Fear BUOYANT in low vibrations

Fear BUOYANT in low vibrations

Dear friends!

Fear becomes BUOYANT in low vibration situations. And with it surfaces whatever is your lack in your life, whatever you are worried about or whatever in your life is causing stress.
You get convinced that you will never get your desires, things are never going to change, you are most definitely going to ‘miss the bus’. All these is fear driven thoughts. These are so convincing and feels so true that you will really believe them. You will keep getting sucked into the whirl pool of low vibrations and these self harming words, thoughts and feelings continue. Anger piles on as an opportunistic low vibration agent and many a times this may be responsible for you to do, say or think of detrimental actions and/or words.
So how do you come out of this.
Awareness is the key. Now you know the real reason is fear. You could now have the willingness to know that the ‘lack mentality’, ‘worry’ and/or ‘stress’ is something that can be dealt with.

You could also now know that, these can be changed or diffused by working on the thoughts, words and feelings that needs to be changed.

Do everything that you can to raise your vibrations.

Once the vibrations are raised, notice the fear leave your space or simply notice the lack of fear in your space. The lack thinking, worry and/or stress starts to lessen.
With action and practice your promptness to be aware of the genesis of the fear, becomes more swift and you start to solve your life situations sooner and with more ease.

Thank you and best regards
Reena Yadav, IADLife


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