#metoo movement for both men and women.


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Dear Friend

#metoo is being discussed in many forums. My request is all who wish to discuss any situation happening in their lives, please contact me. Take professional help and heal.

If you have any general views please share here.

These are my views.

Abuse of any kind is limiting. Workplace or home. It is limiting and it kills creativity.

What is amazing is that in the #metoo movement focus is on women. Victim, survivors or thrivers. They are getting the support or the blame. What about men. Kevin Spacey was charged for molesting a man/boy/male.

My understanding is two-fold.

One, people do because they can. If they get away with it once, they will do it again. If for any reason they were not stopped they try again with the same person or with someone with a similar demeanor.

Second, every abuser has been abused, has an abuser in their life or has witnessed someone close being abused. It is not an excuse. But, it helps in finding out the cause. Men are abused too. Branden Frazer was groped. He felt so humiliated, that sent him to a self-exile from movies for a long time.

But we know about them because these men spoke up, came forward.

If we all can collectively talk about humans or people instead of only women, then the root cause can be addressed.

#metooforpeople #metooformenandwomen

Talking about abuse can take time because of the mental programming. Guilt, fear, anger, blame – all towards self.

I am grateful that some speak up because others who still can’t are looking at them for the possible solutions. I believe these are strong people too. They give me a sense of security and live, thrive and function creatively.

The next abuser in the making will think twice.

The bystanders are the secondary victims. They go through the trauma without going through the actual abuse. But, they react as if they are there. So in not supporting or forcing someone else to keep quiet, is what they are doing to themselves. Because that’s how helpless they see their situation as.
They need to know that collectively they can find solutions. Shoving under the rug has never achieved any benefits.

Can’t support, can’t help, can’t contribute optimistically then, their silence and getting out of the way us much appreciated.

I promote men and women to come forward and take their case to the relevant groups and find solutions.

Judging or being judgemental towards the authenticity of their situation is an individual choice. It is very true, is at a case by case basis.

I support men and women who speak out, some write and I also support the some who want to remain clandestine. Only request is all that seek professional help and heal. Move forward and prosper. It is only then that we are all in a better position to support ourselves and others.

Thank you for reading, Reena Yadav, IADLife

#metooforpeople #metooformenandwomen

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