I have been reading and learning a lot about “Love” in recent past

Not obsessed, but by habit and by nature (being researcher and all…), when I get intrigued in a subject and in this case really really desire it, so I work towards knowing as much as I can

I attended online lectures by

  • “Ruth Buczynski PhD” interviewing “HelenF isher PhD”, from NICAMBM – She spoke about the neurobiology of romance- really deep
  • Aerielle Ford – shares and teaches points that has worked for her, in her personal life. Hosted ‘Art of Love’ online conference “”
  • “Katherine Woodward Thomas” – she takes online course “Calling the One”. One of her student were sharing her success story and also shared with the listeners the ‘love power statement’. You just need to read it or hear it to feel it

I tweaked it a little bit….I call him ‘My Man’. Being clear to my universe :).

” My very existence ignites my Man, My beloved’s deepest passion, his most profound strength and sweetest  tenderness. He desires my very essence to be interwined with his soul”


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