Follower the Leader

A diligent follower is actually a LEADER  in the making. You follow because you want to learn.

Follower the leader

IADLife Blog:

Dear Friend!

Following somebody is like taking something from someone.

There is sometimes hesitation in taking. Taking or ‘asking’, is declaring that the other person is superior. That also could mean to some that the person taking is inferior.

The fact is where there is giving there has to be receiving. Both givers and receivers are mutually necessary for the action. Every giver has to have enough to give. For that, the giver has to receive.  Both are blessing for each other. Gratitude runs both ways here.

A person can be good at giving only when that person is good at taking. So the person who gives has to learn the art of asking and receiving. When the giver is asking then the giver becomes the receiver.

A leader is a person who gives or imparts. To whom the leader imparts or leads are the followers. A leader needs to learn in order to lead. The learning is given to the leader from another one who has more. Here the leader becomes the follower.

An assiduous and meticulous follower is the one that has learned well. A well-learned follower can be a well-learned leader if one chooses to be.

A follower has a choice of who, for what, and for how long to follow.

Taking some body’s responsibility is helping, supporting or guiding them. This is being a leader. The one taking the support is them being a follower. It could be in any relationship personal or professional.

To carry out the role of a leader or follower you require to remove barricade between a follower and a leader in you. You have to be willing to switch roles. The switching happens smoothly when there is no resistance to either of the roles. And that happens when you have respect and value for each of the role you take up.

You are a leader when you escort, direct, monitor and you switch to being a follower when you hear the suggestions, feedback, point of view or even take their guidance from the once you are guiding.

You are inherently a leader and a follower. Notice the tasks you take up since morning. You listen to your thoughts, the advice and instructions from your body like nature call. You voluntarily take actions like eating and showering. That is you being a follower and a leader respectively. You carry out such tasks the whole day. In many of them, other people participate. Thus you start being a leader or a follower to other people too. Thus co-creation of your day to day activities requires the cooperation of your efficient and seamless switching of leader to follower to leader role.

There are several reasons for you to follow or lead someone or something. Childhood programming is usually the main influence in you following or leading comfortably or uncomfortably.

Follow one or what you trust. The key to the right following. Avoid following because of fear of missing out. Lead by trust in your own self.

As you follow, so shall you lead.

A follower is actually a LEADER in the making, under training. Of course by choice.

So follow who you wish and lead who you wish. In all enjoy both. There is a great amount of learning in this ‘switching from leader to follower and vice versa’.

Best wishes

Reena Yadav, IADLife

WhatsApp Number: +919886077034

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