Creatively Vizualize your Desires

Creative Vizualization

CREATIVE VIZUALIZATION – an opportunity to create and manifest, what you have been believing, is beyond your ‘realm of asking’

This is a combination of two very important words :

‘Creative’ which comes from the word creation which means “the action or process of bringing something into existence”

Vizualization which comes from the word vizualize meaning “form a mental image of; imagine” or  “make (something) visible to the eye”

Now to define it, it is a process of taking “something real and/or absolutely unreal or more than you can expect” but “really really want” and bring it to reality.

“Every Word you say Every thought you think is creating your future” – Louise L Hay, so then why doesn’t all we are saying and wanting and desiring coming true. According to various scientists, Bruce Lipton, Lisa Nicolas (and others that I have read of), it is our sub-conscious mind that rules and plays a major role in our desire manifestation. Also, till now, all that which has come true is a conscious desires and based on what the thought process is, only those results are seen.

So, how do we access our sub-conscious part of the mind, make changes there, or maybe place our request there and get what we so deeply and diligently desire.

Meditations of various kinds like, the ‘watch your breadth’ and the guided ones which carefully takes you from conscious or beta brain waves level to alpha level or by using subliminal audios, where there is method to confuse the left and right brain so that one pays attention only to what is being guided in the audios.

Once the sub conscious mind is accessible then we look at ways of planting our desires that we mean to manifest. Before placing the request, for it to be most effective, it is suggested that we bring our mind to a high energy platform. Which can be achieved by practicing gratitude and forgiveness. Once planted or placed the desires are communicated to Universe. The always agreeing universe (“Your Wish is my command”- the Secret), brings it true for us.

Please remember as they say in Superman movie “With great Power comes great Responsibility”.

Now what to ask. We have just about every area that we want to either to change or enhance or both. Also, this process may require a bit of practice, so what we can suggest is to take any one area in your life – health, wealth, career, relationship, self or any other and practice this process on this. Once we gain success in that area, it boosts the confidence and then we can work the same magic in the other areas as well.

  • Once the area is decided.
  • Let’s choose a specific desire in the same area.
  • It could be materialistic/situational/feeling/any other
  • Of this desire choose how do you wish to see it, as if one is viewing it or one is participating in it.
  • Then decide 3 to 4 images that would be indicative of the desire being fulfilled or it’s end result.
  • “How” will it come happen, is something we need not bother.
  • What Feelings would you like to add to that. Add them. Universe understands feelings as feelings are responsible for vibrations. This is the communication language with the Universe.
  • Get into a meditative state, by relaxing all parts of your body and mind. Know, See, hear, Feel your desire.
  • Add “I/we am/are happy” “I/we am/are  Safe”
  • And then we affirm/wish/pray/declare that may this or something higher manifest in our life (lives)
  • From then on/ now on watch out for any steps, actions that may seem related/unrelated to your desires, but have been suggested to you. You just taken them, follow them.

Question might arise, do you need to repeat it. Well, depends on how much clear were you the first time. If there are changes, go ahead and follow the steps and carry out this process of manifestation again.

If you are not clear on your desire(s), you could still go ahead and re-program yourself into knowing that  “you are extraordinary—unstoppable, powerful, and able to achieve anything you set your hearts on.” This is what Dr Wayne Dyer says to all his children. You can choose to say this to yourself and feed it into your sub conscious level, so that you keep moving towards your higher good without hesitation.

Applications of Creative visualization besides bringing our desires true

  • Re-scripting of something that is bothering or needs forgiveness
  • What would you say to your 14 year old :: Changes one wants to make with the 14year old self (earlier IADLife workshop)
  • What would you say to your 40 or 60 year old :: See how your future self has achieved all that you can think of and ask that ‘future self’, how did you get here.
  • Clearing your sub conscious mind for possible unknown blockages and resistance, to make space for new and awesome

Keep practicing Creative Visualisation and see the magic.

Some of the sources that can enhance your knowledge in Creative Visualisation :

  1. Bill Harris
  2. Learning Strategies:
  3. Lisa Nicolas
  4. Silva Method
  5. Vishen Lakhiani
  6. Daisy pond method, quantum Jumping, Burt Gold Man
  7. Doreen virtue
  8. Louise Hay

To name a few

Thank you


Dear Friends! This T@T6 topic is ‘Creative Visualisation (CV)’, Methods, Processes, What & How to Ask and Manifest, Applications of CV. Let’s learn and apply on and from 17-06-15 onwards in all areas of our lives. Time 10.30am to 12.30pm. Please register soon.

CreativeVizualizationIADLife-The Workshop

CreativeVizualizationIADLife-The Workshop

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