you concerned you will be teased or ridiculed or this info (personal info) be used against you in any way.
My thinking is that you have spent so much time and energy in creating an appearance in front of outsiders (in this case office people, other cases relatives, residence environment, restaurants, malls etc.), that when you receive a call that challenges your in-authentic/not real/not-you self and threatens to expose/surface your authentic self , i.e. call from loved ones, friends, you get nervous/angry/undecided and you are not able to take their call.
It is really not necessary to take the call, but if you cut it/disconnect it, it’s just sad. How about you silence the ringer and send an sms that you are busy or will call bck later. Else you pick up the call and say that you will call back, or finish a quick conversation. Woundn’t  that be lovely. Personal calls are not private calls.
If your near and dear people have called, its possibly their way of showing endearment and they just remembered you and wanted to have a quick ‘hello’ from you. They value you, like you. Do you like yourself enough to be able to ‘receive‘ that love, attention, importance.
Affirmation: All my communication is with love, joy and grace
I am willing to receive with love

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