Confession…it just happened…

Confession…it just happened…under grace and in perfect manner

Today I woke up and this current song of Star World (feb 2014), ‘Today is a good day’, surfaced in my mind. I downloaded it from you tube, then I wanted the full version and I searched you tube and got it.. IT’S GONNA BE A GOOD DAY! – Bayer’s Recruiting-Song (  Do give it a listen. Awesome.

Co-incidentally, the Hay house calendar affirmation was “Today will be an exceptionally good day at work”

I decided to pen down my experience with my confession…

Whoooh…Things I am willing  to do, take the purpose and vision of IADLife forward.  : )

Well, do you remember blog  article ”confession made fun…”.  Well as I was indicated that the lack of confession or my reluctance to confess was/might have been causing the blockage to my prosperity.  I know how much I love prosperity and how much more would I like it to flow joyously and lovingly into my life, that to in a constantly increasing manner.

Ever since my realisation, my affirmation has been “I am willing to release the blockages”….I let the universe decide how that will be done.  My intentions were so clear about removing the blockages that …it happened the following Sunday…absolutely unexpected

In the below paras “he, him, ‘N’” are about the person I had confessed to in my blog  article “”confession made fun…”

Here is how it happened…I had a skype meeting (official discussions) with ‘N’ on Sat….that actually left ‘me’ with couple of questions, while his questions were being answered.  While I was awaiting  another telephonic discussions…I decided to allay my doubts by carrying out an exercise with him (over WhatsApp) to bring out his passion/or to understand his level of passion. The idea of the exercise was to make him/bring him to his level of highest passion, so that passion can be used/put in his role in IADLife. Due to the scheduled “telephonic discussion”,  the WhatApp exercise was discontinued.

Next day, Sun, I had a full schedule. I still wanted to carry out the exercise and get few clarifications from him.  So we fixed a half hr mtg in the afternoon.

It so happened that one of our common friend, ‘S’ came online and started inquiring about the “new marketing person of IADLife”,  when I asked her who that was she took N’s name. I was not pleased that the company decisions were being discussed with a person outside of the company.  However, that triggered me in asking her to meet me over skype, to find out about the few things about ‘N’. I had known her to be a good friend of his. She shared with me, a few situations, feelings, comments that she believed to be true. I was so hurt by this information. Incidentally, I got N’s call for the scheduled telephonic discussion. He started in his nice, charming voice in an accent that usually made me laugh. I went past all that, and I told him I was on skype with S and she has shared few information(s) that I need to be clarified…I had kept my calm with S, while hearing the information(s), one of which was a hurtful allegation.

With the hurt and pain I started the conversation with N. I did not even realise, how hurt I was and when I started crying, and started demanding an explanation on all that was told to me.

I have never cried in-front of anyone publicly. I have always been very poised and calm when I talk to anyone. Crying is something I don’t do, wailing never. That was exactly what I was doing…And I did not even realize it. Well, how did that happen! That happened because I have set my intention to be my true, clear self. I matter and my true self matters, I accept myself and the whole universe supports me and the universe is on my side.

As the conversations progressed, while getting the clarifications, I got a chance to “confess” and tell him about my blog article too. The whole experience was smooth, in a flow, and N was just amazing, the way he presented himself in the situation, I am impressed.

I did also tell him, that now all my blockages are removed and I feel I am now ready to receive love and prosperity. It really has been a big achievement  and I congratulated myself. I am very grateful to Angels for supporting me, as i had asked for their help. Thank you N for being such a fabulous person.

We are most definitely now going to have a smooth ride, also while working with IADLife . Affirmation: I am willing to receive prosperity with love. I now choose to be open and I am willing to receive with love, I am safe. I now deserve, love, joy, romance and all the good that life has to offer to me.

Thank you

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